Windows 10 is coming to all staff desktop PCs

Posted: Thu 4 Apr 2019, 3:46pm.

If you’re a member of staff at Sussex and you use a desktop PC, you’re about to be upgraded to Windows 10. We’ll contact you before your computer is updated and the installation will happen overnight to minimize disruption. You’ll need to make sure your files are safe before the upgrade begins.

Windows 10 now has an estimated 400 million users around the world and it’s Microsoft’s standard operating system. Windows 7, which is still installed on most staff PCs at Sussex, was first released way back in 2009. It’s is less secure and slower than Windows 10, and very soon it won’t be supported by Microsoft. Student computers at Sussex were upgraded to Windows 10 last summer so this will provide consistency between student and staff PCs.

When will this happen?

The roll-out of Windows 10 began with a few volunteers around the campus, and this allowed us to thoroughly test the installation process. We’re very grateful to everyone who took part in this pilot.

We’re now ready to begin the large-scale deployment of Windows 10. Depending on where you work, this will happen by team, department or building. You’ll be notified well in advance and if the upgrade is going to disrupt your work then you’ll have plenty of time to rearrange the dates with us. Our intention is to upgrade all staff PCs before the start of the next academic year.

Look out for ITS staff visiting your office to audit the equipment; they will be very happy to answer any questions you might have.

What will the upgrade be like?

Staff from ITS will visit your office on the day of your upgrade and trigger the process.

You will need to stop using your computer by 4pm on the day of your upgrade so ITS staff can work on your PC.

The upgrade process will run overnight, and most PCs will be ready for use when you come in the next morning. In a large-scale deployment like this, some computers will fail to upgrade. If this happens to your PC it won’t be ready for you to use in the morning. We’re sorry about any disruption this may cause and we’ll work to ensure that as many computers are seamlessly upgraded as possible.

Staff from ITS will visit your office in the morning to mop up any computers that haven't upgraded successfully and to provide any support you might need.

What do you need to do now?

There are some things you need to check before your PC is upgraded. Files that aren’t backed up or saved to a network drive (N, G or T) or saved to the cloud (Box or OneDrive) will be erased when your PC is updated. If important files are lost when we update your computer, they won’t be recoverable.

You can watch a video about keeping your files and web bookmarks safe here:

You can find details about how to keep your work safe, how to prepare for the upgrade to Windows 10 and when you’re going to upgraded, on the ITS website.

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