About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission in this project is twofold

  1. To develop a pocket switched network technology that works effectively within modern football stadia and the like.
  2. To understand how people use modern smartphones within sporting stadiums, and which smartphone-delivered digital services can add value to the experience.


Ian Wakeman

As the project principal investigator for the university and the EPSRC, it's my responsibility to see that we carry out our mission. I'm passionate about football, and I'm passionate about delivering computer networks that are useful to people. I'm therefore overjoyed to be designing protocols and software that connect people and football. Please email me if you have any questions, or look at my university website for more background.

Phil Nutley

I have created environments with a range of talented colleagues across the globe on projects with brands, corporations and cultural institutions.

My passion for listening to peoples' life experiences and memories, inform, empower and bring a wit to my creativity.

Dan Chalmers

My research is on the computer science in mobile computing and social networks. In this project that means understanding how the phones interact with each other and how people interact with each other through these networks. Putting the two together should help to improve the service!

Jon Rimmer

I’m carrying out the User Experience research on this project. I’m going to be eating, breathing, sleeping and exploring all things stadium-related. I’m asking; what do people do in the run up to a match, on the way to the stadium, when they get there, during the match, at half time, after the match, on the way home and anticipating the next one? How does the smart phone fit in to all of this – how could it be better used? What will be the type of experience a visitor might come to expect from the stadium of the future? What are the other sorts of gatherings where these insights and developments might be used?

Running along side all of this I’ll be working with the rest of the team to develop some Apps that aim to improve the visitor experience of the match goer by utilising the underlying distributed technology we’re building.

For more information on me and the work that I do feel free to contact me direct or visit me here.

Stephen Naicken

I'll be developing the mobile applications and their supporting network infrastructure for Android smartphones.

Being Brighton born and bred, I've followed the Albion's extraordinary and at times turbulent journey from the Goldstone to Falmer via Withdean. This makes me particularly motivated to provide engaging and enjoyable applications for the fans to use whilst at the stadium.

Ciaran Fisher

I'm working with Steve to develop and implement services on the digitalStadium app. You'll probably see me lurking with a laptop on Match days. Come say hello!