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TC31: 1 box


31/1/A: Survey: attitudes to blind people, 1947

Responses to 20 questions about charities, especially charities for the blind, including questionnaire, (typewritten):

  • 20 in Bolton (IPS)
  • 14 in Bristol (IPS, BS)
  • 5 in Liverpool (CMA, MM)
  • 18 in Middlesbrough (BW, MB)

31/1/B: Pilot survey: awareness of blind people's problems, 1947

12 handwritten replies to 20 questions on helping blind people and knowledge about blind people, London areas (PV)

31/1/C: Survey: attitudes to blind people, 1947

Coding sheet for 99 replies (20 questions), including questions

Tabulation sheets

31/1/D: Flagselling in London, 1947

Interviews with flagsellers and potential buyers; collecting for the blind on "Geranium Day". (AS, BS, ML)

31/1/E: Children's attitudes

34 essays (handwritten) on blind people by 13-14 year old schoolchildren

31/1/F: Blind people and people's reactions to them

Observation of and interview with a blind man, 27.9.47 (KB)

Interview with an almost blind woman, 10.10.47 (KB)

Interview with blind retired piano tuner and his wife, and with another (?) couple, at Elephant & Castle, London, 4.9.47 (KB)

Report of indirect interview with a woman outside a hospital, about blind people, 23.10.47 (DH)

Extract from report, Derby Day, Epsom, 7.6.47

Observations of and interviews about blind people:

  • 2 in Bolton (IPS)
  • 6 in Bristol (IPS)
  • 2 in ? (LB)
  • 5 in London (BS, KB, ML)
  • 3 in Middlesbrough - with chart (MP)

31/1/G: Facilities and charities for the blind

Handwritten informal interviews on charities and facilities for the blind, April, May, Sept, Oct 1947 (LB, IPS, TT, MP)

Handwritten account of interview on facilities for the blind (BS)

Handwritten notes

Typewritten instruction sheet for investigators

Typewritten general conclusion of survey in and around Luccombe, Devon

Extract from The Times, 12.6.47: "Care of the Aged & Blind..."

Typewritten letter for London Association for the Blind

Collecting card for London Association for the Blind

Mass-Observation Studies 1937-55

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