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HOLIDAYS 1937-51

This Topic Collection will be unavailable January - March 2005

TC 58: 2 boxes

BOX 1: HOLIDAYS 1937-46

58/1/A: Early General holiday material

Report, newspaper cuttings and photograph; newspaper advertising campaign. "Lobby Lud" at Hastings, August 1938 (PF)

Holiday diary (Brighton 1938) and questionnaire on nudism (October 1938), sent in by volunteer observer

Handwritten account of Bank Holiday activities in Appleshaw. August 1938

58/1/B: Worktown study: Holidays 1937-38

Analysis of how five couples spent September holiday and holiday budgets. Bolton, September 1937 (EL)

Letters to TH regarding holiday competition and BBC broadcast, September 1937

Competition entries September 1937

Handbills for competition and newspaper advert, September 1937

Holiday questionnaire (£2 prize for best summary) 14.9.37 (JW)

Handwritten report on boarding house food, undated

Correspondence from BBC referring to radio talk on M-O in Blackpool September 1937

Typed report on "Northtown" (Worktown) annual summer holiday week 1937 (incomplete)

Timetable for LMS excursions and trips, summer season 1937

Typed report on Jewish New Year in Blackpool 1937 (JW)

Undated press cutting reporting proposed Parliamentary Bill giving public access to moorland etc

58/1/C: Bank Holiday 1941

Newspaper cuttings August Bank Holiday 1941, traffic chaos etc. Sunday Chronicle, Daily Mail

Typed report Bank Holiday in London's West End 4.8.41 (BB)

Questionnaire including question on Government's request to people to stay at home. August 1941

Replies to above questionnaire and analyses of replies (VT, MS, DH, CF, JS, PM)

Pencilled tables of data from questionnaire

Us no. 8 "War Holiday?" 23.3.40. M-O Bulletin

58/1/D: Whitsun Holiday 1941

Observations Hampstead Heath, Whitsun Bank Holiday 2.6.41 (CF)

Observations London Zoo, 2.5.41 (CF)

Observations Paddington Station 2.6.41 (DH)

Typed report on Whitsun Monday, White City, Kew Gardens 2.6.41 (GH)

Reports Whitsun weekend London (NN)

Report Whitsun weekend, Euston Station 31.5.41. (NN)

Report Whitsun weekend Surrey 3.6.41 (VT)

Typed report, Whitsun weekend 2.6.41 (GD)

Typed observation Whitsun Monday entertainment 14.6.41 (GST)

58/1/E: Holidays at Home Campaign 1942-43

Handwritten reports and observations from Paddington 8.7.42, Willesden 18.7.42, Beckenham 15.8.42 (MS, PL, LB, EG)

Indirect, Pinner 28.5.42 (ML)

Printed handbills, programmes etc

Newspaper cuttings, programmes of events, reports and results and results of competitions and events arranged by local authorities to encourage holidays at home

Indirects on train journey 24.7.43 (FM)

58/1/F: Transport 1942

Easter transport reports 1942 (MT)

Station counts 3.4.42 (MT)

Travel survey 2.4.42 (MT)

King's Cross Station report 2.4.42 (EG)

Victoria Station report 2.4.42 (RCC)

Euston Station report 4.4.42 (RCC)

Paddington Station report 3.4.42 (PJ)

58/1/G: Holiday travel 1942-44

Typed holiday questionnaire, handwritten replies 1.3.44 (LB)

Indirect: Bank Holiday 1945

Survey of railway stations 22.5.42 (RB)

Typed indirects (bus strike) 21.4.44 (GST)

Handwritten diary (Christmas leave) and travel report December 1943 (VB)

Handwritten travel report Easter 1945 (DH)

Indirects and impressions, railway stations July 1943 (CG)

Bank Holiday travel, counts in station 1.8.42 (EG)

58/1/H: Holiday activities, including fairs 1943-47

Handwritten observations of parks, fairs, etc. Easter 1943 (LB)

Handwritten observations of parks etc. Whitsun 1944 (DI, LB, DBL)

Typed report "Cornish conversations" and covering letter, May 1943 (NM)

Travel report informals 21.5.43 (NM)

Typed observations of holiday activities Bank Holidays August 1942

Handwritten list of activities; Bank Holiday, August 1942

Observations Whitsun Bank Holiday, London Zoo and West End 1942

Handwritten observation of holiday activities 1942 (EG)

Special report. Travelling to Ireland 1942 (EW)

Handwritten report. Trafalgar Square holiday crowds Whitsun Saturday 1942

Handwritten observation Blackheath Fair, Whitsun 1945 (NA)

Observation Hampstead Fair, Easter 1946 (ML)

Indirect, Pinner Fair, 28.5.47 (ML)

Railway observations 30.9.42 (LB), 22.4.43 (FM) 1.7.43 (LF)

Travel survey, Easter 1943 (EG, LB )

Travel survey, Easter 1942 (DH, LF)

Handwritten observation of taxis 17.10 43 (JF)

Handwritten street observations June 1943 (LF)

Handwritten street observations August Bank Holiday weekend 1942 (CM)

Questionnaire on Whitsun Bank Holiday activities 1942 (EG)

Replies to above questionnaire and indirects 1942 (EG)

58/1/I: Post-war holidays

Holiday indirects August 1946 (LB)

Report on Bank Holiday travel Waterloo to Exeter August 1946

Report on Bank Holiday travel from Paddington August 1946

Replies to questionnaire on preferred months for good holiday weather 13.5.46 (GST)

Tables of data from above questionnaire (GST)

Box 2: Holidays 1946-51

58/2/A: Beveridge Holiday Questionnaire

Drafts of first and second pilot studies, nine questions. One typed and one carbon copy

Coding for replies to questionnaire

Handwritten replies to first pilot. (8)

Handwritten replies to second pilot (4)

Pencilled data tables

58/2/B: Beveridge Holiday Questionnaire

Questionnaire on holiday habits and aspirations, how people finance their holidays, opinions of holiday camps. Nine questions

Replies to questionnaire from Aston, Birmingham

58/2/C: Beveridge Holiday Questionnaire

Replies to questionnaire from York

58/2/D: Beveridge Holiday Questionnaire

Replies to questionnaire from Bethnal Green

58/2/E: Beveridge Holiday Questionnaire

Replies to questionnaire from Exmoor and Tottenham

58/2/F: General holiday material 1947

Newspaper cuttings of Bolton holidaymakers at various resorts

Newspaper cuttings of holiday events in Bolton

Handwritten observations London Zoo 16.7.47 (DH)

Handwritten observation August Bank Holiday 4.8.47 (DH)

Handwritten observation of Heathrow Airshow and tickets. August 1947 (DH)

Handwritten report August Bank Holiday 1947 (YT)

Typed report August Bank Holiday 1947 (MS, GL)

Holiday informals 1947 (KB, BW)

Information, brochure and application forms for SE Region Volunteer Agricultural Camps 1947

Pamphlet on staggered holidays (Ministry of Labour and National Service 1947)

Handwritten observation at the Tower of London 17.7.47 (DH)

Handwritten informals (holidays) July 1947 (DH)

Bolton impressions (holidays) undated (AL)

58/2/G: Butlin's Holiday Camp

Special report, "A week with Billy Butlin" 27.9.47 to 4.10.47. Handwritten with partly typed summary. 83 pp

Programmes, handbills, letters, photographs etc. relating to Butlin's

Reported discussion of Butlin's, informal 15.9.47 (DH)

58/2/H: Holiday Camps 1947-51

Typed report of Butlin's Holiday Camp Clacton September 1951 (DG, MR)

Photocopy of typed report on opinions of holiday camps, undated, post-war

Typed report on Holiday Fellowship camps June 1947

Mass-Observation Studies 1937-55

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