Important changes in IT Services, 6 November 2018

Posted: Mon 5 Nov 2018, 3:39pm.

IT Services are making some big changes to the way we work. This will affect the way you contact us and the kind of information you receive if you have an IT issue. It’s also the first step in bringing a new level of service and transparency from ITS, with further significant improvements coming in the new year.

  • We are launching our new Service Management tool tomorrow, Tuesday 6 November.
  • Our primary email address is changing from to This will make it easier for you to find us in the global address book if you need to get in touch.
  • It’ll be simpler to contact us: all contact will go through the IT Service Desk using this email address, or their phone number (8090). You can also continue reporting issues using the Help button in the ITS website.
  • The Service Desk will assign your ticket a priority, based on how many people are having the same problem and which system isn’t working properly.
  • If you log an issue with us, the emails you receive from ITS will look different. At the top of the email will be a blue ITS logo. The content of your message will be inside a box with a blue border. Messages will come from the address:
  • If you have an outstanding ticket with us, we’ll move it to new system. You’ll get an email to tell you when we’ve done this with your new reference number. If you need to respond to the ticket again, please reply to this email.

We ask for your patience in the next week or two while all the staff in ITS adapt to the new system. We will continue responding to tickets as quickly as possible, but there may be some minor delays.

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