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SCIENCE 1938-41

TC 34: 1 box only

BOX 1:

34/1/A: "Astrology and the British Ass" 1938

Handwritten ms by Charles Madge, first draft for opening chapter in Britain by Mass-Observation

Typed ms: summary of interviews about science and astrology; includes 13 cards on attitudes to science. Interviews conducted in Peckham, W Fulham and Lewisham

34/1/B: Propaganda for Science, 1940

Typed quotations from the press and elsewhere containing references to scientists and science; pencil notes by Tom Harrisson

34/1/C: Portrayal of Science and Scientists, 1940

Newspaper cuttings and journal articles, Sept 1940

34/1/D: Mass-Observation and the Science Group, 1940

Correspondence between Tom Harrisson and a number of scientists: JG Crowther, Julian Huxley, CD Darlington, CH Waddington, Solly Zuckerman, John Baker; correspondence also with Zoe Bernstein, Tom Hopkinson of Picture Post, Laurence Easterbrook and Tom Driberg. The correspondence relates chiefly to the organisation of a meeting at Oxford on 28.9.40 and intention of organising a "proper propaganda for Science", and to "debunk the mystery and magic of the 'Scientist'" (TH 18.9.40)

Typed report of conversation between Tom Harrisson and Dr Solly Zuckerman, biologist, Cafe Royal 19.9.39

34/1/E: Propaganda for Science meeting, Sept. 1940

Agenda of sub-committee, 8.10.40

Minutes of sub-committee meeting, 8.10.40

Memorandum on Propaganda for Science by TH, 3.9.40 with an addition by JG Crowther

Mss: Propaganda for Science (2 copies) 25.9.40

Duplicated ms: "Tots and Quots" for meeting on 28.9.40 in Magdalen College, Oxford

Mss: "Treatments of Science" by TH 28.9.40 (3 copies, 2 of them duplicated)

Ms: untitled starting "For a long time Scientists..." 11.11.40

Mss: series of short articles on scientific subjects

Mss: "Must Scientists be magicians?" (2 copies) by TH, 12.12.40

34/1/F: Science and World Order Conference 1: 30.9.40

Ephemera relating to the Conference: Admission tickets, programmes etc

Mss: Report on the British Association Conference on Science and World Order by RF, 30.9.41. The conference was held in London from 26-28.9.41. Account includes lists of people present, occasions for applause and general impressions. (3 copies)

Programme and text of contributions

34/1/G: Attitudes towards Science and Scientists

Handwritten ms: account of interviews by JS in Fulham, 10.10.41. about science, evolution and the causes of war

Ms: "Progress" undated article written postwar

Mass-Observation Studies 1937-55

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