Email subject: Re: Morning

This fake email comes from a non-Sussex address, but claims to be from Adam Tickell.

These emails are short and simple ask you to reply.  If you reply, you will begin a conversation with a criminal who will try to convince you to pay a fake bill.

Delete these emails if you receive them.

The University's new email filtering system has blocked 93% of these emails from reaching inboxes, and this ratio has increased as the system has learned and adapted.


Appears to be Adam Tickell (non-Sussex email address)

How is it harmful?

Fake email to convince you to pay a fake bill

Text of message

Please write me back when you are settled in your office. I have an important commission for you this morning.
Professor Adam Tickell
Vice-Chancellor and President
University of Sussex
Sussex House, Falmer
Brighton, BN1 9RH
United Kingdom
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Date reported

29 August 2019