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KOREA 1950


9/1/A: Public Opinions of the Korean War: June-July 1950

Handwritten informal interviews: public comment on the Korean War, 30.6.50 (LB), 21.7.50 (DM)

Handwritten informal interviews on American role in Korea and Britain's position as US allies, Fulham 13.7.50 (LB)

Handwritten informal interviews with newsagents about effects of Korean War on newspaper sales, Fulham 13.7.50 (LB)

Handwritten indirects and overheards on Korean situation Hammersmith 27.6.50 (LB)

Press cutting: results of Gallup poll on Korean policies of US and Britain. News Chronicle 5.7.50

Soviet News Nos 2396 and 2401: propaganda bulletin published by the Soviet Embassy in London, 11.7.50 and 19.7.50

9/1/B: News Quota Survey: public attitudes to Korean War, July 1950

Handwritten replies to 5 point questionnaire on attitudes to the Korean War and voting habits. Approx. 100 replies, Victoria, Hammersmith, Paddington, Hampstead and Buxton. July 1950. Analysis in news quotas, 1950. (BS, LB, IPS, DM)

9/1/C: News Quota Survey (Korea 2) August 1950

Handwritten replies to 7 point questionnaire on the causes and possible development of the Korean War, political views and voting habits. Approx. 100 replies Kilburn, Earl's Court, Hampstead, Hammersmith, August 1950 (IPS, DM, BS)

9/1/D: News Quota Survey: October 1950

Typed and handwritten replies to a 7 point questionnaire about the resignation of Sir Stafford Cripps as Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Korean War, opinions of General MacArthur, and political sympathies. Approx. 150 replies from Hammersmith, Paddington, Harlesden, Fulham, St Pancras. 22.10.50-27.10.50 (DM, LB, IPS)

Coding list for questionnaire and analysis sheets

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