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36/1/A Adult Education

Handwritten observations of Bolton Unemployed Welfare Association class (LT) November 1937.

Handwritten and typed observations of WEA classes and meetings Bolton, Manchester (ZB, WH, TH) 1937.

Handwritten copy of essay for WEA class on Industrial Revolution Bolton 1937.

Handwritten report from holiday camp for unemployed men : Selnec Camp, Edale, Derbyshire, (unemployed Bolton man) 1937.

Handwritten copy of letter to editor of Bolton Evening News about stay at camp, August 1937.

Miscellaneous - photographs, postcards, printed programmes and pamphlets from camp, 1937.

Handwritten report on Durham Summer School - for unemployed and employed men and women, 1937.

Miscellaneous printed information about Summer School, 1937.

Miscellaneous pamphlets, minutes of meetings, notices of lectures, letters from WEA and other organisations; Bolton, Norfolk, Dorking, Yorkshire, 1937-40.

36/1/B Evening class survey - 1939

Typed summary of survey, London (KB).

Typed reports on Chelsea Polytechnic, Wandsworth Technical Institute., Charts and letter from Principal of Battersea Polytechnic (KB).

Typed reports on Commercial Institutes - Marlborough, Hammersmith, Fulham and Munsters Women's Evening Institute (KB).

36/1/C Survey of Oxford University 1937-41

Typed synopsis of survey - 2 copies, one with handwritten notes, (HH, BW) 1937?

Typed survey of Oxford University - the effect of the war, (HH) 9.7.41.

Handwritten analysis of overheard conversations and letters (letter about observing people in baths) to T. Harrisson (HH).

36/1/D Goldsmiths College Survey - 1947

Handwritten background information on college (EG) 10.6.47.

Handwritten replies to QQ on social life - 110 women, 90 men. Subjects include hobbies, time devoted to various activities i.e. drinking, smoking, snogging, (EG) 1947.

Handwritten report on social life QQ (EG) 1947.

Handwritten replies to QQ on newspaper reading and voting habits (question on fashion and skirt lengths asked to women only), 121 women, 92 men, (EG) 1947.

Handwritten report on newspaper and voting QQ (EG) 1947.

Printed report on marriage survey (EG) February 1948.

Printed report on capital punishment survey (EG) June 1948.

36/1/E Universities - miscellaneous

Typed list of university debates and outcome, October 1939 - February 1940 (LE) 29.5.40.

Two printed notifications of debates Glasgow University, February 1940.

Miscellaneous printed, typed, handwritten material; application for training college grant, correspondence with Education Department.. NUS application form for vacation work, list of books for teacher training course (sent in by volunteer observer) Durham, London, 1940-42.

Handwritten report on Bristol University election (ML) 17.10.47.

Handwritten report on Sheffield University Rag, unidentified, undated.

Handwritten personal letter about life at Neville's Cross College, Durham, undated.

Mass-Observation Studies 1937-55

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