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TC 39: shared box

39/1/A: Picture postcard industry

Interviews with designers, manufacturers and distributers for their views on the picture postcard industry. London (JC) March 1940

39/1/B: The war and changes in picture postcard subject matter 1940-41

Letters to postcard publishers asking about the popularity of war reference postcards compared to peaceful subjects (flowers, landscapes), and any changes in picture postcard supply and demand due to the war. LondonJanuary 1940 (HP)

Replies to the above letters from three postcard publishers. Dundee, London, February 1940

Observations in individual shops of picture postcard stocks, noting subject matter, percentage of war reference cards and types of cards being bought. London January-February 1940 (HP, HDW)

Tabulations of survey results on war reference cards. London January-February 1940(HP)

Analysis of picture postcards containing some reference to the war to see if there is any evidence of change in subject matter after six months, due to the changing events of war. London, Clacton and Southend January-February and May-July 1940 (HP)

A comparative study of war reference postcards. London February 1940-April 1941 (HP)

Mass-Observation Studies 1937-55

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