Issue identified - phishing email appearing to be coming from senior members of the University

Posted: Tue 20 Nov 2018, 3:53pm.

This phishing email has been reported to the IT Service Desk. This is appearing to be coming from senior members of the University,

The initial email simply asks if you are available and the senders address mimics our email addresses very closely.

If you respond then you get another message as below

Ok. I need you to help me get iTunes Gifts card from the store, I will reimburse you back when I get to the office. I need to send it to someone and it is very important because am still at the meeting and I need to get it sent as soon as possible. Today is my best friend son birthday

It uses common phishing techniques:


If you receive this message please delete it. If you're ever concerned that an email might be malicious, or if you think you might have given your account details away, please contact the IT Service Desk at

You can find lots of helpful security advice at

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