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TC6: 3 boxes



"Report on Conscientious Objectors" (July 1940)

Letter: to New Statesman with reference to "Report"

6/1/B: Tribunal Hearings for COs

Fulham 18.1.40 (KB)

Bloomsbury 16.1.40 (TB)

Southwark 3.4.40 (PF)

Law Courts 31.8.40 (HP)

Fulham 14.1.42 (HP)

Fulham 24.2.42 (VT)

First Women's Tribunal: Fulham 25.5.42 (PJ)

Impressions 12.11.40 (JS)

After the Tribunal 26.6.40 (RMF)

Mock Tribunal: Walthamstow 14.3 40 (AFC)

Mock Tribunal: Walthamstow 22.1.40 (AFC)

Opinions on a particular case 23.10.40

Abstract of National Service Act 1939

Sample applications to Tribunal: R Frank, A Tucker, D Spreckley, J Snow, A Hughes, L Ackermann, Jenkins to Ministry of Labour

Appeal Tribunals
6.12.39 London SW1 (BA)
2.4.41 'Leonard', London W7
17.4.41 (DS)
"Before the Tribunal' Fellowship of Reconciliation
Walthamstow and District Advisory Committee for Objectors and Conscripts, Bulletin, March 1940
Central Board for Concientious Objectors Bulletin, February 1941


Report on CO Tribunals 2.2.40 (AFC)

Report on Tribunals (6 parts) (JGF)

6/1/D:Press cuttings : CO Tribunals

6/1/E: Employment of COs

Treatment of COs by Birmingham Corporation and establishment of Community Centres 12.11.40 (GOO)

Trade Unions and COs 21.4.40 (JA)

Co-op attitude to COs etc

Jobs of COs 6.40

Christian Pacifist Forestry Units: Letter and Leaflet 25.7.40

Letter from RF 3.12.40

Farm Diary 9.9.40 (RF)

Various Press Reports 28.6.40 (CF)

Various Press Reports

Press cuttings on employment of COs etc

Copy Memo for establishment of pacifist settlement: Lindors Settlement Ltd. 18.3.42


6/2/A: Various Pacifist Events: Observer Reports

AGM of Peace Pledge Union (PPU) 25.4.42 (PJ)

Adelphi Centre 14.2.42 (MC)

Letter from John Snow 2.10.40

Report on Armistice meeting of Council of Christian Pacifist Groups (CM)

Note on PPU and Quakers (10.40)

"Peace is Possible Now"-Report 3.4.40 (SS)

Observations 19.5.40 (CP)

Letter: PPU Meetings 17.4.40 (CVC)

British Youth Peace Assembly Dance: Report; also PPU meeting 29.5.40

Meeting at Dick Sheppard Centre 10.1.40 (HP)

Various items (KB)

Various items (AFC)

Overheads etc

Debate (report) 28.03.38 Left Bookclub and PPU on Peace

CO Fellowship meeting on prison experiences, Letchworth 24.10.44

6/2/B: Cultural Notes

Notes on "Old Soldiers Never Die" (LE)

Notes on reading and films by John Snow

Note on delivery of Peace News (RF)

Summary of Peace News 5.1.40 (AFC)

Some circulation figures (JH)

4 analytic tables of CO and Pacifist literature

6/2/C: Pacifism in Great Britain

Pacifism in St. Albans 13.3.40

Pacifist Movement in Great Britain (LO)

The Church and Pacifism

Interview with Rev. Singleton

Interview with Rev. H

Extract from the Christian Register April 1940

Extract from Unity March 1940

Welsh Nationalists (AFC)

University Students and the War (Scotland)

6/2/D: Pamphlets, Leaflets etc

National Peace Council

Peace Pledge Union

Fellowship of Reconciliation

Friends Society

Various pamphlets: religious and political

Two photos of people distributing PPU leaflets

Pacifist Service Units booklet

6/2/E: Miscellaneous

Extract from Manchester Guardian covering fracas at Royal Ceremony on Armistice Day, November 1938

1 notebook: Tom Harrisson

Handwritten notes: Tom Harrisson

Copies of correspondence of Peter Grant on various issues relating to his conscientious objection

Various correspondence with M-O

Copy Hansard, p 678, 11.4.40

Opinion in the RAF

Attitudes in the Forces (Army) to COs 26.11.44 (LE)

Prison experiences: personal reports, August 1944

Various papers, unplaceable


6/3/A: Pacifist Questionnaire

Sample questions and answers 4.4.40 (BW)

19 answer lists

8 answer lists with additional material, biographical and impressions of subject

1 unplaced sheet signed AFC

3 sheets analytic tables

6/3/B: Pacifism Interview

Fulham: show questions 3.4.40 (HN)

Various: April 1940 (MB)

Attitudes to Churchill, Chamberlain, Russia, Hitler

6/3/C: Pacifism Interview (cont)

Questions 20.8.40 (DH)

Fulham 29.8.40 (CF)

Fulham 28.8.40 (LE)

Fulham 6.4.40 (BA)

Report on COs and Pacifist Activities

"Results of Analysis"-Table and tabulated answers

5 tables

"Pacifist Opinion forming" (BW)

6/3/D: Statistics

Figures from PPU 25.6.40 (RG)

Page of COs in total registration (AFC)

Bulletin of Central Board for Concientious Objectors (January 1940)- giving figures

Press cuttings

Registration figures

3 analytic tables of CO registration under 1939 Act

Press cuttings

6/3/E: Opinion Forming

"Pacifist Opinion Forming" 1 typed page, 24.3.40 (BW)

Memo to TH (pencilled)

Memo to TH (2 sheets typed) on Investigation into opinion forming, 23.3.40 (BW)

Typed memo (4pp) from TH on CO survey 27.3.40

Mass-Observation Studies 1937-55

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