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GAS MASKS 1939 - 43

TC 55: 2 boxes


55/1/A: Gas Tests and Mask Maintenance

Handwritten observations of gas mask testing and fitting of new filters by ARP wardens; Kensington,Stratford Rd, Queen's Gate, Portobello Rd, 24.5.40 (DH)

Handwritten overheard and impressions of gas mask fitting 24.5.40 (DH)

Typed overheard; gas mask testing 24.5.40 (PF)

Typed observation of ARP wardens preparing for a gas mask testing session 24.5.40 (CF)

Typed observation of fitting sessions for gas mask filters Fulham 24.5.40 (HP)

Handwritten observation; conversation with warden testing gas mask 24.5.40 (CP)

Handwritten table of frequency of gas mask testing by M-O volunteer panel, with comments. Undated

Handwritten report of "Gas Test"; tear gas released in street by ARP for public gas mask practice Esher, Surrey 5.4.41 (JS)

Press cutting Evening Standard. Photograph of nurse with baby in gas helmet, Esher gas test 5.4.41

Handwritten report of Esher gas test 5.4.41 (DH)

Handwritten report of Esher gas test 5.4.41 (JS)

Typed report of gas test, East Molesey 5.4.41 (GH)

Handwritten report of Kingston gas test 5.4.41 (JSF)

Typed report of gas tests at East Molesey and Esher, photocopy M-O 8.4.41

Press cutting: photograph and text headed, "Gas test over - No masks" Daily Mail 23.6.42

Handwritten special report; "Richmond Gas Week". Index of events and handwritten interviews, observations etc. 18.6.42 (LB)

Press cutting, "To think we've come to this - a baby's gas helmet". Leader from Manchester Guardian. Undated

Printed leaflet, "If Hitler uses blister gas", issued by Ministry of Health 16.6.42

Duplicated programme: Richmond Gas Week - 15-20.6.42; list of events and information. Richmond Borough Council

Handwritten overheard, Notting Hill Gate 10.7.40 (DH)

Typed note on gas booby traps, 4.4.41 (VW)

Typed report about dealing with ARP officials issuing gas masks 26.8.39, 2.9.39 (TH)

55/1/B: Gas mask Questionnaire March 1941

Typed 10 point questionnaire about Herbert Morrison's gas mask speech on radio. Possibilities of a gas attack, gas mask habits, and attitudes to gas masks. Observer's impression of replies Hammersmith 29.3.41 (DS)

Typed questionnaire as above; Kilburn 29.3.41

Typed and handwritten questionnaire replies, approx. 50 replies 29.3.41 (DH, DS)

Handwritten summary of replies 29.3.41 (DH)

Pencilled data tables

55/1/C: Gas mask Questionnaires April and July 1941

Handwritten 8 point questionnaire about government anti-gas leaflet, use of gas masks and how to preserve food from the effects of gas 29.4.41 (DH)

Handwritten questionnaire replies, Letchworth, Notting Hill, Hendon, 100 replies approx. 28.4.41 (DH, CF, JS, GH)

Typed 2 point questionnaire about the day's news and whether interviewee is carrying a gas mask 14.7.41 (HH)

Typed questionnaire replies (12) Oxford 14.7.41 (HH)

Pencilled data tables for 8 point questionnaire

55/1/D: Gas mask Counts 1939

Counts of people carrying (or not carrying) masks in streets and public places. London and provinces, September to December 1939 (Done by full time and volunteer observers)

55/1/E: Gas mask Counts, March to May 1940

Gas mask counts with occasional notes and comments by observers March, April and May 1940

55/1/F: Gas mask Counts, June 1940

Counts as above, with occasional comments June 1940

55/1/G: Gas mask Counts, July to August 1940

Gas mask counts for July and August 1940

55/1/H: Gas mask Counts, September to December 1940

Gas mask counts for September, October, November and December 1940


55/2/A: Organising the Gas mask Counts

Typed letter to volunteer observers, asking them to make gas mask counts

Typed instructions to observers," Definition of Gas Mask Doubtfuls" 14.7.42 (DB)

Handwritten notes of suggested methods for gas mask counts 12.3.41 and 20.3.41 (JSF)

Gas mask counts for January, February and March 1941

55/2/B: Gas mask Counts, April and May 1941

Gas mask counts with occasional notes by observers

55/2/C: Gas mask Counts: Draft Reports

Handwritten draft report on Morale and Gas mask Carrying 19.5.41 (JSF). Final report in File L

Handwritten draft report on Gas masks and attitudes to gas. April to May 1941 (JSF). Final report in File L

55/2/D - E: Gas mask Counts: June to September 1941

Gas mask counts for the above period 1941

55/2/F: Gas mask Counts: October to November 1941

Gas mask counts for the above period 1941, some tabulated

55/2/G: Gas mask Counts: December 1941

Gas mask counts for December 1941, some tabulated

55/2/H: Gas mask Counts: January to March 1942

Gas mask counts for the above period 1942, all tabulated

55/2/I: Gas mask Counts: April to May 1942

Counts for the above period with occasional notes by observer's some tabulated

55/2/J: Gas mask Counts: June to August 1942

Gas mask counts with occasional notes and comments by observer's some tabulated, June, July and August 1942

55/2/K: Gas mask Counts: Late 1942 and 1943

Gas mask counts as above for September to December 1942

Brief counts for January to March 1943

55/2/L: Gas mask Counts: Reports and Summaries

Handwritten letter referring to gas mask counts and other M-O business 8.9.39 (CM)

Typed note on time and place factors in gas mask counts, undated

Typed note on gas mask carrying 26.5.40 M-O

Typed report on "New Gas mask Filter" 25.5.40 M-O

Typed report on "Gas mask Carrying; Regional Differences" 7.6.40 M-O

Typed note on gas mask counts 3.8.40

Typed note on reactions to air raids and their effects on gas mask carrying. 3.8.40

Typed report on "Gas masks", M-O 14.8.40

Handwritten report on gas mask data from the volunteer observers 17.10. 40 (JSF)

Typed report on "Attitudes to gas", M-O 31.3.41

Typed report on "Feelings about Poison Gas", 20.4.41 M-O

Typed interim report on Gas mask Carrying 16.5.41

Typed "Further Report on Gas mask carrying", 21.5.41 M-O

Typed report on Gas mask Leaflet 1.6.41 M-O

Printed document: "What to do about Gas", issued by Ministry of Home Security, 1941

Typed report on "Morale and Gas mask Carrying" 11.6.41 M-O

Typed report on "Gas mask Carrying and Newspaper Reading" 12.6.41 M-O

Typed letter to TH from Philip E Vernon, discussing the gas mask survey and other matters relating to morale and wartime psychology. 6.6.41

Photocopy of typed and handwritten report; Quarterly summary of gas mask carrying for April to June 1942 2.7.42 (DB)

Photocopy of typed report; Quarterly summary of gas mask carrying for October to December 1942 1.1.43 (DB)

Coloured graph; Time variations in gas mask carrying 16.5.41


Photocopy of handwritten report; Data from September 1940 directive. Gas masks. 25.5.73 (DW)

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