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COAL MINING : 1938-48

TC 64: 2 boxes


64/1/A: Blaina and Nantyglo Survey 1942

Handwritten report on survey of Blaina and Nantyglo, South Wales (based mainly on Blaina)-approx. 280 pages, 1942 (MT)

Typed note about publishing report in book form, undated

64/1/B: Blaina and Nantyglo Survey 1942

Typescript of report on Blaina and Nantyglo with handwritten corrections-approx. 210 pages, October 1942

Typed appendix to survey with handwritten corrections, September 1943

64/1/C: Blaina and Nantyglo Survey-Miscellaneous 1938-43

Miscellaneous handwritten notes for survey, undated

Typed interviews about women munition workers with:

  • 2 women munition workers
  • 2 women with daughters in munition work
  • 1 woman councillor (at Rogerstone, Usk-undated)

Three typed interviews with miners about the future of mining, Sunlight Colliery, Beynon Colliery-undated

Two typed observations of reaction to news of Italy surrendering and a pub concert-undated

Typed Nantyglo and Blaina Urban District Council (N&BUDC) Housing Report, 1938?

Printed copy of Conciliation Board Agreement for the Coal Trade of Monmouthshire and South Wales, March 1942

Typed summary of N&BUDC Post-War Reconstruction Conference of Former Special Areas, 20.7.43

Two typed reports 'Post-War Housing Needs' by members of two wards in Blaina and Nantyglo, undated

Typed notes on subsidence in Blaina and Nantyglo (N&BUDC), 9.9.43

Typed record of births, birth rate, number of deaths and death rate 1907-39 (N&BUDC), September 1943

64/1/D: Blaina Manuscript 1944

Typed manuscript for proposed book 'Blaina' with introduction by Leonard Woolf, approx. 249 pages 8.4.44


64/2/A: Survey of a strike at Betteshanger Colliery, Kent 1942

Handwritten general description of colliery and management 17-18.1.42 (VT)

Handwritten summary of strike, 19.1.42 (VT)

Handwritten interviews with miners on reasons for strike, 17.1.42 (VT)

Handwritten indirects with local people on reasons for strike 17.1.42 (VT)

Handwritten indirects with miners on attitude to being on strike 17.1.42 (VT)

Handwritten summary and miners indirects on attitudes to summonses for striking 16.1.42 (VT)

Handwritten interviews with miners and miners' wives about wages including examples of pay packets and household budgets, 16.1.42 (VT)

Interviews with women related to miners, on attitude to strike 14.1.42 (VT)

Handwritten report of meeting between Ministry of Mines officials and miners representatives, Sandwich 15.1.42 (VT)

Handwritten indirects with shop keepers and people from Deal on attitudes to strike, 17.1.42 (VT)

Two handwritten overheards on attitudes to strike in street and pub, Deal 14.1.42 (VT)

Handwritten overheards in pub on rumours about strike, Deal 16.1.42 (VT)

Handwritten indirects in pubs (mainly miners' pubs) and a restaurant about strike, Deal 14-16.1.42 (VT)

Handwritten indirects in fish and chip bar about strike, Deal 14.1.42 (VT)

Handwritten indirect on strike with controller of Ministry of Mines, 22.1.42 (TH)

Three typed reports on general morale of miners, reaction to events ie trial of miners and end of strike, 26.1.42-4.2.42 (VT)

Miscellaneous newspaper cuttings on strike, January 1942

Typed extracts from newspapers and Hansard January-February 1942

Coal delivery notice 8.1.42

64/2/B: Coal Mine Survey-Manchester, Nottingham and London 1944-47

This survey was carried out by a Mass-Observer conscripted to work in the mines

25 handwritten letters from EG to Bob Willcock about mine survey, Manchester, Nottingham 1944-45

Typed QQ on family 14.6.44

Handwritten contents page for survey in date order, May 1944 December 1946 (EG)

Handwritten notes and typed report 'Training for the Mines', Swinton Training Centre Manchester May 1944 (EG)

Handwritten special report on Newton Colliery and Training Centre, Swinton Manchester 15.5.44 (EG)

Handwritten report on first trip down the mine 21.5.44 (EG)

Handwritten indirects and overheards on miners attitudes to trainees, Bevin Boys, mining in general, wages, lodgings, women, the war, strikes, the future, pit closures, Swinton 17.5.44-3.6.44 (EG)

Handwritten report on opinions of trainees, Swinton 1.6.44 (EG)

Handwritten report on first day at Clifton Colliery, Nottingham 22.6.44 (EG)

Two handwritten reports on investigators personal experience of billetting problems 22.6.44-22.6.44 (EG)

25 handwritten indirects and overheards on billetting, female morals, treatment of pit ponies, effects of war, mining in general, shifts, Nottingham 27.6.44-8.7.44 (EG)

Handwritten report on billetting and other Bevin Boy problems, Nottingham 7.7.44 (EG)

Handwritten report on general information about Clifton Colliery 13.7.44 (EG)

Handwritten reports on strike at Clifton Colliery 17-18.7.44 (EG)

Handwritten report on personal billetting position 24.7.44 (EG)

Handwritten report on general opinions about work, recreation, war and the future, Nottingham 1.8.44 (EG)

2 handwritten reports on safety conditions and first aid in Clifton Colliery, 3-4.8.44 (EG)

Handwritten report 'Holiday Week'-holidays at home, evacuees, food, news from Clifton and other mines 15.8.44 (EG)

2 handwritten reports on victimisation in the mines,-Nottingham 24-25.8.44 (EG)

8 handwritten indirects with miners and Bevin Boys on attitudes to mining in general, absenteeism, pacifism, Nottingham 15-24.8.44 (EG)

Handwritten report on working of Clifton Colliery and safety, 30.8.44-16.9.44 (EG)

Handwritten report on war news survey-reactions to newspaper articles, London and Nottingham 5-9.9.44

2 handwritten reports on safety at Clifton Colliery, Nottingham 16-24.9.44 (EG)

Handwritten report on welfare amenities and bad treatment of pit ponies, Nottingham 27.9.44 (EG)

Handwritten report on treatment of ponies, attitudes to sex and indirect on coal production, Nottingham 4.10.44 (EG)

Handwritten report on statistics for accidents and earnings, Nottingham 10.10.44 (EG)

Handwritten report-general information, wages, sickness and pay, housing, militancy, Nottingham 14.10.44 (EG)

46 handwritten indirects and overheards-miscellaneous mines and war, Nottingham 18.10.44-17.11.44 (EG)

Handwritten report on 'Timbering', Nottingham 26.10.44 (EG)

Handwritten report on attempted walk out, Nottingham 1.12.44 (EG)

7 handwritten miscellaneous indirects with miners on absenteeism, pit ponies, Bevin Boys, Nottingham 1-11.12.44 (EG)

Handwritten. report on a meeting to protect interests of Bevin Boys, Nottingham 15.12.44 (EG)

Handwritten report on statistics for coal production in war years, Nottingham 19.12.44 (EG)

23 handwritten miscellaneous indirects and overheards with miners on mining, sex, politics, Nottingham 1.1.45-16.2.45 (EG)

Handwritten report on the end of the war and effect on mining industry, Nottingham 17.9.45 (EG)

Handwritten report-drawing of pit and explanation of how it works, Bevin Boy and general situation, Nottingham 23.12.45 (EG)

Handwritten report on unofficial stoppages, Nottingham 8.3.46 (EG)

Handwritten report on general conditions in mine, production and Bevin Boys, Nottingham 29.5.46 (EG)

Handwritten report-technical information about Clifton mine including diagrams, Nottingham 1.8.46 (EG)

Handwritten report on August Bank holiday, Nottingham, Beckenham, Bognor, 5.8.46 (EG)

Handwritten report-summary of general situation at Clifton Colliery, Nottingham 1.9.46 (EG)

Handwritten report on use of new explosive, Nottingham 8.11.46 (EG)

Handwritten report on production, absenteeism and Bevin Boys, Nottingham 30.12.46 (EG)

Handwritten report on exhibition "The Miner Comes to Town", Marble Arch London 23.9.47 (DN, EG)

64/2/C: Special reports on miners 1947

Typed letter and instructions on how to write case histories of miners, 10.9.47

Handwritten correspondence and 4 handwritten and typed special reports on miners sent in by members of the volunteer panel, Nottinghamshire, Monmouthshire, September 1947

Handwritten notes on mining survey, undated

Handwritten overheards on latest coal strike 28.8.47

64/2/D: Article for Coal by Mass-Observation 1948

Typed correspondence about article commissioned by National Coal Board on Londoners' attitudes to coal miners, for publication in Coal magazine January 1948-April 1948

Typed correspondence with T. Booth Waddicor and Partners Ltd. (advertising agency) about miners reactions to an advert to appear in Coal and report on understanding language, 1-18.6.48 (LE)

64/2/E: Survey of miners for National Coal Board-Doncaster 1948

Typed correspondence about survey commissioned by NCB on attitudes of miners and their wives to NCB and mining in general, 7.5.48-15.11.48

Typed and draft copy of suggested outline for survey, 3.5.48

Typed copy of pilot QQ with handwritten corrections, May 1948

Two typed copies of final QQ, May 1948

Typed QQ for survey with subjects selected by NCB's Director of Public Relations 6.6.48

Typed analysis of response to QQs with handwritten corrections, 3.6.48

Two typed copies and handwritten draft of main conclusions from QQ and suggestions for further investigation 3.6.48

Typed comments from Coal Board meeting, 4.6.48

Handwritten and typed final report on survey (undated)

64/2/F: Survey of miners for National Coal Board-Doncaster 1948

Typed copy of QQ for opinion survey May 1948

153 handwritten responses to QQ from miners and miners' wives, Doncaster May 1948 (BS, IPS)

Typed coding sheets and handwritten analysis sheets for QQ, May 1948 (JS)

64/2/G: Survey of miners for NCB-Doncaster (Rossington) 1948

Typed report of Rossington survey, June 1948 (JG)

Typed report on methods used in survey, June 1948

Typed description of miners' canteen at Rossington, 22.6.48

Typed informal interviews with various mine workers (Rossington): -

  • Clerk 19.6.48
  • Pit scientist 20.6.48
  • Pit bobby 21.6.48
  • Union official 21.6.48
  • Charge firer 18.6.48
  • Collier 23.6.48
  • Collier 18.6.48
  • Ripper 23.6.48
  • Surface worker 17.6.48
  • Collier Trainee 18.6.48
  • Stoneworker 17.6.48
  • Foreman boiler fitter 19.6.48
  • Haulage man 19.6.48

64/2/H: Survey of miners for NCB-Doncaster 1948

Handwritten indirects with miners on canteens, nationalisation, conditions in the mines, strikes, wages, management and union, Doncaster June 1948?

Handwritten interview with Anglican minister and Mrs J?, Doncaster June 1948?

Handwritten miners reactions to miners demonstration day in Doncaster, June 1948?

Handwritten interview with Area Manager Doncaster, June 1948

Handwritten analysis, Doncaster June 1948

64/2/I: Doncaster and London opinion surveys-1948

Handwritten report on differences in attitudes between Doncaster mining areas and London street samples, 29.6.48 (BS)

Handwritten quotes on what people think about nationalising the mines from London street sample 29.6.48 (BS)

Handwritten quotes on what people think about nationalisation from Doncaster opinion survey 30.6.48

64/2/J: Coal mining-miscellaneous 1939-48

Typed letter from Gas Light and Coke Company, London about coke and coal rationing, 23.9.39

Typed extracts from News Quotas on volunteers for mines and Nottinghamshire miners strike, September 1945

Typed report and analysis on QQ-attitudes to conscription of men for mine work, 28.12.43 (GM)

Handwritten report on visit to a coal mine, 29.3.44 (LE)

Typed sheet on extra rations for miners-information given to Mass-Observation by Ministry of Food, 20.2.48

Miscellaneous pamphlets: -

  • London and Cambridge Economic Services Report on Current Economic Conditions, 1943
  • Post-War Reconstruction of Industry in South Wales by WC Devereux 1943
  • Take A Look At A Coal Mine HMSO, 1946?
  • A Well Paid Man's Job-There's a future in coal, Ministry of Fuel and Power-NCB, 1947
  • Why I'm becoming a Coal Miner (by a young South African)
  • National Union of Mineworkers Rules, 1947
  • NCB Quarterly Statistical Statement, January 1948

64/2/K: Miscellaneous Newspaper Cuttings-1943-48

Miscellaneous newspaper cuttings on mining and miners 1943-48

Handwritten notes (undated)

Mass-Observation Studies 1937-55

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