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ROAD SAFETY 1946-1955

TC 71: 1 box only

BOX 1:

71/1/A: 'Road Safety Matters' report and correspondence

Typed letter to LE listing points to be dealt with in interviewing for 'Limping Boy' QQ 20.1.54

Typed letter and copy to LE proposing the future direction of M-O postwar, undated and unsigned

Typed note on assessing in general the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, unidentified and undated

Typed report 'Road Safety Matters' compiled from QQ responses to the 'Limping Boy' poster with a forward by Maurice Rickards, the designer of the poster. Also typed copy with handwritten notes. March 1954

71/1/B: Responses to 'Limping Boy' poster

129 handwritten replies from people in Fulham to assess the impact of the 'Limping Boy' poster displayed locally. About half of those interviewed were shown a picture of the poster as a memory prompt, 23.1.54-12.2.54 (LB)

About 75 handwritten and typed interviews on attitudes to the 'Limping Boy' poster and road safety in general. Most interviewees selected at random but there are a few interviews with children and with mothers with small children. London, December 1953-February 1954 (CG, AS, SJ, BG, LB)

Typed interview of LE by MT on the 'Limping Boy' poster, undated

Handwritten and typed notes on the display of the 'Limping Boy' poster in several London boroughs. Interviews with people at different borough town halls on attitudes to the encouragement of road safety and counts of 'Limping Boy' posters displayed 4.2.54 (CG)

Handwritten notes on 'Limping Boy' QQ background material for 'Road Safety Matters' report and tabulations of QQ replies, unidentified and undated

71/1/C: Correspondence, graphs and printed material on road safety 1955

Typed letter to MT from the Secretary of the Pedestrians Association about their work 22.12.55

Copy of typed reply from MT 29.12.55

Typed letter from Pedestrians Association to MT 30.12.55 and a printed copy of Shock Posters a report which discuss road posters including the 'Limping Boy', undated

8 graphs and handwritten notes analysing road accidents and deaths from 1938-54 unidentified

M-O Bulletin November-December 1946 "Merry and Black" report on the Black Widow poster

Murder Most Foul a study of the road deaths problem by JS Dean, first published 1947

'Road Safety at Home and Abroad' article in The Times 3.11.50

Road Accidents 1952 a handbook of statistics produced by the Ministry of Transport

The Road Way to Safety booklet on ways of improving roads to ease traffic flow and for general safety 1953

The Regulation of Pedestrians by TC Foley of the Pedestrians Association 1953

Printed statistics comparing the number of road accidents in 1953 with pre-war, reprinted from Safety News 1954

The Price of Road Safety booklet produced by Political and Economic Planning 10.3.54

The Pedestrians Association quarterly news letters for July 1936, and the 4 issues for 1955

Information booklet about The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

Pedestrians Association Twenty-sixth Annual Report 1954

Cross on a Zebra

Get Home Safe and Sound

Press the Button, Cross the Safe Way

Baby John was lucky

Newspaper cutting cartoon on road deaths

Mass-Observation Studies 1937-55

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