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This Topic Collection will be unavailable January - March 2005

TC 21: 1 box only

21/1/A: Wartime Material on London Co-ops

Typed sales figures for Christmas trade 31.1.40 (JA)

Typed interview with Co-op officials and store managers about rationing and obtaining stock 20.11.39 (JA)

Typed summary of above interviews

Printed document. Report and Balance Sheet of London Co-operative Society Ltd. 1939

Printed handbill advertising London Co-operative Society afternoon school on "Consumer Co-operation" 12.12.42

Handwritten 'Opinion and stock' statistics collected May 1940 in Bolton, Fulham, Rickmansworth, Shepherd's Bush and Bow newscutting (JA)

21/1/B: Co-op Survey 1946-47

Handwritten pilot questionnaire and instructions to interviewers, undated (TH)

Typed draft questionnaire: 20 points including questions on use of Co-op stores, comparison with other shops, Co-op political and social activities and voting habits. Three copies. Undated

Handwritten rough drafts of report on survey entitled "Co-op Customer"

Handwritten synopsis of survey

Handwritten proposals for study; method, timing and costs 12.12.46

Handwritten report on Co-op employees

21/1/C: Background Material on Co-ops

Brief note on Co-ops in Aston, Birmingham, undated (LE)

Typed extracts from book, Consumers' Co-operation in Great Britain, Carr-Sanders, Florence and Peers, published 1938. Statistical material on Co-ops

Miscellaneous newspaper cuttings with reference to bulk purchasing and purchase tax 16.1.47; Co-ops in USSR 7.1.47, public opinion of "divi", Co-operative News 11.1.47; trade figures of Co-operative Wholesale Society, Co-operative News Jan. 1947

Typed list of statistics for September 1946 detailing membership, trade, capital and number of employees

Handwritten list of Co-op statistics, undated

21/1/D: Co-op Survey Questionnaire Replies

Handwritten replies to 21 point questionnaire concerning use of Co-op stores, range and quality of merchandise, attitudes to Co-operative principles and voting habits. Approx. 150 replies from Dartford and Camden Town, Jan. 1947 (HR, MM, BW, IPS, HS, BL, TT, GST)

21/1/E: Co-op Survey Questionnaire Replies

Handwritten replies to questions 1-6 of above questionnaire from non-users of Co-op stores in Hammersmith and Stepney. Approx. 100 replies, December to January 1947 (JEW, JLW, BW)

21/1/F: Co-op Survey Questionnaire Replies

Typed and handwritten replies to 6 point questionnaire concerning Co-op membership, attitudes to the Co-op readership and opinions of Reynold's News (Co-op weekly newspaper). Approx. 100 replies from Harlesden, Notting Hill, King's Cross, Paddington. January 1947 (LB, IPS, BL)

21/1/G: Impressions of the Co-op

Handwritten follows, Hammersmith Co-op 21.12.46 (TT)

Handwritten counts, various departments of Hammersmith Co-op 21.12.46 (TT)

Typed informals on Co-operative ideals 20.1.47 (LB)

Typed informals on general public impressions of Co-ops undated

Handwritten informal interviews with Co-op employees about their involvement in Co-op social and political activities. Stepney 30.12.46, Stratford 31.12.46 (ML)

Handwritten impressions of Hammersmith Co-op December 1946 (TT)

Handwritten impressions of Camden Town Co-op.Undated (TT)

21/1/H: Co-operative Social, Political and Women's Guild Activities

Handwritten impressions of people attending Co-op meetings 27.1.47 (LB)

Handwritten list of venues and times of meetings. Undated

Typed report of "facts and findings" Willesden Co-op 20.12.46 (LB)

Typed report of Co-op rally and dance. Dartford 10.1.47 (ML)

Handwritten report of London Co-op Society Youth Rally, Conway Hall 24.1.47 (ML)

Handwritten report of Co-op film show "Double Thread" film about model nurseries sponsored by Co-ops 29.1.47

Typed report of meeting of E. Willesden "mixed" group Co-op Political Section 21.1.47 (LB)

Typed impressions and interviews with staff about involvement in Co-op activity, Dartford Industrial Co-op 6.1.47 (ML)

Handwritten report of interview with official of Royal Arsenal Co-op about Co-op organisation and policy 1.1.47 (ML)

Typed report of Co-op rally, Dartford 10.1.47 (ML)

Typed report of meeting of Bethnal Green Co-op "mixed" group 13.1.47 (LB)

Informal interview with Secretary of Education Dept of the London Co-operative Societies, about Co-op social organisations 30.12.46 (LB)

Typed report of Morden Co-op Women's Guild meeting 8.1.47 (ML)

Typed report of Women's Guild meeting, Leman St, El 9.1.47 (ML)

Typed report of unsuccessful attempts to attend meetings 1.1.47 (LB)

Typed report of meeting of Women's Guild, Kensal Rise 1.1.47 (LB)

21/1/I, J,K: Tabulations and Analyses of Replies to Questionnaires

Three files of analytical material

Mass-Observation Studies 1937-55

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