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TC 81: 1 box only


81/1/A: Introductory material

Ts outline of Survey A6 December 1948

Ts questionnaire on Sundays 13.12.48

Ts instructions to investigators

Ts and ms introduction to a book about leisure on Sunday

Ts suggestions for the development of the book

Ts bulletin October 1941 on eating habits

Ms memo re December 1941 bulletin

Ts newsletter for distribution to panel August 1945 on moods

81/1/B: Correspondence Dec 1948-Jan 1950

Ts correspondence with Naldrett Press Ltd, BBC and concerning use of extracts in the book

81/1/C: Historical and religious aspects of Sunday

Ms extracts from Middletown and Regency Roundabout

Ms descriptions of Shakespeare's England and religious history 16th century onwards

Ms notes on rhymes and adages about Sundays

Printed pamphlet "Ex-police inspector speaks out"

Ms interview with the Secretary to the Lord's Day Observance Society

Music score "Sunday Morning in England"

81/1/D: Youth Hostels Association

Ms figures of attendance at YHA hostel, Arundel Sept 1948

Printed pamphlet London Region YHA News Nov 1948

Ms notes about YHA

Ts letter and envelope from LE to Brian Stapleton (volunteer Observer) about YHA 14.4.49 (letter returned to sender)

Ms description of Sunday outings: cycling and walking 28.7.49

81/1/E: Transport

Ts census of private cars by the Automobile Association (AA) 18-24.10.48

Ts interview with Asst Divisional Superintendant of trams and trolley buses, LPTB 14.12.48 (LE)

TS interview with Divisional Superintendant of buses, London 15.12.48 (LE)

Ms figures concerning Sunday travel (?)

81/1/F: Schoolchildren's views of Sunday

31 ms essays "What I did last Sunday" 10.12.48

23 ms essays "What I did on Sunday" 12.12.48

81/1/G: Raw material for Meet Yourself On Sunday

Ms descriptions and observations of Sunday activity: Hammersmith 12.12.48 (LB); Tottenham Court Rd 19.12.48; Marble Arch 19.12.48 (IPG); Putney and Fulham cemeteries 19.12.48 (IPG); Feltham Prison 21.12.48 (IP); Petticoat Lane 02.1.49 (LB); Piccadilly Circus; Soho (Lola)

Also in Middlesbrough 8.7.49 (IP); Bolton 11.7.49 (BL); a Surrey village (JB)

Ms comparison of activities on Saturday, Sunday and Monday: South Kennsington 18-20.12.48 (BS); Hammersmith 18-20.12.48 (IP)

Ms informal interviews

Ms report on working class family 16.1.49 (EG)

Ms counts (hats, best clothes, smoking groups)

Ms figures of attendance at National Gallery, Trafalgar Square 1938-1948

81/1/H: Questionnaire responses

Ms responses to Sundays questionnaire (see 81/1/A) Dec 1948 (IPG, BS, DH, LB)

Ms analysis sheets of results and notes

Mass-Observation Studies 1937-55

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