Borrow a Chromebook

You can borrow a Chromebook from the lapsafes in the Library. Chromebooks are fast, simple laptops designed to be used on the web and ideal for reading and research.

Self service
Use your Library card to borrow a Chromebook from the automatic lockers on the ground and first floors.

Use in the Library
The Chromebook will work anywhere in the Library as long as you're in range of the wi-fi.

Get straight online
Chromebooks are easy to use, just open the lid and start using the web.

Six hour loan
You can borrow a chromebook for up to 6 hours on your Library card.

For more details about using a Sussex Chromebook, please see the Getting started with a Sussex Chromebook page.

Borrowing a laptop

1 Go to the self service lockers on the ground floor, behind the hub, press Borrow and scan your Library card.

2 If there's a laptop available, the locker number will be shown on the screen. Go to the Door release scanner for the locker and scan your card again to open the door.

3 Remove the power cable, take out the device and close the locker door.

4 When you're finished, go back to the screen and press Return. Scan your Library card again. Open the locker and replace the Chromebook, make sure you reconnect the power and then press the door closed.

Don't forget!
If a Chromebook is not returned within the six hour loan period, a fine of £3 per day will be incurred.

Using Chromebooks

Chromebooks are quick and easy to use and get you online with a minimum of fuss so you can:

  • research on the web
  • read online journals and use other Library resources
  • use Study Direct or Sussex Direct
  • view and make minor adjustments to office documents
  • copy files to and from your University file space
  • print PDF or office documents with web printing

Animated guide

Screenshot of our YouTube videoQuick introduction
Find out all about the service in two minutes or less with this animation (made entirely on a Chromebook).

See how it's going

See our dashboard for the latest stats and feedback about the service.

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Updated on 27 April 2021