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Mass-Observation Archive: Silver Jubilee 1977

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Collection Description

Shortly after Tom Harrisson's death in January 1976, Philip Ziegler decided to take up one of Tom's continuing interests: the role of the monarchy in British Society. 1977 was the year of Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee and this provided the context for a modest revival of the original Mass-Observation idea of a panel of volunteer writers. For further information on this initiative, see Writing Ourselves by Sheridan, Street & Bloome (Hampton Press 2000).

With the help of Dorothy Sheridan (DW in the handlist) at the Mass-Observation Archive, Ziegler recruited a small panel to record reactions to the Jubilee. Much of this was used in his book, The Crown and the People (Collins 1978). The book also drew on earlier Mass-Observation material from the Archive. The then Director of the Archive, Professor David Pocock also contributed to the project by soliciting descriptions of street parties held in celebration of the Jubilee. Many of Ziegler's recruits, and Pocock's street party reporters went on to be members of the Mass-Observation project which was launched in the Summer of 1981.

The summary catalogue covers the 23 boxes of material which resulted from this project. Boxes 9 to 23 contain press cuttings and other ephemera.

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