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This Topic Collection will be unavailable January - March 2005

TC8: 1 box




Report on mass astrology, 1941

Note on astrology (CF)

Study plan: Concerning Astrology, including suggested questionnaire

Suggestions for astrology investigation & breakdowns

Questionnaire replies 29.2.40 (BA)

Interviews 24.6.41 (NN)

Interviews 24.6.41 (JS)

Overheards & Observations (DH)

Overheards & Interviews (CF)

Overheards 13.9.39 (DHN)

Personal opinion by JF

Interview with RH Naylor 13.2.40 (BW)

Letter from E Lyndoe to TH + leaflet

Newspaper extracts

N'Gai (Theatre Royal) 18.7.40 (JA) + leaflet with Witchball Charm

Magic and Miraculous, review extract

Hitler's Last Year of Power - book by astrologer; sales data etc

Bookshops - Charing Cross Road

3 replies to horoscope enquiries

Extract from letter (GR): predictions

Palmists - various visits by ZB

Visit to the Fortune Teller (NN)

Note on the Amusement Gardens, Marble Arch

Olympia - fortune telling machine (TH)

Blackpool - palmistry and fortune telling machines (AL)

Visits to Mrs Menary, fortune teller

Letter from Celia to TH

Folder containing newspaper horoscope


Psychometry Class (CF)

Report on Psychic Phenomena No 1

Report on a meeting of the Ipswich Psychic Society

Psychic Research + Postcard

Cutting: "Church Keeps Spiritualism Probe Secret"

Long Article: "I Spoke to a Boy Who was Killed Three Weeks Ago"

Group Seance at Marylebone Spiritualist Association

Interview with spiritualist

Harvest Festival, Spiritual Centre

Meeting at Spiritual Centre, Fold Street 18.8.37 (JHW)

Meeting at Spiritual Centre, Fold Street 24.2.38 (AVW)

Meeting at Bradford Street 27.2.38 (AVW)

Meeting at Rishton Lane 20.2.38 (AVW)

Meeting at Rishton Lane 23.2.38 (AVW)

National Union of Spiritualists Church (AVW)

National Spiritualist Church 3.7.38 (DMH)

National Spiritualist Church 3.7.38 (AR)

National Spiritualist Church 19.2.38 (APW)

Rishton Lane, 27.2.38 (JAS)

Fold Street 25.8.?

Fold Street 18.8.?

Halliwell Road 21.7.?

Spiritualist Service at Mrs Dickinson's, Mortfield Street 22.3.38 (BCP)

'Cylinder No 8' - Spiritualist Meeting

Spiritualism 19.8.37

8/1/C: Cuttings

8/1/D: Pamphlets

Including Leo Tree's Horoscopes, Universal Group of Intuitives, several copies Old Moore's, copy of Prediction, and Weekly Horoscope. Miscellaneous


Typed draft "Superstition" January 1947 (2 copies)

Typed draft "Superstition" February 1947 (1 copy)

Reports from members of Panel on supernatural, superstitions, ghosts, etc

Mass-Observation Studies 1937-55

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