All staff email accounts will be migrated to the cloud in the next 2 weeks

Posted: Wed 4 Mar 2020, 5:16pm.

About 800 staff email accounts have been moved to the cloud. The process has gone very smoothly, so the decision has been made to complete the email migration in 3 weeks instead of 5. The timetable on the ITS website has been updated.

It’s important to complete this work as quickly as possible because having some accounts on the old system can cause problems, for example accessing room calendars or shared inboxes. The sooner it’s completed the better.

You will receive an email several days before your account is migrated. Please be sure to visit this page on the ITS website to check how this will affect you and what you need to do to prepare.

You will lose access to your email account on your phone, and you will need to remove and re-add your account. Guidance for this can be found on the ITS website.

The new email system provides a lot of immediate benefits and future resilience. If you’re working from home, for example, the new webmail system is much easier and more enjoyable to use.

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