Stay safe online

Posted: Fri 10 Aug 2018, 11:45am.

As a student or member of staff at Sussex, you’re a high-value target for cyber-criminals. Every year our security systems block millions of threats aimed at the University, but the best defence is awareness.

Do you know about spear phishing and blackmail scams? Do you know how to spot a fake link? Is your phone secure? Do you use a password manager?

Is your personal data and money safe?

If you handle information for the University, are you sure you’re using best-practice to ensure that information is secure?

Don’t ever say “it’ll never happen to me”.

We have created a web page to help you understand the most important aspects of online security. You can find out how to:

  • spot a phishing email
  • protect sensitive data
  • ensure your software is secure
  • create and store strong passwords
  • back up your data securely

…and many other important aspects of IT security.


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