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TC 43: 5 boxes


43/1/A: Opinion Formation. December 1939-January 1940

Typed and handwritten interviews, (KB, JA, LE, HP, VMD, HN, JS, AFC, NM)

43/1/B: Typed notes and reports on Public Opinion 1939-40

Note on M-O Opinion samples, 30.8.39

Memo "A Study of Opinion-Forming in a Limited Area" A Worktown Unit Bolton, 27.2.40 (AH)

Note "A Barometer of Public Opinion"

Notes "Institute of British Opinion", 1.5.40 (TH)

Report "What is Public Opinion?", 19.8.40 (M-O) (pp 4-5 missing)

Wartime Directive No. 3, and typed responses. November 1939

43/1/C: Miscellaneous-Morale. 1940-42

10 Analysis sheets estimating "pessimists" (related to type of job, income, area, age, etc.) Undated

3pp Statistics of overheards; January 40, March 41 (JF); March, April 41 (JA): "Subjects of conversation"

News clipping "Spring Attack by RAF" (February 42)

3 pp Handwritten notes on morale re postwar (August 42)

Typed, British Opinion Interviews, Preston 22.4.40 (AH), handwritten analysis

Handwritten replies to questions on Ministry of Information door to door canvass of public opinion, London 23.8.40

Typed impression of week's morale December 1940, Streatham (LE), Kilburn (CF), (GH)

Handwritten memo, good and bad morale signs, 3.4.41 (KT)

Handwritten notes on press reports on German outrages in occupied countries, 18.8.41

Handwritten revised Index of Morale, monthly averages, 1941-44

Typed appendix, "Home Morale and Public Opinion" , October 1941, Home Intelligence

Typed Interim Reports from the National Institute of Economic and Social Research

Handwritten lists of male and female prejudices

Weekly morale reports, June 41 (DH, JS, GD, NN, LF) Handwritten

43/1/D: Stimulus and Response (Date unknown)

Answers to a word association test. Male and female; undergraduates and adults

43/1/E: Draft article by TH (see File Report 2067) for "The Mood of Britain". 1944


43/2/A: Typed extracts re propaganda and the Ministry of Information. 1939

Typed press extracts, September/October (TH)

Pamphlet The German News Agency and the News, December 1939

Typed extracts from books

43/2/B: Correspondence (TH), 1939-41

43/2/C: Typed report on Morale/Propaganda 1940 (M-O)

Plus handwritten notes by Tom Hopkinson (see File Report 193)

43/2/D: Internal memos and notes 1939-41

Typed memo "Emergency Problems and Mass-Observation" August 1939

Typed article "The Public Needs Information" (TH)

Typed memo "The Five Channels of Publicity" (TH) October 1939

Typed memo sent to Mary Adams (TH) October 1939

Typed notes on propaganda

Typed observations at a meeting "Technique of Propaganda", 12.2.40 (LE)

Handwritten notes on propaganda techniques, August 1941 (JSF)

Typed notes "Some Maxims of Publicity"

Handwritten notes on 'The War of Jenkin's Ear' (16th century historical reference) (TH)

43/2/E: Ministry of Information 1938-41

Typed notes, observations, August-October 1939 (TH)

Handwritten notes (TH)

Typed, Ministry of Information "Plan for Home Publicity Policy" December 1940

Ministry of Information Bulletin "National Scheme for Propaganda by Window Display" August 1940

Typed copy "Themes for Propaganda" from Mary Adams 2.7.41

Ministry of Information leaflet publicising "The War Today" open air meeting, July 1941

Ministry of Information leaflet "British Empire Publicity Campaign", May 1941

Handwritten observations, Ministry of Information speaker, Hyde Park, June 1940 (CP)

Ministry of Information list of pamphlets 29.9.38


Copy of Ministry of Information Defence Notices, 1941

Prosecutions under Defence Regulations, typed details of selected cases, 29.7.40

43/2/F: Various reports and articles on propaganda (non M-O) 1939-44

Reports by:-BBC; Tom Wintringham; The War Office; Douglas Jay; Advertising Service Guild; Porter Sargent (USA); EM Wright; Tom Driberg; OJ Hale; Professor FC Bartlett; Office of the Lord Privy Seal; P Senft

Articles in:-The New Statesman, 2.9.39 "Propaganda or Information"; Agenda, August 1944 "The Problem of Propaganda"


43/3/A: Paper Salvage 1940

Typed observations, Worcester 20.9.40 (JA)

Typed report of first Anti-Waste meeting, 16.1.40 (JA), cutting from The New Statesman 30.12.39

Typed report of Traders Federation, 5.1.40 (JA)

Typed telephone interview with JA Poole, 8.1.40 (JA)

Typed report of Small Traders meeting, London, 18.1.40 (JA). 2 leaflets collected at the meeting

43/3/B: Paper Salvage October-November 1941

Typed and handwritten observations and overheards:-Hendon (JS); Notting Hill Gate (DH); Kilburn (CF); Kensington (JS); Willesden (PG); WC 1 (CM)

43/3/C: Paper Salvage 1942

Handwritten and typed copies of questionnaire

Replies to the questionnaire, (RCC, LB, PJ, EG)

Handwritten analysis of questionnaire (DB)

Analysis sheets

Handwritten indirects (LB, EG, PJ, MS)

Observations and counts of waste paper in rubbish bins, (LB, RCC, PN, EG, PJ)

Handwritten summary of direct observations (DB)

Observations in the Willesden area, 8.4.42 (LB)

Typed observations at Salvage Exhibition, Ford Showrooms 14.5.42 (CM)

Handwritten observations at "Waste Paper goes to War" exhibition, Selfridges, 27.5.42 (LB)

Typed observations "The World's Largest Waste Paper Basket" 31.1.42 (JS), Palmers Green

43/3/D: Bone Salvage June/July 1942

Typed questionnaire, 30.6.42

Handwritten and typed replies to questionnaire, June/July 1942, London (LB, CM, MS, EG)

Interview, examples of posters, handwritten (LB)

Analysis sheets

43/3/E: Leaflets and Press-cuttings 1940-41

Commercial cards asking for rags etc

Anti-waste leaflets produced by London Boroughs

Nation-wide leaflets produced by the Ministry of Supply


43/3/F: Rubber Salvage 1942

Typed report "Note on Rubber Salvage Campaign", 24.4.42

43/3/G: Aluminium Collection/Anti-waste Campaign

6 Observer reports on Aluminium 1940

4 Leaflets about Anti-waste Campaign


43/4/A: Lightship leaflet April 1940

7 copies of the "Lightship leaflet"

Typed critique of the leaflet, Dr RA Macdonald

Handwritten and typed responses of the public to the leaflet, (CP, CF, NM, SS, HP, LE, BW, HN)

Handwritten analysis

Typed report "The Lightship Leaflet" (M-O)

43/4/B: The Silent Column July 1940

Typed supplementary report "The Silent Column and Government Advertising" 29.7.40 (M-O)

Interviews re advertisement, London, typed and handwritten

Typed analysis

Typed draft of test advertisement from newspapers (TH)

Analysis sheets

2 press-cuttings

43/4/C: The New Magna Carta League Questionnaire October 1940

Re civil liberties, government advertising and the Ministry of Information

Typed manifesto of "The New Magna Carta League" John Tenney, November 1938

Typed and handwritten questionnaire responses (LE, DH, JS)

Analysis sheets

43/4/D: "The Greatest Crusade" Questionnaire October 1940

Typed and handwritten questionnaire responses, London (LE, JS, SS)

Press-cutting of the advert for "The Greatest Crusade"

Handwritten analysis (JSF)

Analysis sheets

43/4/E: Use Less Water Questionnaire, London 1941

Sketch of poster "Save Water"

Carbon of questionnaire

Typed and handwritten responses to questionnaire (MS, VT, DH, CF) summary, general impressions and analysis (VT)

Analysis sheets

43/4/F: Blankets for Russia January 1942

Typed summary (EL)

General impressions (VW, EG, VT, RF, EL)

Notes (TH)

Analysis sheets

43/4/G: Blankets for Russia January 1942

Typed and handwritten responses to questionnaire (CM, BW, VT, VW, MC, EG), Kings Cross, Edgeware Road, Letchworth

43/4/H: Warships Week March 1942

Handwritten and typed observations in Portsmouth (MT), Leamington Spa (RCC) and London (LB, RCC, EG, PN)

Leaflets collected re Warships Week (LB, PN)

Copy of The Evening News Portsmouth and Southsea, 23.3.42

Typed Observations, Malmsbury (CF) 7.2.42

43/4/I: Miscellaneous

Copy prints of Government adverts

Handwritten list of Goverrunent advertising slogans


43/5/A: Typed reports and memos re exhibitions 1941

Typed memo from Mr Carter of RIBA, "Exhibitions, comments and questions", 7.10.41

Typed report "Government Exhibitions" (M-O) 1941

Handwritten memo from (JS), exhibitions, 27.8.41

Ministry of Information Exhibition Programme 1941-42

43/5/B: Morale Exhibitions 1940

Handwritten observations, indirects at Scrap exhibition Charing Cross, 21.8.40 (JS)

Typed observations Navy Exhibition, 27.10.40 (HP)

Handwritten observations "London Pride" Charing Cross, 18.12.40 (JF)

Typed observations, overheards, Messerschmitt on view, Croydon 23.8.40 (HP)

43/5/C: Ministry of Information photograph and poster exhibitions 1941

Handwritten summary of exhibitions, 3.9.41 (VT)

Typed summary of exhibitions, 8.8.41 (CF)

Reports, overheards and follows by full-time observers:
"Fighting the Fire Bomb": handwritten and typed, Worcester August (MS, DH, CF); handwritten, Twickenham August (MS, DH) and leaflet
"New Life to the Land": handwritten, Tottenham, 22.8.41 (JS)
"Free Europe's Forces": typed, Putney August/September (CF, PG) and leaflet
"Women at War": handwritten, East Finchley 29.8.41 (JS) and press-cutting; handwritten, Catford 29.8.41

43/5/D: Practical Exhibitions 1941

Summary of exhibitions, typed and handwritten, September (CF, VT)

Reports, overheards and follows by full-time observers:
Munitions exhibition: Worcester, August (CF, VT, DH); North Finchley, August (VT); Bolton (CF); leaflet and press-cutting
Food Advice Centre: Worcester, Hammersmith, August (VT, MS), leaflets
WVS Salvage exhibition: Putney, August (PG)
National Silage Campaign: Worcester, August (VT) , leaflets
Poison Gas exhibition: Shepherds Bush, Charing Cross, August/ September (MS, NN, DH)

43/5/E: Special Reports by members of the Panel, 1941

Handwritten and typed reports by the panel on Ministry of Information exhibitions in various areas

43/5/F: Propaganda exhibitions 1942-44

Fuel exhibition, typed observations, Charing Cross 23.9.42, (POL)

"Life-lines" handwritten observations, Catford 25.4.42 (EG)

"Paper Goes to War" exhibition. London, handwritten observations 25.1.43 (MS)

"Potato Pete's Fair", typed observations, London 1.1.43 (LB) and leaflets

"The 2 Mrs Britains" typed observations, London 1.9.43 (LB), and leaflet

"Colour in Everyday Life" typed observations, London 23.2.44, (LB)

"War in Wax" exhibition, typed observations, London 26.1.44, (LB) and leaflet

Daily Express War exhibition, typed observations, London, 3.7.44 (GST)

Mass-Observation Studies 1937-55

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