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Feeling good in your body means feeling good before, during and after you drink – if you drink at all.

This means paying attention to how you feel physically, taking care of your body, and only drinking things that taste good (and don’t make you feel sick).

Feeling good physically has other effects, too. You can feel better able to keep yourself and your friends safe. You can feel more confident that as much fun as you’re having, you are clear-headed enough not to make any decisions you’ll regret (and to remember it all the next day!)

“The drinks are usually these kind of big massive pints which are usually horrible. I like to have a beer that actually tastes nice.”
Gareth, moderate drinker
“It’s more the just staying out late that comes with drinking that makes me feel rubbish”
Lucy, moderate drinker

How does it feel?

Some people find that drinking feels good. A lot of people think that alcohol can make you feel more relaxed, experience heightened sensation, and be better able to express yourself without inhibitions.

But lots of people feel relaxed, happy and expressive without drinking too much, or any alcohol at all.

Actually, when you’re still feeling good – that’s the time to stop drinking! One more drink may push you over the edge, even if it seems like a good idea at the time.

Drinking too much will usually stop you from feeling good. Staying in your Sweet Spot means that you feel good without getting to disorientation, sickness or hangovers.

What does it feel like to drink too much?

In the moment, you might feel ill, unpleasantly out of control, vulnerable or unsafe. Over time you can experience poor sleep, dehydration, excessive calories or regret about things like sexual activities, physical stunts or substance use.

Even though some people think that you need to go past your limits to know where they are, a lot of people feel that there’s no point to drinking too much just for the sake of it.

What works?

Stay in a place that feels good by slowing down your drinking, or stopping when you get to that point – this is one of the most effective strategies for staying in your Sweet Spot!

Feel good before, during and after drinking. Value your physical well-being. Just a little too much alcohol can make you feel bad during or after drinking – and can even negatively affect your mood.

  • Check in with how your drinking affects your day-to-day fitness and mood.
  • Recognise the particular impact alcohol has on your body – this is different for each person.
  • Keep drinking water or soft drinks
  • Move around a lot at a party, park or pub – talk or dance
  • Check in with whether alcohol is impacting your sleep – you may sleep fitfully or not enough

Drink only what tastes good. Surprisingly, some young people say that they train themselves to enjoy or tolerate drinks they don’t like. But feeling good means enjoying the taste of what you actually drink.

  • Focus on alcohol-free drinks that you like the taste of
  • Drink what tastes better to you, but drink less of it
  • Turn down a drink by saying that you don’t like the taste