The Digital Stadium Project

Commercialisation Update

The project has resulted in a spin out company, TribeHive Ltd, who are commercialising the core technology. The university is continuing to work with BHAFC on development of the app for research.

Download Update

Latest Version of the DigitalStadium Albion App - Available at Downloads from the top menu

Project Summary

The Digital Stadium project is a collaborative research project funded by the EPSRC between the University of Sussex, Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club, and Corridor Design, looking at how modern smartphone apps can be used to build new ways of communicating within stadiums.

Major sports events are ideal opportunities to exploit pervasive computing technologies to increase the quality of experience. As the penetration of smartphones continues, they can become the hub of the customer’s experience, linked to their ticket, their seat, their favourite food offerings, their modes of transport, and most importantly, to the sporting event on show. But there are many challenges to connecting everything inside the stadium. The numbers and density of people and likely interaction patterns make it difficult to provide adequate bandwidth with larger range networks, which when combined with the concrete and steel construction of the stadium make network provision a serious technical challenge.

This project is investigating pocket switched networking technologies to provide an infra-structure upon which useful services can be deployed.

Project Partners