Accessing Windows Remote, 02 April 2020

Posted: Thu 2 Apr 2020, 9:56am.

Systems / Services Affected:

You might find that Windows Remote is slow this morning, or it might take time to log on.

There was a problem with the Windows Remote servers this morning caused by an unusually high number of people trying to log in. This has been resolved and people are able to access the service, but logging in is slow.

Please only use Windows Remote to access services that you can normally only access on campus, such as Yellow Forms, and please log out when you’re not using these services.

The new Staff VPN is being rolled out by department, which will allow you to access Yellow Forms or specialist software on your work PC.

You can set up your home computer to:

  • Check your email via Outlook or webmail
  • Use all Office applications
  • Contact colleagues with Skype for Business or Teams
  • Access files on Box using Box Drive
  • Access your files on N, G or T Drives, and move them to Box

Please see the IT Services website for guidance.

Date / time: 02 April 2020, 08:30 – ongoing

Reason for downtime: Unexpected demand on the service.

Contact the IT Service Desk for support:

Log a support ticket online
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