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Chromas Lite

Basic Sequencing Projects

Chromas is ideal for the most basic of sequencing projects, where assembly of multiple sequences is not required. Chromas has no alignment capability. It has the following features:

  • Opens chromatogram files from Applied Biosystems and Amersham MegaBace DNA sequencers.
  • Opens SCF format chromatogram files created by ALF, Li-Cor, Visible Genetics OpenGene, Beckman CEQ 2000XL and other sequencers.
  • View Genescan genotype files.
  • Save in SCF or Applied Biosystems format.
  • Print a chromatogram with options to zoom or fit to one page.
  • Automatic removal of low-quality sequence (when quality data is available).
  • Export sequences in plain text, FASTA, EMBL, GenBank or GCG formats, or formatted with base numbering for presentation.
  • Copy the sequence to the clipboard in plain text or FASTA format for pasting into other applications.
  • Reverse & complement the sequence and chromatogram.
  • Search for subsequences by exact matching or optimal alignment.
  • Display translations in 3 frames along with the sequence.
  • Copy an image of a chromatogram section for pasting into documents or presentations.
  • Batch processing, including sequence export with vector removal, batch printing and batch export of raw data.
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