Changes to emailing from Sussex Direct

Posted: Wed 8 Nov 2023, 11:17am.

IT Services are changing the way you can email contacts within Sussex Direct to help resolve some technical issues and improve the experience for senders and recipients of emails via Sussex Direct.


What are we changing?

This week we are removing the ability to email directly from within Sussex Direct and enforce using the local email client instead.


When you select ‘Use Local Email Client’ This will open a new blank message in your local email client eg. Outlook, and will put your list of selected contacts from Sussex Direct into the ‘Bcc’ field of our email. The 'To' field can be left blank, this means the recipients wont be able to view the other addresses. 


What do I need to do to prepare?

We would recommend you have your university email setup to use Outlook installed on your machine. 

Also, to ensure you can add multiple contacts in this way please follow the instructions on FAQ 2300. You can do this in advance and will only need to do this once.


Why are we doing this?

This change will ensure mail is sent from your own email account rather than a generic no-reply address. This will provide the following benefits.

  • will ease the issue of the single generic email getting blocked due sending too many emails in a day
  • will make any sending failures more visible to the sender
  • will make it easier to trace mail flow errors
  • will make it easier for recipients to reply to correspondence if required


How many emails can I send?

There are limits on how many emails a single account can send to reduce the possible risk of bulk sending spam to multiple users.

We have recently reviewed email quotas and increased where its safe to do so, to accommodate user requirements. To avoid your account becoming locked by sending too many emails, please make yourself familiar with your quotas.

2968. What are my email quotas and message limits? : Frequently asked questions : ... : ITS : University of Sussex

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