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This Topic Collection will be unavailable January - March 2005

TC 78: 6 boxes


78/1/A: Bob Martin Powder QQ 1942

Typed report on survey 7.7.42

176 typed interviews with dog owners on use of Bob Martin powders-Bayswater, Notting Hill, Kensington, Regents Park, (NS, LB, EG, DH, CM, DBL)

Analysis sheets

78/1/B: Bob Martin Survey on health of dogs in war time 1945

Typed letter from Everett Advertising Ltd about qq

4 typed qqs for dog-owners, non dog-owners and people who used to keep a dog, 7-12.3.45

Typed and handwritten correspondence with investigators

20 handwritten interviews, London, February-July 1945 (NA)

Handwritten analysis sheets

78/1/C: Bob Martin Dog Conditioning Powders Survey 1948

This survey was for dealers only

3 typed copies of plans for the survey, 9.7.48

3 typed copies of outline of survey and notes to investigators. 9.7.48

3 typed copies of qq-1 pilot and final qq

2 printed copies of qq

Typed correspondence from Everetts Advertising Ltd on the survey

Handwritten coding list, July 1948

Handwritten and typed list of retailers requiring The Lead

One copy of The Lead-newsletter produced by Bob Martin for pet owners, June 1948

2 Bob Martin booklets: "Tibs Cat Book", "Dog Book"

78/1/D: Bob Martin Worming Survey 1949

Two part survey one for dog-owners and one for retailers on worming preparations

Typed correspondence with Everetts Advertising Ltd. on Bob Martin qq, September-October 1949

4 typed copies of qqs (version 1 and version 2), for dog-owners, October 1949

Approximately 200 handwritten responses to qq, London, October 1949 (BS, DM, BL)

78/1/E: Bob Martin Worming Survey 1949

3 typed copies of qq for retailers 24.10.49

20 handwritten responses to qq, London, November 1949 (DM, IPS)

Typed coding sheets and analysis sheets

78/1/F: Bob Martin Conditioning Powder Survey 1951

Typed preliminary report on 'Dog-ownership and expenditure'

Typed copy of pilot qq and 20 handwritten responses, September 1951

Handwritten report on reaction to qq, Scotland

Rough handwritten notes and petty cash voucher

Approximately 50 printed qqs, October 1951

Typed analysis

78/1/G: Dog Breeders QQ 1953

Four typed copies of qq for dog breeders on effect of advertising and the way in which it could effect care and breeding of animals

Correspondence with Bob Martin and various dog breeders March-June 1953

Approximately 200 handwritten interviews with dog breeders March-April 1953, York, London, Surrey


78/2/A: Razor Blade QQ 1941

Two part survey, one for the public and one for dealers about introducing a scheme for resharpening and reconditioning old razor blades

Typed correspondence with Everetts Advertising Ltd about the survey and including notes of a meeting, 9-22.9.41

Three typed copies (one with handwritten notes) of detailed information about razor blade resharpening and reconditioning process for dealers

Three typed copies of qqs for dealers and for the public

Handwritten report on dealers survey October 1941 (JS)

Handwritten reports on public survey October 1941 (JS)

100 handwritten responses to qq for public, Mill Hill, Golders Green, Hendon, August-September 1941 (JS)

78/2/B: Toothpaste Trends 1947

1 page of typed remarks on consumer trends in toothpaste 22.9.47 (JL)

78/2/C: Electric Light Bulb and Fluorescent Lighting Survey 1949

3 qqs-one for consumers, one for dealers and one for office workers

Dealers QQ

2 typed copies of 6 point qq on sale of light bulbs, most popular brands, installation of fluorescent lighting and effect of the Government's fuel saving campaign on sale of bulbs, 10.1.49

26 handwritten responses to qq, London 11.1.49

Consumers QQ

3 typed copies of 6 point qq on whether home is lit by electric lighting, buying light bulbs, fuel saving and peoples opinions on fluorescent lighting, 10.1.49

86 handwritten responses to qq, London 10-11.1.49

Analysis of consumer qq-2 typed copies of coding guide and handwritten analysis sheets, January 1949

Office Workers QQ

2 typed 17 point qqs (one for offices and one for shops) on fluorescent lighting:-reasons for installation, effect on trade/business and colour preferred, March 1949

3 typed copies of notes to investigators, March 1949

Handwritten notes for investigators, March 1949

11 Handwritten responses to qq, London 1949

Handwritten analysis, March 1949

78/2/D: Juvenile Shaving Survey 1949

Survey of juvenile shaving practices. Questions asked-When did you start shaving? What do you use? Where did you get it from? What do you think of electric shavers?

50 handwritten responses to qq, Croydon 9.2.49 (IP)

78/2/E: Paint Survey 1949

Instructions to investigators


78/3/A: Laundry Survey 1953-54

The Laundry Survey (commissioned by a number of different laundries) was a series of qqs sent out to a 'Customer Advisory Panel'. Each qq was concerned with different aspects of laundry i.e. methods of washing, contact between the laundry and its customers, prices

Typed draft letter to laundry panel to be sent out with fourth qq in series 24.3.54

Typed report 'You and Your Laundry' (analysis of previous laundry qq) also to be sent out with fourth qq, 24.3.54

75 Handwritten responses to one of previous laundry qqs on how people do their washing, whether or not they send it to a laundry, and if so what they think of the laundry. Doncaster, Rossington October-November 1953

78/3/B: International Tea Company Survey 1956

Survey for the International Tea Company on the attitudes of the general public towards the company's shops

Typed proposal for market research survey, including proposed subjects to be covered in the survey, 1956

Typed correspondence about survey with Everetts Advertising Ltd, March-May 1956

Several typed drafts of pilot qq with handwritten amendments, 1956

Approximately 50 handwritten responses to qq, Portsmouth, Liscard, Liverpool 1956

Handwritten analysis 1956

78/3/C: Dishcloth Survey 1957

Typed detailed qq on dishcloths i.e. what type used, why preferred etc., February 1957

78/3/D: Toilet Soap Survey 1957

Survey on preference of toilet soap carried out for Lyttes (Imperial Leather soap), March 1957

1 printed qq on toilet soap (completed), Lancashire 29.3.57

Handwritten analysis of class sample, 1957

Tabulation sheets 1957

Computer analysis with some handwritten notes 1957

78/3/E: Detergent Survey 1958

Survey carried out in January 1958 on attitudes towards use of detergents, awareness of and attitudes towards certain attributes of detergents, washing and study of possible relation between personality needs and attitudes to washing and use of detergents

Typed report on survey and handwritten notes for report, 13.2.58

Typed proposal for survey and handwritten notes on what Maspar Services want from the survey

Handwritten notes for qq and sample to be used, 1958

Typed correspondence about survey with Maspar Services Ltd and Masius Fergusson Ltd. December 1957-February 1958

78/3/F,G,H: Detergent Survey 1958

Completed interviews including a 'Draw a Person' test to make an assessment of personality traits, Surrey, Cheshire, London, Liverpool, Lancashire, January 1958

Handwritten analysis of survey, January 1958

Typed and handwritten coding sheets, January 1958

Analysis sheets, January 1958


78/4/A: Electrical Appliance QQ 1958

2 printed qqs on appliances people own or are planning to buy i.e. washing machines, irons, vacuum cleaners, May 1958

2 handwritten investigators record sheets. Streatham Common, May 1958 (LE)

Handwritten notes on interviews by investigators, May 1958

78/4/B: Paint Survey 1959

5 printed completed qqs on painting and home decorating i.e. what type of paint used, Shrewsbury 29.8.59

Handwritten and typed correspondence with Crawford International Advertising about analysis of qq 16.11.59

Handwritten analysis of qq

Coding sheets

Tabulation sheets and computer analysis

78/4/C: Baked Bean Survey 1959

Product test carried out by M-O in London and Manchester in 1959 for Masius Fergusson Ltd and Libby McNeill and Libby Ltd. The test compared their beans with their competitors

Handwritten introduction to Baked Bean Survey, November 1959

Typed qq to establish people eligible for interviewing

Typed and handwritten details of survey i.e. how many people in which towns interviewed

Typed qq to be filled in by respondents

Typed qq to be used when interviewer calls after leaving product

Typed copies of both qqs completed

Handwritten tabulation index

Handwritten tabulation sheets

Computer analysis of qq

78/4/D: Foundation Garment Survey 1959

Typed report on survey of current attitudes to Gossard 7.11.59

Typed coding instructions for qq

Handwritten analysis sheets

78/4/E: Tape Recorder Survey (Undated)

1 copy of printed detailed qq on tape recorders including types of music people listen to, social life, state of mind at present

78/4/F: Mouthwash Survey (Undated)

Handwritten analysis of mouthwash survey including questions asked

Tabulation sheets

78/4/G: Spin Dryer Survey (Undated)

Computer analysis with some handwritten notes

Tabulation sheets


78/5/A: Liquid Scourer Survey 1960

Survey of how people use a new cleaning product when they are not told specifically what the product is for. Carried out for Bensons in London York and Liverpool

1 printed copy of instructions to investigators and typed and handwritten drafts of instructions

1 printed copy and 1 handwritten draft of interview schedule

2 typed copies of general notes on test interviews

1 printed copy of notes on selection of informants for survey

1 printed copy of sample design i.e. age group, class and geographical areas the survey is to cover

1 typed and 1 carbon copy of notes for first research meeting on liquid scourer 16.5.60

1 typed copy of 'Precis of General Impressions of the Survey'

Handwritten miscellaneous notes on costing, sample to be interviewed and general arrangements

78/5/B: Liquid Scourer Survey 1960

Typed correspondence with Benson about proposals for survey and costings 24.3.60-29.4.60

Typed and handwritten correspondence between M-O and investigators about the survey 6.4.60-29.6.60

78/5/C: Liquid Scourer Survey 1960

4 handwritten and typed investigators reports on interviews Liverpool, London, May 1960 (JW, DY, RA)

Typed list of people interviewed-addresses and times, London, Liverpool, York, May 1960

18 typed and handwritten responses to qq, London, Liverpool, York, May 1960

Analysis-typed list of survey sample

78/5/D: Liquid Scourer Survey 1960

2 typed copies of list of cleaning operations related to particular rooms

Typed summaries of different uses made of the scourer, amount of scourer left when investigator called, references made to the smell of the product, worst and best points of product, where product was kept and suggested changes

Handwritten analysis notes

78/5/E: Fizzy Drink Survey 1960

Survey of types of fizzy drinks drunk by participants in 7 days-where, how many, what brand?

25 printed qqs with handwritten answers and analysis sheet with each qq, Grangemouth, Widness, Manchester, Durham, Bristol, Plymouth, Colchester, Twickenham, Dartford, Acton, Kingston, April-September 1960

78/5/F: Dog Food Survey 1963

Survey on dog food called 'Gravy Train', for Alfred Pemberton Ltd

43 completed qqs, Southampton, Portsmouth, March 1963

Typed and handwritten analysis of qq

Printed survey estimate sheet

Typed code list for qq

Tabulation sheets and computer analysis

78/5/G: Brisk Deodorant Soap Survey 1963

Survey on people's reactions to advertising for soap, carried out for Crane Advertising Ltd, March 1963

Printed detailed report on survey

Typed correspondence with Crane Advertising Ltd, February-May 1963

Typed instructions to investigators, March 1963

9 completed qqs, London March 1963

Typed coding instructions for qq

Tabulation sheets and computer analysis


78/6/A: Product Lime Concept Test 1963

Survey of a brand of toilet soap carried out for Crane Advertising Ltd, April 1963

Typed correspondence with Crane Advertising Ltd, including 2 typed copies of a report of a telephone conversation with investigator about interviewing, 5.4.63

1 typed copy of draft qq

Miscellaneous handwritten notes on survey

Handwritten tabulation sheets

78/6/B: Biscuit Survey 1963

Survey of brands of biscuits bought and tasting test for 2 types of biscuits, June 1963

Typed copy of coding instructions for qq (including questions asked), June 1963

78/6/C: Quaker Quick Survey 1963

Survey of Quaker Macaroni advertisement using other advertisements to compare its effectiveness, August 1963

Typed copy of coding instructions for qq including questions asked

Copies of adverts used in the survey:-Quaker Quick Macaroni, Osram Filta Lite, Max Factor Sheer Genius, Danish Bacon

78/6/D: Health Drink Survey 1963

Survey investigating peoples awareness of certain types of health drinks

1 copy of printed instructions for investigators

1 typed copy of draft qq with handwritten notes

Printed copy of final qq

78/6/E: Banana Survey 1964

Survey on buying bananas:-how many bought, condition, which brand and price

106 completed qqs, London, Glasgow, Liverpool, Cardiff, Poole, Colchester, Norwich, Birmingham, Newcastle upon Tyne, 28.4.64-14.5.64

Typed analysis table and tabulation sheets 7.5.64

78/6/F: Commodity Survey (Undated)

Pilot survey on food consumption-types of commodities bought by families

4 completed qqs

Classification sheets

Computer analysis

Mass-Observation Studies 1937-55

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