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LEISURE 1940-47

This Topic Collection will be unavailable January - March 2005

TC 80: 6 boxes

BOX 1: LEISURE 1940-47

80/1/A: Reports

Ts "Memo on a study of leisure" (JC, AH) 2.1.40

Ts "Note on leisure report" (LE) 25.8.40

Ts document "Leisure" 2962/42 by the PEP Physical Planning group 9.9.42

Ms "Supplement to leisure report" 5.10.42

Ts "Extracts from preliminary results of Birmingham leisure and pleasure survey for information PEP" 28.2.47

Ts "Appendix to report on leisure" August 1947 (BB)

Ts comments from leisure survey June 1948

Ts report covering: pubs, dogs (racing), outdoors, sex (lst 12 pages missing)

80/1/B: Cinema counts

Counts of people at cinemas in: Camden Town, Chiswick, Dorking, Hammersmith, Kilburn, Notting Hill Gate. 1947

80/1/C: Football/rugby counts

Counts of people attending football and rugby matches at Aston Villa, Blaina, Bolton, Fulham, Middlesbrough, York. April and May 1947

80/1/D: Magazines and newspapers

Ts list of newspapers and cheaper periodicals titles, price publisher and printers addresses 5.2.? (BW)

Magazine purchase counts Piccadilly Underground 7.11.? (BW)

80/1/E: Miscellaneous

Ts letter from the British Federation of Co-operative Youth. Details of weekend camp in August 24.7.41

Ts programme for "A performance of Eurhythmy" Ealing 2.8.41

Ms informals on hunting, reading and radio 28.4.44 (MM)

Overheards at Bethnal Green 19-20.6.47 (MM)

Typed ex. Daily Mail 3.1.42: Cinema income


80/2/A: Questionnaires, codings and instructions

Ts leisure questionnaire (final) 2 copies. Questions on: the likelihood of war; clubs; attitudes to luck; fatalism; God; astrology; betting; pubs; political alliance. Includes biographical information

Ts instructions for questionnaire (3 copies)

Ts coding (2 copies and 1 draft version)

Ts notes on coding leisure survey

Ts table of coding for football pools, dogs and crosswords (4 copies)

Ts analysis sheet for leisure survey

Ms "Method for finding out how many people bet weekly, monthly etc. from results of leisure questionnaire"

80/2/B-E: Questionnaire responses

80/2/F: Ms tabulation of responses

80/2/G: Results of survey on favourite pub drink: (see also TC 85: Drinking Habits)

Ts results of survey

Ms tabulation of responses

80/2/H: Ts table of coding for drinking in pubs vs clubs

80/2/I: Ms tabulations of coding of relation between drinking and newspaper reading

BOX 3: LEISURE SURVEY SPRING 1947 (continued...)

80/3/A-C: Questionnaire responses

80/3/D: Analysis sheets

Ms notes on sorting order included

80/3/E : Analysis sheets

BOX 4: LEISURE SURVEY 9/2 (1948)

80/4/A: Questionnaires, coding and instructions

Ts 1st draft of leisure questionnaire 9/2

Ts 2nd draft leisure questionnaire 9/2 24.8.48 (2 copies)

Ts 2nd draft of questionnaire by BE (questions 11-19 only) (2 copies)

Ts draft of questionnaire 26.8.48

Ts final draft 4.9.48

Ts draft code list

Ts code list September 1948 (3 copies-1 with lst 2 pages missing)

Ts instructions to Investigators August-September 1948

80/4/B-C: Questionnaire responses September 1948

Questions and answers on: sporting activity and spectatorship; sporting standards; gambling on sport; games on Sunday; national sport; perceived attitudes of foreigners to Britain; world affairs-opinions of America, Russia, United Nations. Includes biographical information

80/4/D: Leisure survey 9/2 analysis sheets: October 1948


80/5/A: Questionnaire and coding

Ts code list

Ts/ms questionnaire responses November 1948. Questions on: leisure activity; cinema/theatre/music hall attendance; reading; working; clubs and societies; expenditure: house-keeping money, drinking, smoking, betting, clothes. Includes biographical information

80/5/B: Questionnaire responses: November 1948

80/5/C: Analysis sheets: December 1948

Ms note on limitation of tables

80/5/D: Analysis sheets: December 1948

80/5/E: Analysis sheets

Fulham only


80/6/A: Questionnaires, coding and instructions

Ts coding for Leisure III survey (2 copies)

Ts Leisure III questionnaire, lst pilot March 1948 (2 copies)

Ts Leisure III questionnaire, 2nd pilot and final March 1948 (2 copies)

Ms note and sample for further questionnaire on leisure basis

Ts table of Leisure III quota in Dagenham (DH)

Ts instructions 25.3.48 (MLY) (2 copies)

Ms note additional questions asked in Middlesbrough and Aston

Ts copy of questionnaire. Questions on: The Marshall Plan; smoking; newspaper readership; cinema attendance; pools; alcohol; pubs; political alliance. Includes biographical information

80/6/B-G: Questionnaire responses

80/6/H-I: Analysis sheets

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