Dr Richard de Visser researches alcohol use, sexual health and other health behaviours among young people. He is especially interested in how gender affects health. He is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Sussex and the Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

Prof Charles Abraham is a social and health psychologist based at the University of Exeter Medical School. He has expertise designing and evaluating sustainable programs to promote changes in health behaviours in areas such as alcohol use, weight control and sex education. He has advised the Department of Health, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) and the House of Lords on how to promote health at the population level.

Prof Angie Hart is based at the University of Brighton and works in child, family and community health. She is an experienced resilience researcher and practitioner interested in inequalities in health and social care. She co-directs Boingboing, a social enterprise supporting resilience research and practice, consults to governments, teaches courses for practitioners and is the adoptive parent of children from the care system.

Dr Anjum Memon is a Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Public Health Medicine, for Brighton & Hove City Council and Public Health England, who is based at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School. His research focuses on chronic disease epidemiology.

Dr Tom Scanlon is the Director of Public Health for NHS Brighton and Hove. His research and teaching focuses on children in difficult circumstances. He still practices as a GP and is interested in reducing the harm caused by alcohol use.

Prof Pete Harris is a health and social psychologist at the University of Sussex examining how people respond to health risks. He is particularly experienced in how to encourage healthy behaviours in a way that doesn’t make people feel defensive. 

Prof Kate Hunt is based at the Social and Health Public Sciences Unit at the University of Glasgow. She leads research on how gender impacts risk, health-damaging behaviours and health-seeking behaviours.

Dr Rebecca Graber is a health and social psychologist at the University of Sussex. She is interested in how young people’s peer relationships can promote resilience, well-being and healthy behaviours.

Dr Phil Watten leads the media technology lab in the Department of Informatics at the University of Sussex. He focuses on creating entertaining and effective social-based learning environments.

The lesson plans were developed in consultation with the educator Ms Stephanie Coombe. She has a background in psychology and social work practice with experience in developing lesson plans, conducting resilience research and implementing resilience projects in secondary schools. She is currently completing a PhD on developing resilience with pupils with complex needs.