Security Threat: "voice notes" phishing emails

Posted: Mon 26 Oct 2020, 2:52pm.

The University is being targeted by Phishing campaigns where criminals contact you by email, phone or text and pretend to be a person or brand you recognise in order to steal valuable personal details or money from you.

You may receive a short email with a button to check "voice notes" It may mention Facebook or WhatsApp.

These are fake, phishing emails that will lead you to a fraudulent website. If you enter your accounts details on this site, you will have given them away to cyber criminals, and you may lose access to your account for a short period.

If you receive any email that you weren’t expecting or seems unusual, even if from someone you trust, don't click on any links or buttons and don’t enter personal or financial detail unless you are absolutely sure a website is genuine. Either just delete it or check with the sender through another method.

If you have clicked on anything that you weren’t sure about, we recommend you reset your Sussex account password.

IT Services block most malicious phishing emails that are sent to your University email account, but unfortunately some will get through.

Please be mindful of fake, phishing emails, especially during the COVID-19 crisis.

For more IT Security information, please see our dedicated security web pages.

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