The following questions are based upon the feedback from the December 2012 Digital Stadium survey. We will be reviewing and updating this FAQ section throughout the project.

  • Why can't I use my iPhone?

    A key issue at the moment is that we can only run it on Android phones. This is because Apple are quite restrictive in what you can do with their devices – in particular they are very limiting in the ways that devices can network with each other. Android, however, make it very quick and easy to make changes to apps and release them onto phones, Apple have a closed process where apps are judged and regulated through their App store.

    If everybody likes what we do, and the software performs as we expect, we hope to roll out a version of the app for iPhone before the end of the season.

    We still want to know how you use your iPhone in the stadium, and what services would improve your match day experience, so if you want contribute any thoughts and ideas, you can do so on our Uservoice forum

  • Will the App eat up my phone's data allowance?

    In short, the app will not be allowed to use any more data than specified by you. The amount data usage is not expected to be very high at all. After each home match you will be able to see the data usage for the app.

  • Is the App going to be secure? Can anyone access my information?

    Using the app will not be compromising your data. Other users of the app will NOT be able to access your personal information.

  • Will the app drain my battery?

    The App will monitor its' energy usage and will be energy efficient.