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This Topic Collection will be unavailable January - March 2005

TC 22: 1 box only

22/1/A: Typed report Reaction to Advertising M-O

December 1938

22/1/B: Press and magazine advertisements

Collected by DM, part-time Mass-Observer, on themes of war and sexism, October-December 1939

22/1/C: Analysis of adverts 1939-40

Percentage of adverts with war references in newspapers and magazines (HP)

Comparative analysis

Batch of pencilled cards illustrating and detailing posters/locations in London, also listing main attraction showing at cinemas/theatres. Some dated October/November 1939 & August 1940, or marked 'HP' in blue pencil, but handwriting suggests more than one contributor

22/1/D: Cuttings of adverts in magazines and newspapers 1940 (HP)

22/1/E: Commercial advertising 1940-42

Typed observations, indirects and cigarette cards, 3.3.40 (HP)

Typed report Aspro Advertisement M-O, 11.6.40 (HN)

Typed observation on advert for Lever Brothers, 10.9.40 (VW), advert attached

Typed & handwritten newsagents' adverts, Kings Cross and Bayswater, 10.7.42 (CM, DL)

Press-cutting of P & O poster advert, 10.3.42

Parkinson's Scholars' Guide, advertising booklet

22/1/F: Advertising 1952-55

Promotional journal of Powers-Sams Punchcard Accounting, March 1952

Single page of 1955 Survey Report: Effects of TV advertising on sale of Guinness Book of Records (commissioned by Guinness Ltd)

Undated carbon copy of a promotional memo re brushless shaving cream

Mass-Observation Studies 1937-55

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