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ART 1938-49

TC33: 3 boxes


33/1/A: Ashington Group 1936-38

Bound collection of articles "The Appreciation of Art" from Ashington Colleries Magazine, December 1936 - January 1938

Cutting from Sunday Sun, 6.3.38, first exhibition of Ashington work , Newcastle

33/1/B: Unprofessional Painting Exhibition October 1938

Shown at the Bensham Grove Settlement, Gateshead-on-Tyne. Ashington paintings and other non-professional artists' work. Later taken to Peckham and other areas of London

Letter to Julian Trevelyan from J. Tenney (enclosing 3 typed letters and articles from the President of Haslemere Branch WEA, on children's drawings, school art and notes on "Free Method" Lyall Watson)

Letter to TH from J Trevelyan re M-O weekend school at Bensham Grove

Typed memo of people going on the weekend school (TH)

Handwritten notes of people to whom Unprofessional Painting catalogues should be sent (TH)

Handwritten notes 'Ashington Data' (TH)

Typed train timetable: London-Newcastle

Handwritten notes for TH lecture 13.10.38, "Social Realism: What do we mean?"

Copy of Unprofessional Painting catalogue (donated by Julian Trevelyan). 2 other copies, one xerox

Handwritten notes for the above (TH)

Ts of Unprofessional Painting, extended draft of the printed version (TH)

Leaflet from the Unprofessional Painting exhibition at Fulham Central Library 2.1.39-14.1.39, "They Paint Their Own Lives"; handwritten notes, observations, overheards 4.1.39 (BB) and 5.1.39 (LT)

3 press cuttings of exhibition in Peckham

Letter from Robert Lyon (tutor to Ashington Group) to Julian Trevelyan re Unprofessional Painting exhibition

Typed draft of 'proposed' book format (TH)

Letter from Graham Bell re 'Art and Geography' to TH

Post-card from Humphrey Spender to TH, Sept 1938

Letter from AC Whinnom (Secretary of the Ashington Art Group) re TH 'proposed' book, April 1940

Note: see also letter from J.Trevelyan to D.Sheridan re proposed book by TH on art, 16.11.82 in Former Mass-Observers Box, Trevelyans's file

33/1/C: Photographs of paintings by members of the Ashington Art Group

(Most of which were used in the Unprofessional Painting Exhibition)

  1. James Floyd: 'Trees'
  2. James Floyd: 'His Last Domino'
  3. HP Wilson: 'Bowl of Flowers' & 'Rowing Pitmen'
  4. HP Wilson: 'The Fish Sale'
  5. William Scott: 'A Mining Village'
  6. Andy Rankin: 'Carving & Sculpture'
  7. Thomas Beal: 'Religion'
  8. Thomas Beal: 'Untitled'
  9. Oliver Kilbourn: 'Bait-time Below'
  10. Harry Young: 'The Pool'
  11. Harry Young: 'Untitled'
  12. George Brownrigg: 'Wash Day'

33/1/D: Photographs taken at Ashington

4 photographs of M-O weekend school at Bensham Grove Settlement, includes photo of TH giving lecture. Taken by Julian Trevelyan (and printed by Humphrey Spender)

2 photographs of murals in Bensham Grove Settlement

Woodcut Christmas Card from Ashington Group

Photograph of Ashington?

33/1/E: Photographs of non-Ashington paintings exhibited at the Unprofessional Painting exhibitions London and Gateshead

1. Henry Stockley with an example of his work

2. Henry Stockley: 'Flatters Nests'

3. Henry Stockley: 'King George the Fifth'

4. Ivy Langton: 'Untitled'

5. Ivy Langton: 'Circus'

6. Bouchant: 'Babes in the Wood'

7. Vivan: 'Untitled'

8-13. D. Burton at work: his paintings

14. Downs - an unprofessional painter- from London?

15-17. Unknown painters/titles

33/1/F: Paintings by Professional Artists

  1. Rousseau: 'Husband of the Artist's First Wife'
  2. Rousseau: 'Outskirts of a Town'
  3. Laurence Gowing: 'Mare Street, Hackney'
  4. Basil Rocke: 'Hampstead Heath'
  5. Victor Brauner: 'La Force Deconcentration'
  6. Salvador Dali: 'Les Atarismes du Crepuscule'
  7. Rene Magritte: 'Le Promenoir des Amants'
  8. Man Ray: 'A l'heure de 1'Observatoire - les Amoureux'
  9. Oppenheim: Untitled

33/1/G: Art Exhibitions 1938

Publicity leaflets: New Works by Varda, Storran Gallery, London, March-April; The Impact of Machines, London Gallery, July

"The Jones Exhibition", Storran Gallery, November, organised by Graham Bell and TH - 3 invitations typed on post-cards, 2 press-cuts; list of some of exhibits handwritten on reverse of a publicity card; handwritten observations, overheards and quotes from Graham Bell; typed observations and overheards (KB)

Catalogue for Summer Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings, Sculpture and Prints by Modern Artists, Leicester Galleries London, 2 invitations to private views, November

Observations and follows at Tate Gallery, typed December (HP, KB)

5 press-cuts re art

17 Art post-cards from Brussels Museum

33/1/H: Art Exhibitions 1939

3 typed copies of observations at Artists International Society Exhibition 9.2.39-7.3.39

Modern English & French Paintings, City Literary Institute, typed report of observations, overheards, catalogue and cutting from New Statesman 18.11.39; analysis of pictures with war reference. November (HP)

Royal Society of Portrait Painters, Royal Institute Galleries, November. Typed report of observations catalogue, press-cut The Times 17.11.39 (HP)

Exhibition of Pictures & Drawings, Thomas Agnew & Sons Ltd London, November-December

Goupil Gallery Salon, typed observations 2.12.39, catalogue (HP)

Ballet/Little Pictures, Leicester Galleries, catalogue, press-cuttings from The Times, Country Life, The New Statesman, analysis of war reference 13.12.39 (HP)

The Contemporary Art Society, Thomas Agnew and Sons Ltd, London, typed report, 28.11.39, catalogue and analysis of paintings with war reference (HP)

Susan Palmer & Vivian John, Calmann Gallery, London December. Analysis of paintings with war reference, catalogue and 3 press-cuttings (HP)

The Stafford Gallery, London, December. Prints for Christmas. Analysis of paintings with war reference, letter from Secretary of British Art Centre announcing the exhibition, catalogue (HP)

Water Colours, Pastels & Drawings, Lefevre Galleries, London, analysis of paintings with war reference, 15.12.39, catalogue, press-cut from New Statesman, 9.12.39 (HP)

Contemporary English Painting, Wildenstien & Co, analysis of paintings with war reference, 15.12.39, 2 catalogues, cuttings from New Statesman 16.12.39, Evening Standard 27.12.39, Sunday Times 17.12.39 (HP)

Contemporary British Artists, Tooth's Gallery, London, analysis of paintings with war reference, 15.12.39, Bulletin No.58 (Dec 1939) of Artists International Assoc. Letter to the Editor of The Times 'Art on Trial' (HP)


33/2/A: Exhibitions, January 1940

Art of Today, Lefevre Galleries, catalogue

Paintings by Chinese Twins, The Cooling Galleries, catalogue, cutting from The Times, photograph

United Artists' Exhibition, Royal Academy, pamphlet, observations, overheards and follows on Private View day, typed, 4.1.40; typed notes made on paintings with war reference 25.1.40, list of paintings published in the press (typed) 11.2.40; sales and artistic mediums - counts; cuttings from press and magazines re exhibition (HP)

Masterpieces of Painting, Sotheby's Galleries, catalogue and cuttings from press and magazines

War and "Kultur" in Poland by Szyk, catalogue, typed draft of speech given by Lord Lloyd of Dolobran, 10.1.40, press-cuttings, post-cards of exhibits(16)

33/2/B: Impact of the War on the Artist

Typed report "Impact of the War on the Artist" 15.1.40, (HP)

Handwritten description of some paintings on show Nov 1939 - Jan 1940 (HP)

The Artist in the Witness Box BBC pamphlet relating to a series of talks on the radio

Press-cutting re lack of work for poster artists 8.2.42 World's Press News

33/2/C: Exhibitions, February - May 1940

Invitation and leaflet from The India Society Lecture "The Art of Building by Excavation" by EH Hunt, 20.2.40

Paintings and Chinese Calligraphy, Sheffield, Graves Art Gallery, catalogue and letter sent to HP, 4.2.40

Artists International Association Everyman Prints, at the Picture Hire Galleries, typed note on war reference 10.2.40, leaflet promoting ideas of AIA, 2 catalogues with handwritten notes, 2 press-cuttings

British Art Centre leaflet and letter sent to BW. Leaflet publicising book, Modern French Painters by RH Wilenski

Typed note on exhibition at Grosvenor Gallery, Selfridges 29.2.40 (HP)

Various catalogues and invitations to exhibitions, April

"This War As I See It" British Art Centre, 11.4.40-10.5.40, catalogue, typed note, analysis of picture content, 3 press cuttings (HP)

Various catalogues and invitations to exhibitions in May

Leaflet promoting the ideas of the Art and Entertainment Emergency Council

33/2/D: Royal Academy, May 1940

Invitation, illustrated catalogue, typed notes and analysis sheets on: pictures sold, war reference, reproductions in the weekly and daily press, content of paintings (HP); cuttings from daily and weekly press

33/2/E: Exhibitions, June-December 1940

Various invitations to exhibitions, June/July

War Artists, National Gallery, typed report and analysis sheets, 9.8.40 (HP); typed report by Isobel Alexander (working for HP)

War Savings Posters designed by children, Dorland Hall, typed report and catalogue, 20.8.40 (HP)

AIA Exhibition, Suffolk Galleries, typed report and analysis sheets 1.10.40 (HP), cutting from The Listener, catalogue

Exhibitions outside London: Worcester 2pp typed 20.8.40 (JA); Bolton 2pp typed observations 30.7.40 (BA)


33/3/A: Exhibitions 1941

War Artists, National Gallery, handwritten report, 12.2.41 (JS)

Royal Society of British Artists, Suffolk Street, handwritten comparison of exhibition with the Winter one 1939, 22.5.41, catalogue (HP)

Royal Society of Painters in Watercolours, April, catalogue

Planning exhibition "Living in Cities" May, typed observations

Fine Art exhibition, July, catalogue, comparison notes, handwritten (HP)

Children's Art, August, catalogue, typed report (HP)

War Pictures, National Gallery, catalogue, 6 postcards of paintings in the exhibition, 7.10.41 (TH)

War Paintings, Leicester Galleries; Sickert Galleries, typed and handwritten observations and indirects, 12.9.41 (JA)

AIA War Pictures, September, letter to TH, with rough draft of catalogue and invitation, catalogue, typed observations, indirects, overheards, 17.9.41 (JA) & 8.10.41 (CM)

AFS, Royal Academy, observations, indirects, 18.9.41 (JA), summary of exhibitions visited by JA 19.9.41, handwritten

Civil Defence Artists, Cooling Galleries, catalogue, typed observations, overheards, 8.10.41 (CM)

Various exhibitions visited by HP Oct 1941, typed report, handwritten analysis

33/3/B: Royal Academy, Summer 1941

Catalogue, promotion leaflet; observations, overheards on 1st private view day 2.5.41, 2nd private view day 3.5.41 & 1st public view day 5.5.41 all handwritten

Counts of above three days, comparison, 9.5.41 typed (HP). Pictures reproduced in the weekly and daily press, a comparison with 1940, typed & analysis sheets (HP)

Analysis of sales 21.6.41 handwritten notes (HP)

Academicians 1941, handwritten notes, including alphabetical listing with biographical facts from Who's Who (HP)

Cuttings from weekly and daily press

Copy of The Listener 8.5.41

Copy of Country Life 10.5.41 (at bottom of the box)

33/3/C: Exhibitions 1942-43

United Artists' Exhibition, 1.1.42 - 7.3.42, catalogue, typed report 20.2.42, press-cut (HP)

Nudes, Leger Gallery, catalogue, 1p notes typed, 9.2.42 (HP)

Mural Paintings by Civil Defence Workers, Cooling Galleries, handwritten observations, 11.3.42 (NW)

Tate Gallery's War Time Acquisitions, catalogue, typed report, 21.4.42 (PJ)

Imaginative Art since the War, Leicester Galleries, catalogue, typed report 24.5.42

China Exhibition at Harrods, lp notes typed

Exhibition of domestic planning and design, invitation sent to RF. 13.6.42

"The Englishman Builds", exhibition of architecture, invitation, handwritten observations/report, 14.10.42 (DH)

Exhibition of Greek Art, catalogue, typed observations, 4.11.42 (MS)

Polish Exhibition, Chelsea, typed report, 25.3.43 (GST)

War Artists, National Gallery, typed report, 1.9.43 (LF)

Nudes, Leder Gallery, September - October 1943, catalogues, handwritten report, 26.10.43 (PR)

33/3/D: Royal Academy 1942

Catalogue, 2 copies of typed report, including: war references, works reproduced in the press, sales; notes on paper/card; cuttings from daily and weekly press (HP)

33/3/E: Pavement Art

Press-cut The Evening Standard 3.9.38

Typed observations, Hyde Park Corner, 15.12.39 (HP)

Typed observations Bloomsbury, Hyde Park Corner, 14.2.40 (HP)

Typed observations Piccadilly, 29.2.40 (HP); Southampton Row, 5.3.40 (HP)

Typed observations of "Jock", pavement artist, Hyde Park Corner 14.2.40

Leaflet left on fences in Holland Park, 30.3.40 (NM)

Handwritten notes on street-chalking, 17.6.40 (NM)

Typed observations, July-August 1941 (HP)

2 postcards bought Southampton Row September 1941 (HP)

Typed observations February-March 1942 (HP)

33/3/F: Royal Academy 1949

Handwritten follows and overheards 3-4 May (IP, LB, BL)

33/3/G: Auctions and Miscellaneous

4 art auction catalogues, 1940

Press-cutting re auctions

Catalogue and typed report of auction, 21.3.41 (HP)

Typed note on picture shop displays, 6.3.40, (HP)

Typed observations at Artists' Rest Home, 22.11.42 (POL)

Letter from DMH to TH re art, 18.1.?

Letter from E. McLeod ("Society for Education in Art") to ? 27.12.42

Mass-Observation Studies 1937-55

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