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TC 79: 1 box only

79/1/A: Dog Organisations in war time 1939-41

Typed interview with man from Canine Defence League on membership, activities, public and government attitudes to dogs in war time, air raid precautions and dogs, London 13.2.41 (DS)

Typed interview with Dog Defence League on same topics as above, London 29.2.40 (JA)

Miscellaneous press cuttings and ephemera:-Typed extracts and press cuttings from newspapers and periodicals on animals in war time, November 1939-January 1940

National Canine Defence League (NCDL) membership form and 2 NCDL pamphlets on war time dog food 22.9.39

NCDL notice of air raid shelters for people and their dogs, March 1940

NCDL leaflet on air raid precautions for dogs and cats, March 1940

National Air Raid Precautions Animals Committee (NARPAC) appeal for jumble, 8.3.40 (LE)

Advertisement for 'Lustre Lead', dog collar that glows in the dark, March 1940

Advertisement for 'Frank Heaton Protective Enclosure', March 1940

Typed list of pet meat suppliers, March 1940

Pamphlet-'Your Dog and Cat in War Time' produced by Bob Martin, 23.7.41 (VW)

79/1/B: Dog Survey 1941

First pilot survey 11-14.7.41:-Handwritten 6 point QQ on effect of war on dogs i.e. food, air raids, London 11.7.41 (NN)

Handwritten summary of survey, 11.7.41 (NN)

16 handwritten responses to QQ, Euston 11.7.41 (NN)

Handwritten report on methods used for indirects on dogs and general impression of attitudes to dogs, London 11.7.41 (JS)

17 handwritten indirects on dogs, Mill Hill, Hammersmith, Acton, Hendon, Burnt Oak, 11-14.7.41 (JS, VW)

79/1/C: Dog Survey 1941-Second Pilot

Typed QQ with handwritten notes in two sections, one for dog owners and one for non dog owners, 16.7.41

Handwritten criticism of QQ, 16.7.41 (JS)

15 handwritten responses to QQ with investigators reports, 16.7.41-21.7.41 Euston, Willesden (NN, JS)

Handwritten indirects with dealers and pet shop assistants on availability of pet food and accessories i.e. leads and collars, and how this has been affected by the war, Walham Green, Earls Court Rd, Kensington Church St, Finsbury Park, 30.7.41 (MS, JS, JB)

79/1/D: Dog Survey 1941-Final QQ

15 point QQ with questions for dog owners and non dog owners on keeping dogs in war time 22.7.41

1 carbon copy of QQ 22.7.41

1 handwritten draft of QQ 22.7.41 (NN)

249 typed and handwritten responses to QQ, Hendon, Neasden, Euston, Camden Town, Mill Hill, St Pancras, Willesden, Oxford, Cricklewood, 22.7.41-18.8.41 (NN, JS, DH, HH, PG)

Typed and handwritten analysis, notes and handwritten analysis sheets, 29.7.41-23.8.41 (EL, AH)

79/1/E: Survey of non dog owners-August 1941

Typed report 'Dogs in War Time'-opinions of non dog owners on the keeping of dogs in war time (includes indirects), Cricklewood 26-27.8.41 (PG)

Handwritten summary and indirects with non dog owners on keeping dogs in war time, Euston, Hendon, Neasden, 26-27.8.41 (NN, JS)

Handwritten report 'Opinions of Non Dog-Owners on Dog Keeping in Wartime', 29.8.41 (RF)

Handwritten analysis, 29.8.41 (RF)

79/1/F: Worcester Dog Show-August 1941

Handwritten report on Worcester Dog Show 21.8.41 (DH)

Handwritten note on difficulty in travelling to talk to dog breeders in Worcester 22.8.41 (DH)

Printed card for Worcester Dog Show

79/1/G: Dogs and Bones QQ 1942

56 Handwritten responses to 4 point QQ on whether people give their dogs bones, if not what they do with them (i.e. salvage) and what they think about a ban on dogs being given bones because of the war, Kensington Gardens, Clerkenwell, Hyde Park 11.9.42

There is no copy of the QQ

Handwritten analysis sheets, 11.9.42 (CM, TO)

Mass-Observation Studies 1937-55

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