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TC57: 6 boxes


57/1/A: Budgets during the war, 1939 and 1941

Indirects on reactions to Sir John Simon's emergency war budget, no area given 28.9.39 (JA)

Indirects on the first war budget sent in by volunteer, London Sept-Oct 1939.

Report on new taxation sent in by volunteer, no area given, 8.10.39

Observations of the impact of the first war budget, no area given, 28.9.39 (TH)

Typed extract of national press response to the first war budget, 28.9.39

Press cutting from the Daily Telegraph on higher income tax in Jersey, 29.11.39

Two Advertising leaflets from cigarette companies showing amended price lists following the war budget 1939.

Statistics on the retail trade, prices and wages, unemployment and group purchasing power 1939 (JA)

Note on ending of 'reminders' to telephone subscribers whose accounts are outstanding, 18.11.39

Responses to questionnaire on attitudes towards the 1941 budget with observers' general impressions on the subject, London 8.4.41 (GH DS DH JH CF)

Indirects on attitudes towards the budget, London 8.4.41 (CF JS DH DS GH)

Tabulation of results of responses to the budget, 8.4.41

57/1/B: Response of the financial press to the war

Handwritten extracts from The Accountant collected by VMD, Sept 1939 - Jan 1940.

Press cuttings from the Insurance Guild Journal, Dec 1939.

Press cuttings from the Sunday Express, financial page, 15.9.40.

57/1/C: Postwar money questions

Responses to questionnaire on what people think things will be like in London after the war as far as money is concerned, 6.2.41

Memo on the above QQ Feb 1941 (JSF)

Letter from the National Institute of Economic and Social Research on the fear of postwar depression and the ability to save, London Feb 1941

57/1/D: Cost of living, prices

1 page typed report on the cost of living index taken from the Ministry of Labour Gazette, undated.

1 page ms report of OAPs complaints on the inadequacy of their pension

Ts quotes on 'Priority Spending' , 22.11.43 (GST)


Lists of prices, 1940

Fortnum & Mason price catalogue

Ms 'Suggested Scheme for Shopping Investigation', 12.11.41.

57/1/E: Wages, Bills, Income Tax

Ms report on 'standard wage', Feb-Mar 1942.

Ts report on wage increases in Catering Trade (Armed Forces) 16.1.40 (JA)

Letter from Cleaning firm re outstanding bill, Nov 1939

Ms notes on Income Tax Feb 1942 (RF)

Ts QQ on Income Tax: Sept 1941 (JSF); Nov-Dec 1941 (EL)

Ts QQ re ?Income Tax, Oxford 13.8.41 (HH)

Ts 'War Grumbles' Jan 1942 (EL)

57/1/F: Wage Differentials etc

Secondary sources on income tax, wage differentials etc. 1940-42

Diary extracts on wages, income tax and work. Nov 1941 - Jan 1942

Card notes, undated. Opinions on ?wage differentials.

Ts extract from The Tribune on wage increases in the Distribution Trade. 12.1.40

57/1/G: Cost of living and fixed incomes

Observations on cost of living and fixed incomes with reference to changes since the war, Jan 1947 (TT, LB)

Indirects and interviews on the cost of living and fixed incomesLondon, Jan 1947 (LB, JPS, TT)

Ts report on cost of living and fixed incomes 22.1.47 (BW)

2 pamphlets and a letter from the Distressed Gentlefolks Aid Association London, 1947 (ML)

57/1/H: Special Reports

Special reports by Volunteer Panel on Bank charges, prices, food shortages, Rates, house-buying etc. 1947-50

57/1/I: Devaluation

Responses to QQ on the effects of devaluation London, Sept 1949 (FL)

Overheard and indirect on devaluationLondon, Sept 1949 (DM)

57/1/J: Cost of living, 1950

Ms 'Cost of Living' QQ, with tabulations. London May 1950

57/1/K: Rent enquiry (London) 1950

Instructions for Observers, Sept 1950

Responses to QQ on rents for unfurnished flats suitable for internationally-recruited middle-income officials. London Oct 1950.

2 letters from Estate Agents giving lists of unfurnished apartments with immediate vacant possession. London, undated.

Summary of rent enquiry, London Oct 1950.


57/2/A: National Savings Posters, 1939

Typed letter to SC Leslie of the Gas, Light and Coke Co. re saving and spending/poster slogans. 11.10.39

Typed report ditto, above, 11.10.39

QQ on 'National Savings Posters'London, 10/11.10.39 (JA, AH)

Ts report on NSC posters, 22.11.39 (TH)

Ms overheards on 'war talk', 25.10.39 (NG,CM)

Article from The Listener: 'Paying for the War'. 30.11.39

National Savings Certificates.

57/2/B: Lord Kindersley's Broadcasts

Ts of Lord K's TV broadcasts, Aug-Nov 1941.

Ts letter from the BBC to TH, re viewing figures for the Kindersley broadcast, 24.11.41

QQ on response to Kindersley , ts with ms notes. (EL) 20.11.41.

57/2/C: National Savings Campaigns : 1941-42

Ts notes for speakers issued by NSC, Sept 41 - March 42 (1 on Warships Week)

Campaign circular of the NSC, 23.10.41.

Ms analysis of Savings Advertising (RF), 3.12.41

Ms report on Savings posters, Oldbury (MS) 6.12.41

Ts extract letter from J M Millington on National Savings, 15.11.41

News cuttings on Savings, and ts extracts ditto, 11.41

Letter from Panel volunteer collecting 'bank literature', 24.11.41

Ts notes on War Loan. London, undated.

Tabulations: half-yearly returns of Savings Group March 1941

57/2/D: Miscellaneous pamphlets and leaflets 1941

Birmingham Hospital Contributory Association. (1 pamphlet) and Birmingham Unity Equitable Society. (2)

Trustee savings Bank: 2 small leaflets, 4 pamphlets: Annual Reports from Newcastle-upon-Tyne (1) and Sheffield (2), and E17 'What They Are And The Purpose They Serve'.

2 Booklets: Midland and Lloyds Banks

5 War Savings leaflets

War Savings campaign newsletter, 'A Message for Warships Week' Oct 1941

2 National Savings Service pamphlets 'for employers'

3 news cuttings on Savings Bonds (1 on Warships Week).

3 miscellaneous leaflets, 1 damaged

Assorted NS pamphlets: 'Group Saving', 'Juvenile Insurance', 'How To Buy..Hold..Cash', 'The NS Way of Saving'.

Calendar card for schoolchildren, 1939.

57/2/E: Savings Posters, 1941

Ms list of survey material

14 poster copies

57/2/F: Miscellaneous

3 ts letters from NSC, 11.8.41 and 12.11.41 and 14.11.41

NSC Statistical Bulletin on War Weapons Week campaign. August 1941

57/2/G: Miscellaneous

Overheards on 'money', 9.8.40 (JA, DA)

QQ on War Grumbles 6.11.41 (EL)

Newspaper extracts, Nov 41 & Jan 42

Ms report on Wartime Saving, Dec 1939 (NM)


57/3/A: Introductory Material

Ts Survey questions, Nov 41

Ts and ms report on results of QQ, 27.11.41 (EL)

Ts prelim. note on Survey, 24.11.41

Second Interim Report on Savings in Coventry, 3.12.41

Ms notes on Savings QQ, 13.11.41 (MBT)

57/3/B: Savings QQ Response: London

Answers to Part B, Nov 1941

Answers to Part C, Nov 1941

57/3/C: Savings QQ Response: Oldbury

57/3/D: Savings QQ Response: Coventry

57/3/E, F, G: Savings QQ Analysis

November 1941 (JF,HP)

57/3/H: Savings QQ Results/Tables

57/3/I: Miscellaneous

Ms report on children's attitudes to saving.

Ms report on savings in different locations.

Attitudes to Savings indirects, London, Nov 41

Ts letter (extract) 15.11.41 (JMM)

57/3/J: 'Attitudes to Money' 1941

Ts extracts from replies to June Directive (Attitudes to Money). Dec 41

Ts summary of results of June Directive 5.12.41 (BI)


57/4/A: Budgets 1938-39

Ts series of Budget interviews, November 1938

Ts Budget details of individuals, April/May 1939 (CM)

57/4/B: Individual budgets up to 1938

Budgets sent in by Volunteer panel, including cash books.

57/4/C: Individual budgets 1940-41

Budgets sent in by Volunteer panel, including shop receipts.

57/4/D: Individual budgets 1942

Including shop receipts.

57/4/E : Individual budgets 1943-44

57/4/F: Individual budgets 1945

57/4/G: Individual budgets 1946


57/5/A: Individual budgets 1947

57/5/B: Individual budgets 1948

57/5/C: Individual budgets 1949

57/5/D: Individual budgets 1950-51

57/5/E: Individual budgets 1952-55

BOX 6: SAVINGS CLUBS AND BANKS 1939-42 S. LANCS and BOX 7 : S. LANCASHIRE SURVEY ON SAVING, 1939: now relocated to the WORKTOWN COLLECTION Boxes 33&34 where further material can be found


57/8/A: Household expenditure

Response to special Directive on the household budget, volunteers various areas. Feb 1947

List of household expenditure, directs (M-O) 1947-48

14 responses to QQ on weekly expenditure, May-June 1950

57/8/B: Household Expenditure (contd)

14 further responses to QQ on weekly expenditure May-June 1950

57/8/C: Budget Enquiry 1950

100 responses to Budget Survey, interviewing members of households about earnings and recent purchasing, May 1950.

57/8/D: Budget Enquiry 1950 (contd)

100 further responses to Budget Survey, various areas, May 1950.

Code sheets for Budget Survey

Summary and report on Budget Survey, 18.7.50

Mass-Observation Studies 1937-55

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