Press Releases

30th August 2013: Stuff magazine feature

Tom Wiggins from Stuff magazine wrote about the project, when we released the first iPhone version.

10th May 2013

Our first press release can be found in this Word document .

This is the current screencast of the app

The quotes in the press release are from our initial user group, and we were delighted and happy that they found the app so useful. If needed, we can help make contact to any of the individuals involved.

  • "This app is great, finally a solution for a problem found in stadiums around the country!" Sam, Albion fan, Brighton
  • "I never used to have a strong enough signal to check scores when at the football. But with this app I can. Knowing the scores from around the country made the last game of the season even more exciting." Harry, Brighton
  • "The app was very useful on last game of season to check the live league table to see who we would end up playing in playoffs and who was going down. Also good to keep up to date with what the football community on Twitter thought of the goings on in championship as the games were taking place. Neither of these would have been possible without the app." Steve, Ferring
  • "The App is great for travel to and from the match with a wealth of Albion info available while at the Stadium" Ian, Lewes
  • "The constant score updates were a must-have, in your hand, in the run-in of the season" Leigh, Mayfield
  • "The app, although still in development is already a winner. The real-time scores, travel information and Twitter feed are all brilliant tools for a match day. On a crucial day, I was checking the latest scores minute by minute." Kieron, Brighton
  • "The app is a well-laid out and useful match day companion which I've enjoyed using, but for me the biggest draw is its clever use of technology that allows my phone to actually get a data connection when in the stadium - something I'd never previously managed in two seasons at Falmer." Kristian, Brighton
  • "The app was a godsend on the final day of the season. It's hit-and-miss as to whether you can get a signal at the Amex, but the app meant I knew the ever-changing scores and league positions throughout the afternoon." Simon, Patcham
  • "Good football, good stadium, good communication. Before, during and after the match always well informed." John, Hove
  • "Before the app there was literally no way to get any other scores on my phone during the match. Just zero signal. It was great to be able to keep track of scores around the country on the last day of the season - just glad that we weren't relying on those results ourselves!" Matt, Brighton
  • "It enhances my match-day experience with live score and league table updates – particularly important for promotion hopefuls and relegation strugglers alike!" Paul, West Sussex.
  • "I have found the App easy to navigate, I especially like the live score bit and the club feed even though I don’t have a Twitter account! It is a must-have App for all footie fans." Paul, Chichester.
  • "Having struggled all season to get the scores from other games it was great to have this App for the all-important final games of the season, what a result!" Andy, Hassocks
  • "Really good app. User friendly, and great to have all related Albion information in one place. Thanks!" Dave M from Worthing
  • "I loved the variety of content available, as it saved me having to trawl around other apps looking for updates" Aaron, Lancing
  • "It was good seeing how the final play off places kept changing on the last day." Grant, Mile Oak.
  • "Now I can keep up to date not only with the match but how games are going on elsewhere, what other people are saying and lots of other information as well. Makes the match day experience just that little bit better. What I enjoy about watching sport on TV is that it enables you keep up to date with other games at the same time. Now I get the same experience from the comfort of my padded seat at the Amex." Dick, Portslade.
  • "Superb App, look forward to seeing how the updates will make it even better." Matt, Telscombe Cliffs.
  • "Adam and I are enjoying the App especially the Twitter feeds and the live score and live league table were being constantly checked at the Wolves game to see who we were playing in the play offs. Keep up the good work and see you Monday at the Amex - just growing my nails again!!!" Colin and Adam, Peacehaven
  • "Previously trying to get live updates on games has been very frustrating, but this app has put paid to that and was perfect for the end of season run in to see who would make the play-offs. The other features, such as travel information have been greatly appreciated and help improve the overall match experience." John, Brighton
  • "Really useful addition to a match day. Great to be able to check scores and tweets when mobile signal often doesn't allow. " Ben, Hove

Images of the app in operation are available below.