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FUEL 1937-47

TC 68: 5 boxes

BOX 1 : FUEL USE and RATIONING 1937 - 42

68/1/A: References to fuel use 1937

Typed 11 page report on fuel containing extracts from Day Surveys, 12.11.37 written by members of Mass-Observation volunteer panel

68/1/B: Fuel control 1939 - 40

Handwritten copy of a notice on fuel control outside Islington Central Library. 18.1.40 (JA)

Handwritten report of an observer's visit to Wandsworth Town Hall describing his efforts to obtain printed material on food and fuel rationing. 12.1.40. (CP)

Printed material on fuel rationing

Typed extracts from National and London newspapers on fuel rationing (coal, gas, electricity) Oct - Nov 1939

Cutting on street lighting in London Boroughs from the Evening Standard and cuttings on electricity and paraffin from the Daily Telegraph November 1939

68/1/C: Fuel rationing 1942

Handwritten account of telephone calls to gas companies and power stations to ascertain the success of their fuel economy leaflets 12.1.42. (RL)

Fuel Rationing Survey, April - May 1942

Replies to 7 point questionnaire on the Government's scheme for rationing: the effect rationing would have on the population, co-operation with neighbours over fuel use

Two typed copies of QQ

Handwritten and typed indirects 29.4.42. - 6.5.42

Replies to QQ (162) carried out in Camden Town, Shepherds Bush, Notting Hill, Kilburn, Kings Cross, Luton , Holloway Road and Harlesden.(EG MS RB CM PJ LB)

Typed observation of workmen removing road blocks for firewood, Tottenham Court Road, 4.3.42 (PJ)

Typed diary extracts on fuel, March - April 1942

Typed News Quotas : Fuel rationing and nationalisation of mines, May 1942 (DB)

Newspaper cuttings and typed extracts from periodicals on miners and fuel rationing May 1942

Printed report entitled "Fuel Rationing" by Sir William Beveridge to the President of the Board of Trade April 1942

Cartoon "How Green was my Valley", Daily Mail 25.4.42


68/2/A-C: Fuel Use Survey 1. Oct - Dec 1942

9 point QQ on fuel economy first version

Reactions to appeals to use less fuel, making economies in using fuel, co-operation with neighbours and people's reactions to the Ministry of Fuel's advertisements

Two typed copies of QQ

Interviewers notes on carrying out the survey

Replies to QQ (approx 800) carried out in Bolton, Sale, Harlesden, Camden Town, Beckenham, Kings Cross, Richmond, Caledonian Road, Morden, Twickenham (FM DH EG CM VT)

Tabulation sheets

68/2/D: Fuel Use Survey 2. Oct 1942

5 point QQ on fuel economy (2nd version)

Reactions to appeals to people to use less fuel, questioning people on which fuel advertisements they have seen and remembered, people's feelings about the idea of rationing fuel

Four typed copies of QQ

Interviewers notes on carrying out the survey

Replies to QQ (approx 255) carried out in Manchester, Harlesden, Kings Cross, Twickenham and Richmond (VT GB LB BW DC NP CR FB CM)

Tabulation sheets

BOX 3: FUEL 1942

68/3/A: Fuel Use Survey 3. Nov 1942

7 point QQ on fuel economies (3rd version) Question numbers 1 - 14

Reactions to appeals to people to use less fuel, co-operation in saving fuel and questioning people which of the fuel advertisements they have seen and remembered

Five typed copies of QQ

Replies to QQ (approx 430) carried out in Camden Town, Harlesden, Kilburn Road, Morden, Finchley Road, Streatham, Earls Court, Beckenham, Richmond, Marylebone and Kings Cross (CM GB DC GST MH NP KK CR MS)

Tabulation sheets

68/3/B: Manchester Fuel Economy Exhibition 25.11.42

Handwritten account of observer's visit to the exhibition: impressions of exhibits and reactions of visitors. Reactions to speech by Lloyd George (FM)

68/3/C: Observations of use of fuel Oct - Dec 1942

Typed observations and interview with a family in Kilburn on their fuel habits Oct 1942 (CG)

Typed general impression of fuel use in a rural area near Amersham 2.12.42 (MH)

Handwritten fuel observations in Bookham, Nov 1942 (VT)

Handwritten fuel observations in Notting Hill 14.11.42 (VT)

68/3/D: Fuel Communiqués 1942

Cuttings on the 'Fuel Communiqués' issued by the Ministry of Fuel and Power, printed in national newspapers

68/3/E: Responses to Fuel Communiqués Nov - Dec 1942

Approximately 550 reactions to the 'Fuel Communiqués' shown to members of the public at random in the street in numerous London areas during November and early December 1942 (CM VS VT DC FHB KK MS )

Tabulation sheets

BOX 4: FUEL 1942

68/4/A: Reactions to Fuel Communiqué 12

Approximately 500 reactions to the 'Fuel Communiqué' on "Recipe for Rommel's Stew" and to the newspapers that are read in London Boroughs (MH RY MC GB JH FHB GST CHC MP HW DC EB ME)

68/4/B: Fuel economy advertisements

5 point QQ on newspaper advertisements and fuel flashes on the wireless, (approx 60 replies) collected in Morden, Richmond and Kings Cross (CM FHB DC)

68/4/C: Reactions to Fuel Communiqué 12

4 point QQ on opinions of the advertisement in the London area (approx 100 replies) (CM NES NP GB PY KK)

68/4/D: Reactions to Fuel Advertisements

Replies to 7 point QQ on fuel advertisements carried out in Beckenham in December 1942 (VS)

Fuel indirects collected in Cheshire towns, Bolton and Stockport

Typed reaction to a film the "Fuel Demon" 5.12.42

Tabulation sheets

Memorandum on suggested form of proposed survey on'Cooking, Heating, and Lighting', tentatively titled Domestic Fuel, April 1943 (as follow up to the publication of People's Homes)


68/5/A: Fuel QQ Draft 1947

7 point QQ on public feelings about the fuel situation, who is to blame for this situation, how have people carried out their fuel saving, do they know anybody who ignores the electricity shut off and which political party the interviewee voted for at the General Election

1 typed copy of QQ

Interviewers typed analysis of QQ replies

Typed indirect on the fuel situation

Approx 150 replies Collected between 12.2.47 - 13.2.47 - Carried out in Camden Town, Farringdon, Croydon and Bloomsbury (LPS LB BL BW KB)

Tabulation sheets

68/5/B: Electricity Cuts 1947

Typed and handwritten indirects on electricity cuts in the London area 10.2.47 - 14.2.47

Typed account of the effect compulsory electricity cuts has made upon the morale of the public 15.2.47 (LB)

Typed and handwritten observations made by investigators on the effect of the fuel cuts to shopkeepers and the public in London and Burford 11.2.47 - 16.2.47

Newspaper cutting from The News on the effect of electricity cuts in schools 14.2.47

68/5/C - D: Panel Responses 1947

Special directive sent to volunteer panel to observe the present fuel crisis 11.1.47

3 questions on how the fuel crisis is affecting the individual and his neighbourhood. People's feelings and views on the crisis

Printed newspaper cuttings and leaflets sent in by the volunteer panel

Special job, observers are asked to send in details of people they know who are ignoring the voluntary fuel restrictions, the attitudes, background and environment of those people

68/5/E: Fuel Crisis 1947

Typed and handwritten indirects on the fuel crisis 25.2.47 - 12.3.47. Carried out in London Boroughs (YT BL TT ML)

68/5/F: Fuel Survey 1947

6 point QQ on public feelings about the fuel situation, the way the Government has dealt with the crisis, the effect rationing would have on the individual, whether the fuel cuts have proved convenient or inconvenient and the public's opinion of the future of Britain

1 typed copy of QQ (approx 150 replies) collected on the 28.2.47. Carried out in Hammersmith, Camden Town, Euston, Bloomsbury and Croydon (BS DS SB CM BL)

Tabulation sheets

Mass-Observation Studies 1937-55

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