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SPORT 1939-47

This Topic Collection will be unavailable January - March 2005

TC 82: 2 boxes


82/1/A: Reports

Ts reports: "Sport in wartime" 29.10.39 (HJN) (2 copies)

"Organised sport and the war" 14.11.39 (HJN)

"Sport and the first two months of the war" 19.11.39

Ms draft reports on sport: 22.11.39 (TH); 23.11.39 (TH) (2 copies); 13.12.39 (HJN); 17.12.39 (HJN)

Ts "Wartime sport, a structural analysis" 14.1.40 (HN)

82/1/B: The effects of the war on sport

Ts interviews with the press secretary of Wembley Stadium 4.11.39 (HJN) and the Star sports editor 17.11.39 (HJN)

Press cutting "Coursing in wartime", The Times 20.11.39

Ts report "Some notes on the use of leisure" 18.3.43 (BW)

Ts report "Suffering culture"

82/1/C: The effect of the war on sports clubs

Printed YHA leaflet

Annual report of the Camping Club of Great Britain and Ireland 1939 with accompanying letter from the press information department

Ts letters from: Arsenal Football Club 22.2.40; Auriol Rowing Club 22.2.40; Autocycle Union 29.2.40; The Suffolk Stadium February 1940; Progressive Rambler 8.4.40; Douglas Stuart Ltd 7.3.41

Printed syllabus of Sheffield and District Federation Rambling Association, Spring 1940

Ts copies of articles in The Motor Boat and Yachting 30.12.39 (VHID)

Ms preliminary report on sports clubs 31.5.41 (JS)

82/1/D: Surveys

Ts sport questions and replies: North London 28.11.39 (HJN)

Ms sport questions and replies: Hendon 12.3.41, 17.3.41, 20-22.4.41. Mill Hill 13-14.3.41 and analysis sheets 6.5.41.(JS)

Ms report on sports questionnaires 15.5.41

82/1/E: Letters to National Sports Poll

Approx 50 letters in response to a poll held by the Sunday Pictorial February 1941, on the subjects of extra rations for sports persons, midweek sport, pools and betting, striking, payment for lost time at work for amateurs

82/1/F: Midweek sport

Ms informals on midweek sport: Richmond, Kensington 13.3.47 (TT), London 13.3.47 (IP)

82/1/G: Miscellaneous

Ts synopsis of sport work 9.1.40 (HN)

Ts list of topics to be covered (?)

Ts observation on Streatham Common 24.8.40 (LE)

Ms indirects on the Derby 25.6.41 (HP), organised and unorganised sport 24.9.41 (JS), interest in sport 29.9.41 (JS)

Ms tables on playing games on Sunday

BOX 2 : SPORT 1937-47

82/2/A: Angling

2 ts descriptions of fishing trips New Earswick 24.6.47, 30.6.47

Ts description of advert for fishing competition displayed in tackle shop window

3 press cuttings on fishing in the Yorkshire area

Ts notes on winning a fishing match 1.7.47 (KB)

82/2/B: Cricket

Press cuttings 21-29.12.39

Ms description of effect of war on cricket in Pett district 1940

Ts description of cricket match British Empire v London Counties 10.8.40, printed score card and press cuttings

Ts description of matches: Harrow v Eton 13.7.40 (JS); Worcester v Warwick 5.8.40 (JA); Blindley Heath v Newcastle 17.8.40 (LE); New Earswick 26.7.47 (KB)

Ts letter from Highams Park Cricket Club 7.4.41

Printed score card Epsom v London Counties 31.8.41

82/2/C: Darts

Ms and ts descriptions of darts matches (AVL)

Printed programme for Paddington and District League Grand Darts Tournament 14.7.47 (with ms results)

Printed card "Free Darts in exchange for Zig-Zag Cigarette Paper Covers"

Printed dart flights

82/2/D: Dogs

Printed race cards (greyhound): White City 2.6.41, 7.6.41; Cardiff 5.7.41; Harringay 21.7.41

Ts description of hound trails at Langdale, Cumbria 14.6.41

Ts informals with whippet owners: Shepherd's Bush 8-9.3.47(KB); York 18.4.47(KB); and ratcatcher, Euston 9.3.47

Ts informal on dog fights 3.7.47 (DH)

82/2/E: Football

Ms notes for report on soccer (?)

Ts note and press cuttings on the Unity Pools 1938-40

Press cuttings under ms headings of: crowds, wartime play, players, leagues, amateur leagues and Red Cross November-December 1939

Ts description football match (Arsenal v Crystal Palace at White Hart Lane) and informals 4.11.39 (HJN)

Ts informals on amateur football and the war 7.11.39 (HJN)

Ts copies of press articles on soccer 10.11.39

Ts description of match (Golders Green v Enfield at Golders Green), printed programme and interviews with cashier and secretary 11.11.39 (HJN)

Ts interview with Mr Ted Vizard 16.11.39 (HJN)

Ts description football and the war 19.11.39 (HJN)

Printed programme: Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur 18.11.39

Printed news bulletin of Icklesham Casuals Football Club number 3, December 1939; number 4 February 1940

Press cuttings 1941

Ts descriptions of matches: Worcester City v Revo Sports, Birmingham, at Worcester 14.9.40 (JA); Scotland v England at Wembley 17.1.42 (MC?); York v New Brighton at York 26.4.47 (KB)

2 printed tickets for the Fire Services Challenge Cup replay 28.5.47

Ts comments by Blackburn electrician on local matches October-November l9 ?

82/2/F: Golf

Press cuttings 15.11.39-2.1.40

Ts description Coombe Hill Golf Club and menu 3.8.40 (HP)

Ts description and interviews at golf open championship 1.7.47 (KB)

82/2/G: Ice hockey and skating

Ts description ice hockey international championship 27.2.37 (BWW, HH)

Ts informal on ice hockey and the war 10.11.39 (HJN)

Printed pamphlet for the re-opening of Wembley Empire Pool and Arena 21.10.39

Ts description ice skating Wembley Pool 2.11.39 (HJN)

Ts description ice hockey match 04.11.39 (HJN)

Press cuttings on ice skating 17.12.39

Press cuttings on ice hockey 21.11.39-6.1.40

82/2/H: Pigeon racing

Ts and ms informals: New Earswick 24.4.47, 25.6.47 (KB); York 26.4.47 (KB); Blaina 10.5.47, 29.6.47 (JG)

Ts letter from The Racing Pigeon about circulation 11.8.47

The Racing Pigeon 5.7.47, 2.8.47

Ts interview with The Racing Pigeon editor and assistant 1.8.47 (KB)

82/2/I: Rugby

Press cuttings 5.11.39-3.1.40

Ts extracts from press articles 12.11.39 (HJN)

Ms and ts descriptions rugby matches: Blaina 16.4.47 (JG); York 19.4.47 (KB)

82/2/J: Snooker and billiards

Ts description of match (Donaldson v Brown), Thurston Hall 30.10.39 (HJN)

Ts interview with Secretary of Thurston Hall 2.11.39 (HJN)

Ts interview with owner of billiard hall, Cricklewood Broadway 4.11.39 (HJN)

Ts overheards 6.11.39 (HJN)

Ts questionnaire response (4 questions on effects of the war ?) 14.9.40

Ms description billiards match 16.7.47

Ts description Abbey Billiard Room, Victoria Street 19.9.40 (HP)

Ts and ms miscellaneous observations, conversations etc

Press cutting: "Joe Davis raises £200 for Red Cross"

82/2/K: Speedway

Ts and ms informals: Kensington 23.5.47 (DH); Fulham 17-18.7.47 (KB)

Ts description Shelsley Walsh International Hill Climb,Worcs 21.6.47 (MS, GL)

Ms description Harringay 23.7.47 (AVL)

82/2/L: Swimming

Ts description hotel swimming pool in Herts 31.8.40 (LE) (2 copies)

Ms description swimming pools in NW London: Mill Hill, Hendon Hall Hotel, Kenton, Squires Lane, Finchley 4.6.41 (JS)

Printed ticket for West Hendon Swimming Pool bicycle enclosure 8.7.41

82/2/M: Various sports

Ms observations of roller skating 27.2.41

Press cuttings from The Cyclist 3.2.37

Ms description of Epsom pony races 27.5.44 (D Ivey)

Ts description York Regatta 21.6.47 (KB)

82/2/N: Various sports

Tennis: Interview with E Avory, international tennis player 1.12.39

Printed programmes: "A Garden Party in Aid of China" 20.9.41; Lawn tennis exhibition matches 9.7.41

Athletics: Printed leaflet for sports fair 2-4.8.41

Printed programme for Rowntree's Athletic Sports 21.6.47 (KB)

Ms description of marble tournament, Tinsley Green, Sussex 4.4.42 (TT)

82/2/O: Miscellaneous sporting ephemera

Printed catalogue of books available from Hatchards bookshop, Piccadilly 1941

Printed booklet "This cruelty called sport" by LEO Charlton (4th ed), 1941 (League for the Prohibition of Cruel Sports)

Printed pamphlet "H Samuel: Sports Trophy Specialists"

Printed card, order form and reply envelopes from Ajax Press with samples of "doubles" and "trebles" sports cards

Printed Littlewoods Pools forms 6.9.41, 13.9.41 and envelopes

Printed McLauchlan Pools forms 29.9.41, 4.10.41, reply envelope and forms for postal betting

Mass-Observation Studies 1937-55

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