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Food 1937 - 53

TC 67: 9 boxes

Box 1: Stork Margarine Survey and Early Rationing 1937 - 40

67/1/A: Margarine Surveys

Stork spreading campaign carried out by Lintas Ltd, 1937

Typed report on the wartime status of margarine

Typed extract comparing the 1952 survey with that carried out in 1937

Two typed questionnaires comparing feelings about margarine and butter

Five typed newspaper extracts from the Daily Express on margarine, 3.11.39 - 14.11.39

67/1/B: Introduction of rationing 1939 - 40

Typed report on early effects of food rationing and the rising food prices, 2.1.40 (TH)

Handwritten account of wages and food

Typed copy of letter from TH to CM outlining M-O research to be carried out on rationing which would be of use to Lintas, 16.11.39

74 handwritten and typed directs on butter and bacon rationing carried out in Bolton, 3.11.39 - 26.11.39 (GT BN JC HP BA)

Handwritten overheard on rationing, 13.11.39 (CP)

67/1/C: Rationing 1939

Typed indirects on rationing carried out in North London, 2.11.39 (VM)

Typed overheards at a doctor's office in the East End about butter rationing, 3.11.39 (VM)

Rationing questionnaire 4.11.39 - 8.11.39. Replies to a 3 point questionnaire on people's opinions of the Government's rationing scheme and how it will affect them

1 typed copy of questionnaire

Interviewer's comments on questionnaire

80 replies to questionnaire carried out in Central London and Rickmansworth, (VM)

Letter from Sainsburys about rationing; especially butter, bacon and ham, which are to be rationed and sugar, which has to be registered for

67/1/D: Butter rationing 1939

Typed directs from small traders in Stockport on butter rationing, 15.11.39 (JC)

Typed report of meeting with the manager of the Stockport Industrial & Equitable Co-operative Society about butter rationing, 18.11.39 (GT)

27 typed directs from shop-keepers on butter rationing carried out in Grays Inn Road, Notting Hill, Whitechapel, Stratford and Hammersmith, 15.11.39 - 29.11.39 (JA)

Shop counts, 11.11.39

67/1/E: Food Shortages

38 handwritten and typed replies from the national panel on the availability of butter, bacon and sugar, 15.11.39 - 30.11.39

67/1/F: Food Control 1939 - 40

Typed account of observer's visit to the Food Control Office in Kensington, 22.11.39 (PF)

Typed account of interview with member of the Borough Council on the organisation of the Food Control Office, 11.12.39 (JA)

Typed account of observer's visit to Limehouse Library where the juvenile section has been converted to an office for rationing and identity card matters, 3.7.40 (NM)

Printed pamphlet: Food Control, Instructions to food control Committees, Part 1, October 1939

Letter from Harrods and Selfridges about their food rationing bureaux, October and November 1939

Printed material relating to food control: instructions for retailers and guidance for catering establishments, November 1939

Letters from Ledbury Joint Food Control Committees to catering establishments outlining the new restrictions on serving bacon and ham in meals, December 1939 & January 1940

Typed excerpts from news items/articles in Daily Express, Evening Standard, and Reynold's News, during November 1939: on the subject of food rationing, especially the running dispute between private traders and Co-op

67/1/G: Gardening

Printed pamphlets and newspaper cuttings on allotments and how to make the best use of gardens for vegetable production

Handwritten note on Suttons seeds (TH)

Copy of the Royal Horticultural Society Journal for September 1945

'Dig for Victory' article from the Daily Express, November 1949

Issue of West London Observer, 16.8.40, with article on Dig for Victory

67/1/H: 'Macon' & Food and Wine Catalogues

Typed report on 'Macon', 5.12.39

Typed account of 'Macon' luncheon given by the Directors of T Wall at the Savoy Hotel, 6.12.39 (JA)

Printed invitation card to 'Macon' luncheon

Cartoon 'Smiling Through' by Lee

Two copies of a report on food and wine catalogues and leaflets, 7.6.40 (SH)

Printed wine and food catalogues as mentioned in the report

67/1/I: Press Cuttings

Press cuttings on rationing of petrol, coal and fat, 1939

67/1/J: Ephemera

Box 2: Food Rationing 1940

67/2/A: Food Campaign 14.5.40 - 17.5.41

8 point questionnaire on the Ministry of Food advertisements asking people if they know which are the energy giving foods, body building foods and protective foods. The questionnaire also asks if they have been to any cookery demonstrations and are they aware that there is a Ministry of Food campaign

Three typed copies of questionnaire

Typed interviewers' notes on carrying out the survey

126 replies to questionnaire carried out in Bolton, Bow, Bethnal Green, Rickmansworth and Fulham (GT AH BA NH JA DH)

Tabulation sheets

67/2/B: Food Questionnaire December 1940

4 point questionnaire on the Ministry of Food's new food plans asking people what they think of them and how the plans will affect them

One typed copy of questionnaire

36 replies to questionnaire carried out in Neasden and Willesden (CF VS)

Analysis sheets

Tinned fruit investigation 10.12.40

6 point questionnaire on tinned fruit

Interviewer's handwritten notes

17 replies to questionnaire carried out in London (GH)

Fish questionnaire for retailers 13.12.40

6 point questionnaire on fish supply, the demand and change in fish and prices

One typed copy of questionnaire

Interviewer's impressions

14 replies to questionnaire carried out in London (GH)

Turkey questionnaire for retailers 13.12.40

6 point questionnaire on the price and demand for turkeys

One typed copy of questionnaire

Investigator's typed impressions

4 replies to questionnaire carried out in London (GH)

Oranges questionnaire 13.12.40

6 point questionnaire on the demand and supply of oranges

One typed copy of questionnaire

5 replies to questionnaire carried out in London (GH)

Leek questionnaire for retailers 15.11.40

3 point questionnaire on leek supply, price and price changes

One handwritten copy of questionnaire

Investigator's handwritten impressions

17 replies to questionnaire carried out in London (VS)

67/2/C: Cafes 1940

Typed reports on cafes, their interiors and menus carried out in London 5.2.40 - 8.2.40 (JA BA LB LE)

Typed reports on cafe survey carried out in the East End of London, 9.7.40 (NM)

29 typed overheards in cafes in Worcester 18.7.40 - 14.9.40

Typed report on Lyons training sessions for their waiters and waitresses, 13.9.40 (CF)

Typed report of London County Council meals service, September 1940

Printed menus from cafes and restaurants in London, February 1940

Typed and handwritten directs on the Ministry of Food series of pamphlets 'Our Food Today' asking people if they found them useful

52 replies carried out in Cricklewood, Romford , Fulham, Streatham, Shepherds Bush and Notting Hill Gate (NM BP CP LE BW JA EF)

9 copies of food pamphlets Our Food Today: (1) "Eat Wisely in Wartime"

6 copies of food pamphlets Our Food Today: (2) "Wise Housekeeping in Wartime"

67/2/D: Kitchen Front Exhibition

Typed report on the Kitchen Front Exhibition, (undated)

Second typed report by M-O on Kitchen Front Exhibition, 21.5.40 (JA)

Typed report on the Kitchen Front Exhibition at Charing Cross station, 4.6.40 (HP)

Handwritten directs on the Ministry of Food Kitchen Front Exhibition

60 replies from visitors to the exhibition at Charing Cross station, 21.5.40 - 6.6.40 (DH)

Counts of people entering the exhibition

Invitation card to the Kitchen Front Exhibition

Press cutting on Kitchen Front Exhibition from The Times, May 1940

Handwritten report of a food exhibition at Harrods, 14.8.40

Typed account of a cookery demonstration in an electrical showroom in Worcester, 26.6.40

67/2/E: Tea Rationing 1940

Typed and handwritten directs on tea rationing, 13.7.40 - 17.7.40, carried out in Bourne End (DH)

Typed indirects on tea rationing, 13.7.40 carried out in Stepney (NM)

Press cuttings on tea rationing

Handwritten and typed directs on rationing, 13.8.40 - 13.9.40

67/2/F: Milk Survey & Rationing 1940

Typed report on Co-op Milk Survey, 22.8.40 (TH)

Typed report on milk deliveries, (undated)

Printed material from London Co-operative Society

Typed and handwritten accounts of shopping habits, October 1940 (BW JA DA)

Typed account of the demand for bananas, 28.11.40 (JA)

19 typed directs on rationing, 3.12.40 - 17.12.40

Typed extracts from Hansard and the Daily Telegraph on the supply of Christmas fare, December 1940

Two typed copies "Memorandum on Movements of Population," November 1940 produced by Ministry of Food in relation to food requirements

Press cuttings on food rationing, December 1940 and also 15.12.41

67/2/G: Printed Material 1940

Leaflets issued by The National Milk Publicity Company, December 1940

Printed ephemera relating to food 1940

Handwritten miscellaneous notes by TH

Typed letter from British Medical Association about their pamphlet "How to stock your ARP larders"

Typed list of wartime cookery books

Box 3: Food Rationing 1941 - 42

67/3/A: Food questionnaires 1941

Carrot questionnaire for retailers 1.2.41

4 point questionnaire on the price and demand for carrots

1 handwritten copy of questionnaire

1 typed copy of questionnaire

Replies to questionnaire (20) carried out in Kilburn, Shepherds Bush, Notting Hill Gate and Balham (CF KT)

Handwritten and typed interviewers' impressions

Carrot, potato & oatmeal questionnaire for retailers, 23.1.41

7 point questionnaire on the price of carrots, the price of oatmeal and changes in demand for these products

1 handwritten copy of questionnaire

Replies to questionnaire (17) carried out in Neasden and Hendon (VS)

36 Hhandwritten indirects on people's use of carrots, potatoes and oatmeal as fillers, 18.1.41 - 4.2.41, carried out in Notting Hill, Hendon and Camden, (DH VS)

6 typed directs asking people what they have for meals instead of meat, 23.1.41, carried out in Hendon and Balham

Printed leaflet: "Observations on ordinary oatmeal"

Printed carrot recipes

Press cutting on oatmeal

67/3/B: Questionnaires on Food & Milk

Food questionnaire 2.7.41

5 point questionnaire asking people if they know which are the energy giving foods, the body building foods and the protective foods and whether they are having any special food difficulties

1 typed copy of questionnaire

Interviewers' typed notes

121 replies to questionnaire carried out in Cricklewood, Euston, Shepherds Bush, Camden Town, Leyton & Neasden,(JA VT DH MS NN PG VS)

Analysis sheets

Milk questionnaire 20.8.41

5 point questionnaire sent to milk suppliers asking them what proportion of their customers have registered for milk so far, whether mothers with children are registering for their special rations and opinion about the working of the scheme

1 handwritten copy of questionnaire

Handwritten and typed investigators' notes

11 replies to questionnaire carried out in London, (NN)

67/3/C: Rationing 1941

Handwritten overheards at food queues in London 19.5.41 - 31.5.41 (GD VT VS)

Typed account of investigators visit to two coffee stalls in London, 12.5.41 - 30.5.41 (LE)

Typed supplementary note to the food rationing report on oranges, 20.6.41, (PN)

Typed and handwritten note of food prices, July 1941

Handwritten diary extract on prices, August 1941

Handwritten diary extract on rationing, 3.7.41

Typed diary extract on rationing, 5.8.41

Handwritten account of food rationing in Shotley Bridge (Durham), 30.5.41

Handwritten note on new point rationing, 10.11.41 (GL)

Press cutting on the tomato shortage from the Newcastle Evening Chronicle, 26.6.41

Copy of Evening Standard, 9.9.41

Typed observation/overheard Kensington poulterers/fishmongers shop (RF) 2.1.42: 'Coots for Food' (waterfowl)

67/3/D: British Restaurants & Canteens

Handwritten account of investigator's visit to a British Restaurant, 20.1.42 (MC)

22 handwritten and typed directs on British Restaurants carried out in Marylebone & Elephant & Castle, 22.1.42 (CM)

Handwritten interviews at County Hall in London about the Londoners' Meals Service, 23.1.42 (CM)

Typed diary extracts on British Restaurants, 23.10.41

Typed extracts from The Times, Daily Express, Hansard and Parliamentary Debates on British Restaurants, 3.1.42 - 4.2.42

Press cutting on British restaurants

Typed extract from a Report by the Chief Inspector of Factories, 1940

Typed extracts on canteens from a report, 1940 - 41

Typed extracts on industrial canteens from 'TUC in Wartime'; 'What's holding up Production?', Tirrell Report (English Electric, Bradford)

EIA pamphlet on war production

Typed extracts from Daily Sketch & Parliamentary Debates on factory canteens, Jan & Feb 1942

Typed report on office staff meals, 10.7.42 (DB)

Typed diary extracts on factory canteens, Nov 1941- Jan 42

Printed pamphlet 'Canteens in Industry' issued by Labour Research Dept, 1942

67/3/E: Wartime Exhibitions

Typed diary extracts on American food, January 1942

Typed letter from Oxford Nutrition Survey, January 1942

Typed reports on housewives' feelings about food, 24.4.42 (TH)

Handwritten directs on how people feel about rationing and ways in which it has affected them most, 23.3.42 (EG)

Typed news quotes on rationing, 7.5.42 - 21.5.42 (DB)

Handwritten note on poultry supplies in Kensington Church Street

Investigator's typed report on a visit to Hampstead Communal Kitchen, 1.4.42 (RL)

Handwritten accounts of the Children: Feeding in Wartime Exhibition, 21.4.42 (EG)

Handwritten account of Ministry of Agriculture exhibition at Charing Cross station, 21.4.42 (MS)

Handwritten account of "Bread into Battle" Exhibition at Charing Cross station, 9.6.42 (LB)

Printed leaflet "Bread into Battle"

Press cutting on "Bread into Battle" Exhibition

67/3/F: Wheatmeal Bread Survey & Rationing in the late 1940s

Wheatmeal Bread Survey 13.3.42

4 point questionnaire asking retailers what they think of Lord Woolton's statement that white bread will be replaced by wheatmeal, difficulties in obtaining wheatmeal bread and effects on their customers

1 typed and 1 handwritten copy of questionnaire

Observer's impressions

Replies to questionnaire (16) carried out in Kentish Town, Holloway Road and Hampstead

Analysis sheets

Typed copy of pilot questionnaire on canned foods, 16.4.43 (JF)

Analysis sheets

Typed notes on popular feeling about black markets, 14.5.43

Handwritten account of black market street traders in Oxford Street, 23.9.43 (FW)

Press cuttings on black markets from the Evening News, March 1942

Handwritten direct on black marketeering in Chester. 1 page (CF) 10.1.42

Typed preliminary report on obtaining new ration books, 27.5.43

Typed extract from BBC News Bulletin

Handwritten account of an observer's visit to Willesden Food Office, 11.6.43 (LF)

Observer's handwritten report on priority rationing slips, 18.7.44 (JF)

Typed report on the lifting of the ice cream ban, 26.11.44, (LE)

Typed report on teashops in London, 27.2.45, (GST)

Box 4: Panel Menus 1941 - 44


Panel menus and family meals 1941


Panel menus and family meals 1942

Printed menus 1942


Panel menus 1943 - 44

Typed and handwritten family meal plans

Box 5: Panel Menus 1945 - 52


Panel menus and family meals 1945


Panel menus 1946


Panel menus 1947


Panel menus 1948


Panel menus 1949 - 52

Box 6: Bread Rationing 1946

67/6/A: Food Questionnaire 18.2.46

5 point questionnaire on people's feelings about the Labour Government, how they feel about food prospects and their feelings on giving food to Europe

1 typed and 1 handwritten copy of questionnaire

140 replies carried out in Sheen, Stepney, Bethnal Green, Battersea Park and St Pancras, (ML GST TT)

Analysis sheets

67/6/B: Bread Rationing Questionnaire

11 point questionnaire on bread rationing carried out on 28.6.46, asking people what they thought of Churchill's speech in the House of Commons on bread rationing, how bread rationing affects them and changes in their ordinary points for bread and cakes

1 typed copy of questionnaire

Replies (120) carried out in Kilburn, Twickenham, Camden Town, Tottenham and Chelsea, (GST ML JK TT)

Analysis sheets

67/6/C: Bread Rationing Questionnaire

9 point questionnaire on bread rationing carried out on 1.7.46, asking what effect bread rationing is having on the household, do people think bread rationing is necessary, opinions on the news from Palestine and what do they think should be done about the Jewish problem

1 typed copy of questionnaire

65 replies carried out in Hendon, Marylebone, Twickenham and Harlesden, (LB TT ML)

Analysis sheets

67/6/D: Bread Rationing Questionnaire

7 point questionnaire carried out on 14.8.46 - 16.8.46, asking if people have bought more or less bread since rationing started, do they think bread rationing is necessary and do they think Hitler is alive or dead

1 typed copy of questionnaire

80 replies carried out in Euston, Richmond and Kilburn, (LB TT WP)

Analysis sheets

1 bread unit ration card

Typed and handwritten indirect on bread rationing carried out in Kilburn and Craven Park, (MS LB)

67/6/E: Food 1946 - 47

Typed Mass-Observation bulletin on future outlooks on food, March and April 1946

Handwritten accounts of Vegetable Growers Marketing Association, 20.8.47, (BL)

Press cuttings from Daily Telegraph on the Grower to Consumer Marketing Association

Handwritten account of the black market and bartering in London, 12.5.47, (DH)

Box 7: Biscuit and Crispbread Survey 1945 - 47

67/7/A: Correspondence, Instructions, QQ replies & Report

Correspondence between A Everett Jones, Managing Director of Everetts Advertising Ltd to HO Willcock of Mass-Observation giving additional information regarding Westons' competitors, 11.4.45

Instructions to investigators on 8 point consumer questionnaire on what variety of biscuits they preferred

Typed and handwritten replies (19) to consumer questionnaire carried out in Battersea, Cardiff, Cricklewood, Goring and Oxford, 13.3.45 - 25.4.45

Instructions to investigators on an 8 point trade questionnaire for small, medium and large grocer shops on what variety of biscuits they stocked and the preferences of their customers

Typed trade questionnaire replies from small, medium and large grocer shops in Cricklewood, Dorchester, Goring, Oxford, Wallingford and Wantage, 5.4.45 -17.4.45

12 point report by Mass-Observation on Biscuit Survey, 20.4.45

Typed card to B Willcock of Mass-Observation from Gay Taylor, investigator, on the progress of the survey

67/7/B: Analysis of 1945 Biscuit Trade Questionnaire

110 analysis sheets on the 1945 Biscuit Survey

67/7/C: Investigators instructions and notes, 1946 Biscuit Survey

One handwritten and two typed copies of notes suggesting that investigators meet for an informal interview

Instructions to investigators typed with handwritten notes

Typed suggestions for questionnaire, 5.11.46, (LB)

Typed questionnaire (to be asked at small, medium and large shops), two copies and one handwritten copy

List of manufacturers selling biscuits in Cricklewood and Battersea

Miscellaneous handwritten notes by investigators on survey

Report on Biscuit Survey by Mass-Observation, January 1946

Handwritten supplement to report on regional breakdowns, 1947

Handwritten draft report on retailers opinions, Parts 1 and 2

67/7/D: Questionnaire replies

Typed and handwritten 8 point trade questionnaire replies, Battersea, Berkshire, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Norwich, 131 replies

Typed excerpt from The Times (17.06.47): Ministry Of Food advert 'Food Facts'

67/7/E: Instructions to investigators, proposed QQ & report

Instructions to investigators, 3 typed copies of a 12 point consumer questionnaire 1946

Two copies of a proposed questionnaire with handwritten notes

Report on consumer questionnaire including a summary of facts, changes and tables

67/7/F: Consumer Questionnaire replies

Handwritten 11 point consumer questionnaire, replies (28) carried out in Battersea, Berkshire, Cardiff, Cricklewood, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Norwich, Sheffield and Wandsworth

67/7/G: Analysis on Trade Questionnaire 1946

Analysis on trade questionnaire carried out in 1946 in Battersea, Berkshire, Cricklewood, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Norwich and Sheffield, 92 sheets

67/7/H: Crispbread Survey 1947 Questionnaire

Two typed copies of 16 point draft crispbread questionnaire with handwritten notes, 7.6.47 (BW)

Handwritten crispbread consumer questionnaire, replies (168) carried out in Birmingham, Exmoor, Willesden, Bolton, York, Glasgow, Middlesbrough, Bolton and Battersea

67/7/I: Analysis of Crispbread Survey 1947

110 handwritten analysis sheets

67/7/J: Analysis of Crispbread Survey 1947

87 handwritten analysis sheets

Box 8: Coffee Drinking Survey 1946 & Brand Test 1949

67/8/A: Coffee Drinking Survey

Typed procedure for the survey of national coffee drinking habits

Typed notes on the possible use of Mass-Observation techniques on the coffee drinking survey

Typed questionnaire on coffee by Social Surveys Ltd being carried out for the Home Trade Coffee Buyers Association, 13.10.46, (BW)

Analysis sheets

67/8/B: Brand Test 1949

50 typed copies of instructions for interviewers

Two typed copies of brand test

Replies (81) carried out throughout Britain

Analysis sheets

Box 9: Fish Fillets Questionnaire 1953 and Margarine Survey 1952

67/9/A: Correspondence and Fish Fillets Questionnaire

11 typed letters, 2 originals and 9 carbons relating to the organisation of material for the fish fillets survey between LE and Pritchard, Wood and Partners, advertising agency, 18.5.53

Typed drafts of plan with handwritten note outlining the scope of the questionnaire to get information on cod and haddock fillets and on fish sold in fish and chip shops, unidentified and undated

Typed follow up letter from MT for interviewees of fish fillets questionnaire, to check some of the details they gave, undated

Typed 20 point draft questionnaire with handwritten notes and the selection of answers for each question and typed carbon of another version of the pilot listing questions only, both undated

Typed list of comments on the structure of the pilot questionnaire, unidentified and undated

Typed note to interviewers to accompany the pilot fish survey with handwritten notes, unidentified and undated

6 typed versions of the fish fillets questionnaire including the final version and some separate questions for men and women, 21.5.53 - 10.6.53

Typed list of instructions for investigators on how to carry out the questionnaire, 16.6.53, (MT LE)

Typed additional instructions for investigators, 18.6.53, (MT)

Typed postcard with list of foods to be shown to interviewers unidentified and undated

Handwritten list of the investigators employed, unidentified and undated

67/9/B: Pilot replies

84 replies to the pilot questionnaire on fish fillets carried out in the North East of England, June 1953, unidentified

Typed list categorising responses to each question in the fish fillets questionnaire and figures for the number of people in each category, 8.6.53, unidentified

4 typed copies with handwritten notes of the 'cod code sheet', number and letter analysis of the answers to the fish fillet questionnaire, unidentified and undated

Typed and handwritten notes and tables on collecting the questionnaire replies, May - June 1953, (AS RB DM)

67/9/C: Analysis of replies

Handwritten lists of figures on printed analysis sheets, analysing the replies to the fish fillets questionnaire, unidentified and undated

Table of printed and handwritten figures analysing replies to the fish fillets questionnaire for punch carding, unidentified and undated

67/9/D: Margarine Survey 1952

Typed and handwritten overheards on margarine

Typed and handwritten replies to a 22 point questionnaire on margarine carried out in Chiswick, Dagenham, Tooting, Islington, South Hill Park, Tottenham and Ealing, December 1952, (GST EN AS)

(See also typed extract in 67/1/A, comparing 1937 and 1952 surveys)

Mass-Observation Studies 1937-55

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