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PRESS 1938-42

TC 60: 3 boxes


60/1/A: Analysis of weekly and monthly political journals, Feb 1938

Typed/handwritten analysis

Copies of: The Labour Woman, Labour Research, Peace, Labour, The Socialist Vanguard, Controversy

60/1/B: Newspaper counts, August-September 1939

Handwritten/typed observations and counts of papers sold, London (LT, AH, JA, KB)

60/1/C: Media extracts, August-December 1939

Typed extracts from newspapers, weekly and monthly journals and radio broadcasts (TH)

Handwritten notes (TH)

60/1/D: Headline analysis 1939-40

Handwritten/typed analysis of newspaper headlines (CP, HN)

Typed memo from (TH) to Mary Adams

Handwritten notes on "The Press on Dakar" (JSF)

Typed notes on press stories (TH)


60/2/A: Miscellaneous reports 1940

Typed preliminary report on "Newsletters" 2.3.40 (BW)

Typed notes from PEP Report on the "Distribution of Newspaper Space" 3.4.40 (SH)

Typed report "Parliament and the Press" 10.4.40

Typed synopsis of pamphlet on "The Prestige of the Press" 5.8.40 (RF)

Typed report "Is the Press Opinion Forming ?" 8.5.40 (SH)

60/2/B: Letters sent from the public to national newspapers 1940-41, 1944

Typed letter to Daily Mirror from M-O re letters sent into Herbert Morrison, 2 cuttings from Daily Mirror, April 1940

Typed analysis of letters sent into The Star 's Advisory Bureau April 1940 (BW)

Typed correspondence, observations and cuttings re Sunday Express questionnaire, April 1940 (TH, BW)

Typed analysis of Picture Post letters "Plan for Britain", 22.4.41 (DS)

Typed analysis (1 page) of Reveille letters, 17.6.44

60/2/C: Newspaper placards/posters 1940

Typed copy of questionnaire

Handwritten/typed observations and questionnaire replies March-August 1940, London (BW, NM, DH, SS, MD, LE, CP, TH, CF, HN, HP)

2 handwritten reports from voluntary observers

Typed report "Newsagents and the War", Romford 4.5.40 (NM)

Typed memo on Newspaper Placards, 16.5.40 (M-O)

Typed note on Press Poster incident, 19.6.40 (M-O)

Handwritten analysis notes

Typed report "The Discontinuance of Evening Placards", June 1940 (M-O)

Article "The Poster Passes" The Star, 28.5.40

60/2/D: Newspaper Placards 1942

Typed instructions to observers, 31.3.42

Handwritten/typed observations, London, March-November (EG, PJ, RC, LB, CM, DH, MS)

60/2/E: Public Meetings on the Freedom of the Press 1942

Handwritten report on Press Freedom Meeting, Central Hall, Westminster, 11.4.42 (EG)

Typed report on Freedom of the Press meeting, London, 7.5.42 (PJ)

Typed and handwritten copy of report on Daily Express, Centre of Public Opinion, 24.5.42 (MS)


60/3/A: Press-cuttings re early events in the Second World War, December 1939-January 1940

60/3/B: Press-cuttings, June 1940

60/3/C-D: Press-cuttings, June 1940 (22.6.40)

(Miscellaneous newspapers filed at the bottom of the box, 1940-42)

Mass-Observation Studies 1937-55

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