Cognos 11 coming 15 March 2021

Posted: Tue 9 Mar 2021, 9:17am.

Cognos 11 (also known as Cognos Analytics) will be released on Monday 15 March. You will no longer be able to run reports in Cognos 10 from this date (except for the REF 2021 dashboard and associated reports).

This latest version of Cognos provides an improved user interface (called Carbon UI) and a host of updated and new features. While it may look different, the underlying reporting processes remain the same, so we’re anticipating a much smoother transition from Cognos 10 to 11, in comparison to previous Cognos upgrades.

At this time, we are focused on migrating all existing reports to the new version. The investigation of new and improved features will come later in the year.

With the assistance of our support partners, Sempre, we have tested all our current report holdings using an IBM recommended tool (Motio CI). All reports have passed that testing and function in Cognos 11 as they did in Cognos 10.

To assist with the transition to a new version of Cognos, you can find help guides at:

The new Cognos 11 link can be found alongside the Cognos 10 one at:

If you identify any issues with Cognos 11, please open a support ticket at:

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