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This Topic Collection will be unavailable January - March 2005

TC 41: 1 box only

41/1/A: Wall chalkings 1939-43

London 1939 (AH, TH); London 1940 (CP, HP, VMD, JA, NM); Fulham 1940 (HP, KB, CP); analysis of chalkings in Fulham and elsewhere 1940 (HP); Fulham 1941 (HP); Glasgow 1941 (KB); London 1942 (MS, POL); London 1943 (LB); London 1943 (FM, LB)

Chalk markings possible clues and notes; chalk marks in Hastings; graffiti collected by J.Parker 1940; litter trails (MPC); press-cuttings 1939-40

41/1/B: Jokes 1939-47

1939-40: Extract from Sunday Chronicle (HP); diary references to jokes (LE); private jokes (NM, HP, CF, JA, VBW, JS, LE); air-raid jokes (London) (CF); note on Sunday Dispatch joke competition (LE); copy of Keep On Smiling No.6; a resumé of humour in magazines (LE)

Memo to TH on Joke Chart 10.10.40 (LE)

1941: 100 jokes (LE); soldiers' jokes (LE); topical jokes (VW); music hall jokes (LE); various (DH,VW, HP)

1942: various (PJ, RCC, EG, LB,VT, DH, DB, CM, MS); analysis sheet (DBL)

1943-44: various (GB, GST, FM) (London), (INV, EG) (Nottingham); music hall jokes (LE); magazine jokes (LE)

1947: various (DH)

41/1/C: Interviews with humourists 1940 (LE)

Will Wise; Con West; David Low; Ronald Frankau; "Fougasse" (Kenneth Bird); Kenway & Young; Kavanagh & Francis Worsley; Leonard Henry

Cuttings of jokes and cartoons from newspapers 1940-41

M-O draft Bulletin "Jokes" February 1943

41/1/D: Children's games 1937-40

Observations 1937 (AS, WH, JS); lists of games complied by 10 year old girls (4); obs. 1938 (AVW, NC, TH, JW, LT); obs 1939 (HP); obs 1940 (CP)

M-O report on party games old and new, undated

41/1/E: Toys 1939-40

Christmas 1939 toys and the war, reports and overheards from shops Hamleys, Marks & Spencer and Harrods; summary (CP); August 1940 war toys in Finchley (JS), Hamleys (SS) and brochure, note on street toys (HP); Christmas toys 1941; Ellisdon & Son catalogue - jokes, novelties and magic 1941

41/1/F: Jigsaw puzzles 1940-41

The British Jigsaw Puzzles Club 1940 (CP); interview with member; notes on puzzles on sale in J Waddington, Woolworths, British Home Stores, Marks & Spencer, WH Smith, Queensway Press 1940 (CP); Daily Mail issues of jigsaws 1940 (BW); jigsaw puzzles repeat 1941 (DS)

Mass-Observation Studies 1937-55

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