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TC 20: 14 boxes


This Topic Collection consists primarily of material associated with book buying and reading, and the use of bookshops and libraries. It centres on the years of World War II (1939-45) but also includes material from 1937-38 and 1946-47

Material connected with the reading of magazines and newspapers has been separated, where practicable, to form TC 61:Newspaper Reading 1937-62. Some overlapping remains, however, especially in connection with book reading habits in public. There is also a small file of ephemera from political publishers


July 1982

BOX 1: 1937


Reading Survey No 1 (October Directive)

Red exercise book containing analysis of Reading Survey 1

Report: "What do you read and why?" (nd, 5pp, typ) x 2

Answers to questions in October Directive (3pp)

Reading Survey No 2 (December Directive)

Red exercise book containing analysis of Reading Survey 2

Answers to questions in December Directive (2pp, typ)

Summary of answers to question A. (18pp, hw, LW)

Summary of answers to question B. (10pp, typ)

Notes & Analysis (9pp, hw)

Penguins: Quotes mentioning Penguin Books (3pp, typ)

M-O Bulletin (December 1937)

20/1/B: Children's Essays

Essays: "Why I read books" by school children aged 13-16 in Middlesbrough area (early Sept 1937, approx. 160pp, hw)

20/1/C-E: Directive Replies

177 Panel replies to October/December Directives: reading habits, library usage, titles of books read, time spent reading, magazines read, etc (Nov 1937-Jan 1938, typ/hw)

BOX 2: 1938


Earl's Court Book Exhibition

Observations (Earl's Court: 21.11.38, 15pp, hw, AMH)

Spain Week: Ealing Bookshop window

Observations (7.10.38, 11pp, typ, BL), covering card & letter

Press Cuttings (Star 7.12.38; News Chronicle 10/16.12.38)

20/2/B: Reading Counts/Observations/Reports

Correspondence: Phoenix Book Co-TH (Nov-Dec, 1938)

Outline of proposed survey for Phoenix (7.12.38, 4pp, TH)

Reading Counts (5-8.12.38, 41pp, hw, JBA)

Reading Counts (10-15.12.38, 76pp, hw, JBA)

Comparison of Counts (5-7.12.38, 4pp, hw, JBA)

Report on Reading (5-10.12.38, 7pp, hw, JBA)

Corrections to Report (5-8.12.38, 13pp)

Observations: Charing Cross Rd bookshops (4.5 hrs: 3.12.38, 27pp)

Report on Reading (nd, 60pp, typ, JBA) + dupl pp

20/2/C: Waiting Room Reading Habits

Observations: Hairdressing Saloon, Gloucester (?): customer reading habits (20.6.38-19.7.38, 28 small pp, hw)

20/2/D/E: Directive Replies

Approximately 500 responses collected by Panel: 5 questions re: most recently enjoyed book, reasons, responses, recommendations, etc (Jan/Feb 1938, typ/hw)

BOX 3: 1939-41

20/3/A: Fulham Reading Survey

QQ: Use of Public Library (24.1.40-3.2.40, 100pp, typ, KB)

Note on Sampling/Analysis (Feb 1940. 10pp, typ, KB)

Library Counts (26.l.40, 13pp, typ, KB)

Library Follows (27.1.40-10.2.40, 15pp, type KB)

Library Interviews (25.1.40-9.2.40, 50pp, typ, KB)

Library Timings: 75 people (26.1.40, 3pp, typ, KB)

Interviews: ('Tuppenny') 2d ... Librarians (7-8.2.40, 14pp, typ, KB)

Interviews: Booksellers (1-4.2.40, 14pp, typ, KB)

Letter: KB to TH: Report on Publishers, etc (1.3.40)

Note to TH re: Reading Survey (4.3.40, lp, typ , KB)

Note to KB re: Book Clubs, etc (22.1.40-5.2.40, 6pp, TH)

20/3/B: Newsagents & Bookshops

Observations: Newsagents/Bookshops: Hammersmith, Victoria, Oxford Street, Piccadilly, Charing Cross Rd (12-18.2.41, 9pp, DS)

20/3/C: Library Investigation

Observations: Hammersmith/Kensington Library (11-12.9.39, 4pp, typ, JA; includes indirects) x 2

Comparisons: Library usage in first week of war (4-9.9.39) with first week of July (3-8.7.39): 8 SW London Libraries (12.9.39, 12pp, typ + hw amend, KB)

Comparisons: Library usage: 23-28.10.39 with 24-29.10.38: SW London Libraries (31.10.39, 15pp, typ/ms, KB)

Comparisons: Library usage: 8-13.1.40 with 9-14.1.39: SW London Libraries (23.1.40, 27pp, typ, KB)

Observations, Interviews, Summaries

Newspaper Cuts re: libraries/reading (6: Nov-Dec 1939)

New Books Available at Battersea (December 1939, 4pp)

University of London Library circular re Emergency (Aug 1939)


Provincial Libraries

Correspondence: from librarians to KB (in response to letter: 23.1.40): Birmingham (6.2.40 + Annual Report 1938-39) Bridgwater ( nd statistics + Annual Report 1938-39); Canterbury (30.1.40, 3pp); Hampstead (22.2.40 + statistics & ephemera); High Wycombe (15.2.40 + Annual Report 1938-39); Ipswich (27.2.40 + statistics); Lewisham (nd statistics); Ormskirk (2.2.40)

Analysis of borrowing figures (2pp, hw)

Newspaper Cuttings (Daily Herald 29-30.1.40-2.2.40)

Extract: Poverty & Progress, Seebohm Rowntree (nd, 8pp, typ)

Provincial Observers

Correspondence: from observers to KB (in response to letter (7.2.40): Barnstaple (8.2.40-12.3.40 + counts, overheards, report with statistics, Annual Report 1938-39); Exeter (17.2.40-25.4.40); Hanley (26.1.40-24.2.40 + report, stats) Leeds University (8.2.40); Worcester (12.2.40-2.3.40 + stats & magazine)

Correspondence from observers on reading habits to TH/KB: Bookstall assistant London NW7 (8-25.2.40, 6pp, JS); On personal/family/friends reading (4.2.40, GD)

20/3/E: Bookshops 1941

Fulham Newsagent (30.7.41, 2pp, hw, DH)

W H Smith, Piccadilly (1.8.41, 6pp, hw, DH)

W H Smith, High St, Kensington (2.8.41, 4pp, hw, DH)

Victory Books, Victoria (6.8.41, 4pp, hw, DH)

W H Smith, Hammersmith (5.8.41, 7pp, hw, DH)

Bookshop, Victoria Street (6.8.41, 4pp, hw DH)

Correspondence: DH to BW (4-26.8.41)

Lists of popular books: NSSU Bookshop, W H Smith, Bermondsey Library, Highgate Library (9.10.41, 5pp, hw, RF/JS/EL)

Observations 'The Battle of Britain' (4.4.41 VW)

20/3/F: Book Ephemera 1940

6 Gollancz dust-wrappers and publicity note (12.12.40)

Catalogues: Commin Second-Hand (10.12.40); Times (10.12.40); Rosenberg (16.12.40); Gollancz (25.11.40) ; Cape (May); Faber (Dec); Black (Aug); Hatchards (Dec); Abbatt (6.12.40); Heywood Hill (12.12.40)

Prospectuses: Routledge (July); Waverley (Dec)

Books of the Month (December 1940)

Book token (Dec)

Worcester Libraries Quarterly Magazine (Autunm 1940)

PNP (Phoenix News Progress No. 20: Winter/Xmas 1940)

Letter: from Eyre & Spottiswoode 5.12.40

Delivery notes: Central Books (4-9.12.40)

London Library Committee Report (July 1940)


Public Libraries 1940

Response to Library QQ: Stepney (14.9.40, lp, typ, NM)

Lending Libraries (21.9.40, 2pp, typ JS)

Note on Book Reading (21.9.40, lp, typ, BW)

Lending Library quotes (21.9.40, 5pp, hw, JS)

Worcester Public Library (26.9.40-19.10.40, 3pp, typ, DA)

Lending Libraries (18.10.40, 2pp, typ, JS; 5pp, hw)

Notes on Libraries, etc (nd, 20 file-cards, hw, TH)

Review Extracts

Extracts (6.10.39-18.11.39, 9pp, typ)

Extracts: Paper Trade Review (22.9.39-24.11.39, 11pp, typ)

Extracts: Publishers Circular, Typographical Circular, Worlds Press News (9.12.39-20.1.40, 18pp, typ, VMD)

Suggestions for Articles (12.9.40, lp, typ BW)

'No Tax on Books': meeting, Stationers' Hall (5.7.40, 9pp, typ, HP)

Reading Survey 1940: surveys to be undertaken, listing proposed dates, methods, investigators (nd, typ)

BOX 4: 1942

20/4/A: Library QQ, London: April-May 1942

Approximately 300 responses to 6-7 questions (RB/LB/EG/DH/CM/MS/RCC)

Analysis & Correlation sheets (typ)

20/4/B: Library QQ, Librarians: April-June 1942

Report: Librarians' Questionnaire (7.6.42, 16pp, typ, DB) x 2

Statistical Analysis: Librarians QQ (06.6.42, typ, DB)

Correspondence: Librarians' responses to M-O questionnaire on trends in library usage: 15 London libraries (April-June)

20/4/C: Library Observations/Counts

Bethnal Green Tube Library (17.5.42, 4pp, typ, CM)

Fulham Library: counts (15.5.42, 8pp, hw, DH)

Fulham Library: notes (15.5.42, 4pp, hw, CF)

Hendon Library: observations (13-19.5.42, 10pp, hw)

Observations: Paddington, Kensington, Fulham (13-24.5.42, 23pp, hw/typ, MS/CM/CF)

Note: proposed Fulham Library Survey (9.4.42, PN to TH)

20/4/D: ('Tupenny') 2d Libraries: June

Observations, interviews: 12 ('Tuppenny') 2d Libraries, London (26.6.42, 20pp, typ/hw, LB/CM)

20/4/E: Report on Book Reading

Report: 5 sections: Book Choosing (5.6.42, 12pp, typ, BW) Book Buying (6.6.42, 18pp, typ, BW); Effects of War (7.6.42, 8pp, typ, BW); Effects of Shortages (7.6.42, 9pp, typ, BW); Book Impressions (8.6.42, 10pp, typ, BW)

Indirects on reading (2.6.42, 23pp, typ, EL) x 3

Indirects on reading: 73 indirects (16.4.42-12.5.42, hw)

Indirects on reading: Swansea (15-21.5.42, 14pp, hw, ET)

Reading QQ: correlations & quotes (nd, 36pp, typ) + dupl

20/4/F: Report on Library Reading

Report: Library Reading (31.5.42, 38pp, typ + hw) x 2

Reading Questionnaire (18.6.42, 15pp, typ, EL)

Provincial News Quota for early May: Book reading (7.6.42, 11pp, typ, DB) x 2

Analysis: News Quota Questionnaire 23.4.42: 5 questions on war-time reading (6pp, typ, DB)

20/4/G: Books and the Public

Report: 'Books and the Public' (2.7.42, 203pp, typ)

BOX 5: 1942

20/5/A: Reading Questionnaire (June 1942)

Correlations (nd, 10pp, typ + hw)

Comments on the attached correlations (5.6.42, DB)

Analysis: by sex, age, class, education (nd, 72 sm pp)

Luton-London differences (19.6.42, 15pp, hw, DB)

Correlations: Reading QQ lst batch (24.6.42, hw, DB)

Correlations: Reading QQ (nd, hw, 9pp)

Reading QQ: Luton compared with London (19.6.42, 18pp)

Reading QQ: Luton responses (80 QQ, 4-7.6.42, MS/DH)

Letter: British Tabulating Machine Co to PN (18.6.42)

Printed Tabulations: Luton section

Analysis: Survey Tabulations (nd, 2pp, hw: Q 2a-16b)

Note on material collected in Reading Survey (nd, lp, hw)

Synopses of Reading Survey (1.4.42, 3pp, typ, PN)

Note on Book Investigation (27.3.42, 1p, hw, RF)

List of possible questions (nd, 3pp, typ + hw, TH)

Analysis: tabulator material June 1942, 3pp, typ/hw}

Analysis: tabulator material (nd, 16pp, typ)

20/5/B: Odhams Survey: preliminary observations

Observations: reading in tea-shops, parks, trains, buses (7-14.4.42, 50 file-cards, hw, MS/PN)

Report on reading observations (20.4.42, 5pp, hw, MS)

Interviews with newsagents (26.6.42, 9pp, hw, MS)

List of raw data available: observations, analysis, qq, reports, etc done by M-O on reading, book-buying, libraries (nd, 3pp, hw)

Pilot questionnaire for Odhams Survey + notes (Mar 1942)

Letter: Odhams to TH (29.4.42)

Note on letter from Odhams (1.5.42, PN)

Note on meeting with Surrey Dane of Odhams (12.6.42) x 2

20/5/C: Diary Extracts

200 extracts from Panel diaries on books, readings etc (Feb-May 1942, typ)

20/5/D: Political Press Ephemera

Facsimile reprints: France's Uncensored Press (1942)

Finland and Press Lies by W Rust (1942)

Friends of Freedom letter

Daily Worker ephemera

War Commentary ephemera (Anarchist publication)

Federal Union letter

PEN letter

Newspaper Reading in the 3rd Year of War by P Kimble

NUJ Alterations of Union Rules (1942)

Correspondence: local press & women's magazines

What Will It Be Like by R Acland (4pp notes from preliminary copy, 17.2.42, typ)


Library Ephemera

Leeds Public Library: Suggestions for Winter Reading (21 leaflets, c. late 1941; + dupl )

Reading suggestion leaflets: 6 lists (1937-39)

What to Read on Economic Problems, GDH Cole (1932)

The Chimney Corner (Children's magazine: Jun 1939)

City of Salford Libraries: Annual Report 1938-39

Fulham Central Library: A Year's Work 1938-39 x 2 Exhibition leaflets & lists

Ipswich Public Libraries: Annual Report 1938-39

Reading Public Libraries: Book list (Jan 1942)

Correspondence from Librarians

Correspondence: Provincial librarians to M-O (April/May 1942) Luton, Oldham, High Wycombe, Oxford, Bridgwater, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Eccles, Leeds (answers to QQ)

Cutting from Times Educational Supplement: 'Wartime Trends in Reading-A Librarian's Analysis' (28.3.42)

BOX 6: 1942

20/6/A: Personal/Household Libraries

May Directive (May 1942. 2pp, typ + hw)

Panel replies: books kept in households, books read by Panel members, attitudes to death

Panel books owned: summary (15.6.42, 7pp, hw, PJ)

20/6/B: Personal/Household Libraries

Lists of books owned: 27 households, C & D classes (hw, VT/PJ/CF/MS/PN/DH/LB)

Report on Books Owned (20.5.42, 6pp, hw, LB)

20/6/C: Books and Book Buyers

Report on Books and Book Buyers (18.4.42, 23pp, typ, PJ)

Bookshops in Holborn & District (7.5.42, 9pp, typ, PJ)

Bookshops in City & Fleet St (nd, 10pp, typ, PJ)

Local Bookshops (24.4.42, 4pp, typ, PJ)

Report on Books and the War (nd, 6pp, typ, PJ)

Counts at Pornographic Bookshops (3.6.42 , 1p, EG)

Report on Bookshops (12.6.42. 5pp, typ, CM)

Bookshop counts (24.4.42-12.6.42, 12pp, PJ/LB)

Bookstall Observations (29.4.42-13.5.42, 17pp, hw, EG)

Newspaper Cuttings (3 cuts: 2.6.42: on 'obscene' books)

20/6/D: Library Reports

Reports by Panel members on local libraries in response to May Directive: Sheffield (8pp); Reading (2pp) ; New Malden (1p); Aylesbury (2pp); Macclesfield (2pp); Saxmundham (4pp)


20/7/A: Forces' reading

Notes on King's Royal Rifles Corps (15.9.42, 11 filing-cards, hw, TH)

Correspondence: to TH from War Office (9.6.42), MOI (2.11.42), Combined Ops (4.12.42), to PN from WVS (20.6.42)

Bless 'em All by Boomerang (London, 1942, 64pp)

Report on 'Mrs Miniver' fund-raising (5.12.39, 4pp, HP)

Ephemera: British Red Cross & St John Hospital

Reviews of War Books (20.2.41, 5pp, typ, TH)

Libraries for Forces (10.6.42, 14pp, typ/hw, HN)

Aggressive mentality in the Army (8.1.43, 4pp, TH)

Interview with a Recruit (nd, 3pp, typ)

YMCA Library, Humbers Camp (20.5.42, 2pp, typ, LE)

Reading in the Forces (nd, 12 small pp, hw)

An Army Library: Field Artillery (30.5.42, 6pp, hw)

Log of a day's activities (1.1.43, 6pp, hw, TH)

Extract from a letter on army voting (19.5.42, 2pp)

Reading Survey interview (12.5.42, lp, typ, PJ)

WAAF Library interviews (19.4.42, 14 small pp, hw)

Forces' Libraries: May 1942 Directive Replies (9pp/19pp, hw)

Newspaper cuttings: from Herald, Spectator, Tribune, Times, Guardian Evening News, Reynold's News, News Chronicle, (mostly 1942)

Newspaper Magazine articles (by TH: 11.5.42, 5pp; 16.6.42, 3pp/4pp; 22.6.41, 4pp)

Newspaper Extracts: Times (2 01.42), Spectator (3.4.42)

Notes for Horizon article (?) (nd, misc pp, pencil, TH)

Poem by AP Herbert: from broadcast text (13.4.41)

"A Wartime Dictionary" sent in by volunteer observer, August 1944

20/7/B: Book Ephemera

Dust wrappers: from various publishers (1942)

Catalogues: Times Book Club, Collins School Books, Harrap, A & C Black, Macmillan, Dent, Harrods

The Cambridge Bulletin (Spring 1942)

Book Special for Victory (Autumn 1941) x 3

Booklists: Hogarth Press Penguin, Lutterworth, etc

US 13 (26.4.40) x 3; US 14 (3.5.40)

The Art of Reading by Arnold Hyde (Manchester, 1938)

Review Notices: SPCK, Lutterworth, Pickering, etc

Library Ephemera: Ealing, London, St Pancras, Birmingham, Ayr, Royal Naval Library, RIBA, Royal Geographical

Book Tokens, Invitations, Receipts, Subscription cards

Extract from Times: letters on books (1-2.1.42)

20/7/C: Book Ephemera

Catalogues: Everyman's, Collins, World's Classics, Routledge, Watts, Odhams, Foyles, Times Book Club

Prospectuses: Routledge, Horizon, Bodley Head, Cape, Allen & Unwin, Faber, Ward Lock, Cambridge, Bumpus, Phoenix, Lonsdale Library, Keesing's (1942)

Advertising Brochure: Unix Bookshelves (1942)

PEN leaflets advising of forthcoming meetings (1941)

Newspaper cutting: on book revival: Bournemouth Daily Echo (2.3.40)

20/7/D: Book Ephemera

Dust wrappers: Everyman, Faber, Thinker's Library

Catalogues: Times Book Club, Allen & Unwin, Dents

Lists, Prospectuses: Penguin, Macmillan, Hodder, Rationalist Press, SCM, Seeley, Sportsman's Library

Newspaper Cutting: increased reading: Evening Standard (4.3.42)

British Red Cross 22nd Annual Report 1940-41

Catalogues: Livingstone, Boots, Foyles, Black, Heffer, WH Smith

Book announcements, review slips, prospectuses, etc

BOX 8: 1943-44


Home Libraries

Lists of the contents of 28 Home Libraries, with short interviews from owners (19.10.43-1.11.43, GST/HFC/JM)

Behaviour in Public Library

Chelsea Library: follows (17.11.43, lp, typ, GST)

20/8/B: NBC Report: Books and the Public

Correspondence: National Book Council to M-O (23.8.43-3.5.44)

Preliminary report on Books and the Public (22.11.43, 6pp, hw/typ, DBL)

Questionnaire: Books: Q1a - Q11b (Oct 1943, lp, typ) x 2

Synopsis of Book Survey (nd, 2pp, typ) x 2

Survey of Book Buying, Reading and Borrowing Habits (a memorandum from NBC in form of a questionnaire cf: letter to M-O 23.8.43, 4pp, typ)

Notes on NBC Memorandum: analysing points to be covered by QQ and Directive (nd, 5pp, hw)

M-O Directive: October 1943

20/8/C: Book Indirects

Chelsea (13-14.7.43, 30pp, typ, GST/LB)

London W1/WC/SW/EC (7-8.9.43, 23pp, hw, PB/PV/CG)

Camden Town (12.10.43, 1p, hw, PV)

London/Berks (18-30.10.43, 18pp, hw/typ, LB/GST)

London WC1 (3.11.43, lp, hw, PV)

Chelsea (6-10.11.43, 19pp/9pp, typ, GST)

Chelsea 17-18.11.43, 17pp, typ/hw, LB/GST)

Piccadilly/Notting Hill (17-31.10.43, 15pp, hw, TH)

Chelsea/Notting Hill (9/10.9.43, 7pp, hw, TH)

Report for week: Book Reading/buying; Colour Bar; Personality of War Leaders; Wartime Strikes (3-9.9.43, 9 cards, hw + 4pp, typ, AER)

20/8/D: Reading Observations

Bookshop Observations (22-23.6.43, 16pp, hw, EG)

Charing Cross Rd/Oxford St (22.6.43-9.7.43, 14pp, typ, LB)

London: South East Area (29.6.43, 2pp, hw, EG)

London: parks/buses/tubes/trains/cafes: reading observations (13.7.43, 7pp, hw, EG)

London: Underground Trains (22.6.43, 5pp, hwp LF)

London: buses (22-24.6.43, 3pp, typ, LF)

London: restaurants (24.06.43, 3pp, typ, LF)

Notting Hill: ABC Cafe, 13.7.43, lp, hw, JM)

Foyles Bookshop (3.9.43-02.11.43, 7pp, hw, PV)

London: tubes/buses/cafes (8-18.10.43, 14pp, typ/hw LB/HLC/PV)

20/8/E: NBC Report: QQ

Male Reader Responses (Oct/Nov 1943, approx 230, typ/hw, LF/PV/GB/GST/HFC/LB)

20/8/F: NBC Report: QQ

Female Reader Responses (Oct/Nov 1943, Approx 220, typ/hw, LF/PV/GB/GST/HFC/LB)

20/8/G: NBC Report: QQ

Non-reader Responses (Oct/Nov 1943, approx 50, typ/hw, LF/PV/GB/GST/HFC/LB)

Analysis of NBC Survey (nd, 18pp, hw)

Analysis of NBC Survey I (Oct 1943, 28pp, hw, JF)

Analysis of NBC Survey II (Dec 1943, 11pp, hw, JF/GM)

Notes/Quotes (nd, 5pp, hw, DBL)

Correlations: effect of war/amount of reading done (24.1.44, 3pp, hw, GM)

Notes: Effect of War on reading (nd, 1p, typ)

20/8/H: Library Observations 1943

Boots' Libraries (23.6.43, 4pp, hw, JM)

Marylebone Public Library (19-21.10.43, 4pp, hw, PV)

Barking Public Library (20-28.10.43, 4pp, typ, HFC)

Westminster Library (21-26.10.43, 9pp, typ, SLB)

Times/Boots' Library (15.11.43, 2pp, typ, GST)

St Martins Street Library (17.11.43, 7pp, hw, IS)

20/8/I: Book-Lovers QQ

Male Responses: printed QQ with 7 questions (22.11.43-4.12.43, approx 90, JM/GB/LB/GST/VB)

20/8/J: Book-Lovers QQ

Female Responses: printed QQ with 7 questions 22.11.43-4.12.43, approx 90, JM/GB/LB/GST/VB)

20/8/K: Librarians'/Booksellers' Interviews

Interviews: 14 Librarians/Booksellers (7.12.43-9.2.44, 15pp, typ, GST)

Correspondence: from Librarians: Luton, Bridgwater, Fulham, Oldham, Oxford, Chelsea (Dec 1943-Feb 1944)

The Library Service: Luton Annual Report 1942-43


20/9/A: School Reading Investigation

222 Children asked about books read (inc Puffins) (Wickham Common Junior: aged 7-11, 13.3.47, EG)

20/9/B: Children and Puffins

Observations/reports: most done in schools (Jan-Apr 1947, HT/LB/MM)

Reprint: from Bookseller on the origins of Puffin books Card of line/wash drawings for Penguin statistics

20/9/C: Penguin QQ

QQ responses (13-.1.47, 120 qq, typ/hw, LB/HS/MM)

Observations: Penguins left in trains 6.2.47, 5pp, hw)

Analysis: Penguin Books in Households (Mar 1947, 2pp)

Report: Book reading and carrying (Mar 1947, 2pp)

Observations: sales of Hiroshima (11.11.46)

20/9/D: Operation Penguin

Letter: from Irene Brown to Penguin asking for a job (18.11.46)

Reports/Observations: 20 days at Penguin Factory (2.12.46-Jan 1947, IB)

Correspondence: between Irene Brown & Tom Harrisson

Penguin Report: contents sheets (5pp, typ)

Operation Penguin: rough synopses (20.5.47, 6pp)

Miscellaneous pages from Penguin Report

20/9/E: Penguin World Material

Various charts, Graphs, Pictorials

20/9/F: Penguin Subscribers

Analysis by County of subscribers (Mar 1947, MM)

Informal interviews: New Writing subscribers (Apr 1947)

20/9/G: Penguin Report

I: Penguin Public (pp 1-50)

II: Background to Penguins (pp 55-79)

20/9/H: Penguin QQ: Analysis

Analysis: Blaina, Aston, Middlesbrough, Worcester, Tottenham, Hammersmith, Bethnal Green

Analysis: Believers/Unbelievers

Analysis: questions 13/15/16 (nd, 3pp, typ)

20/9/I: Penguin Report

Report: sections IX/X/XII/XIII/XIV

20/9/J: Penguin Report

Report: sections XII/XIII/XIV


20/10/A: Observations/Counts

Report: Reading at Undergrounds (19-20.12.46, 8pp, BS)

Observations: theatre queues/tube stations (11.12.46, 8pp, BS)

Observations: cinema/theatre queues (18.12.46, 4pp, BS)

Counts: buses/tubes/stations (18-20.12.46, 15pp, IPS)

Observations: paper-backed books in public (14-17.12.46, 13pp, MM)

Timings: bookshops: London (24.12.46, approx 15pp, MM)

Timings: Charing Cross/Chelsea (22.2.47, approx 15pp, MM)

Timings: Oxford St/Victoria (23.12.46, 2pp, IPS)

Books on train journey (24-30.12.46, 4pp, TT)

Analysis: counts/timings for Dec 1946 (approx 25pp)

20/10/B: Correspondence/Instructions

LE to Irene Brown (1.1.47, 1p, typ)

Note: Allen Lane to Tom Harrisson (17.2.47)

Interim report on Penguins (19.2.47, 4pp, typ, BW)

Note: LE to BW (20.2.47, lp, typ)

Copy of letter to Allen Lane (20, 22, 26.2.47, 3pp, typ)

Correspondence: between Tatyana Kent (Penguin) and M-O (TH/BW) (26.2.47-16.4.47) + notices from notice-board

Rough synopsis: Operation Penguin (20.5.47, 6pp, typ, BW)

Analysis: lst 50 interviews (nd, 11pp, typ) x 2

Instructions for Penguin survey (26.1.47, 6pp, typ)

Pilot questionnaires (various)/rough notes

20/10/C: Penguin Fan mail

Analysis: Overseas & Home (nd, 49pp, hw)

List: categories of fan mail (Mar 1947, 2pp, typ)

Note on letters to Penguin (3.3.47, lp, typ)

Notes/analysis of fan mail (Mar 1947, 12pp, hw)

20/10/D: Survey Analysis

Analysis: interviews: sheets 1-50 (Feb 1947, 250pp, JS)

Correlations: against Education (nd, 24pp, hw)

Correlations: against Religion (nd, 23pp, hw)

20/10/E: Operation Penguin

Draft Report: Operation Penguin (nd, 107pp, typ + hw)

Miscellaneous loose pages from reports:
Penguin and Pelican Books: Retailer (nd, 5pp, typ)
The Wholesaler in the English Book Trade (5pp, typ)
Context to Penguins (13 misc pp, typ)

Day Reports: from 4th to final day (Dec 46-Jan 47, 75pp)

Correspondence: between IB & BW/Penguin & M-O (early 47)

Notes on May Directive 1942 re: Penguin (nd, 6pp, typ)

Report: Book Buying Habits (31.4.47, 13pp, typ, IW)

Report: responses to Penguin QQ (nd, 13/20?pp, typ/hw, YT)

Informal interview: Mr Breadmore (15.4.47, 4pp, typ, LB); Mr Wallman (13.5.47, 6pp, hw, CMA)

List: material at Heath St (2.6.47, lp, hw, for BW)

Notes on Book Printing/Binding processes (nd, 5pp, hw)

20/10/F: Interviews with Wholesalers/Retailers/Librarians

Interviews with Librarians: Jan/Feb 1947 (2pp, hw)

Interviews: St Pancras, Hammersmith, Islington, Wood Green, Chelsea, Holborn, Kensington, Fulham, Bethnal Green, Bermondsey, Wimbledon, Westminster, Putney (Jan/Feb 1947, 18pp, hw, MM)

Report on interviews with H Preiss, International Bookseller & F Koch, Chartered Accountant (nd, 5pp)

Interview: Manager, WH Smith (5.8.47, 5pp, typ, IEW)

Correspondence: Tatyana Kent to BW (5.3.47, 2pp, typ)

Interview: G Scott, printer (nd, 2pp, typ, LE)

Notes on Printers & Binders (1.5.47, 7pp, hw, MT)

Correspondence: to M-O (Mar/Apr 1947, various)

20/10/G: Informals/Interviews with Bookbuyers/Readers

Interviews: 5 buyers of paperbacks (23.1.47, 6pp, BL)

Informals: 15 with home libraries (16-17.12.46, 12pp, TT)

Report on informals & observations (21.1.47, 6pp, typ, LB)

Quotes: from informals/QQ (nd, approx 30 small pp, typ/hw)

Informals: 75 women, mainly negative (24-26.2.47, hw , MM)


20/11/A: Penguin World: lst draft

Report: Penguin World (Nov 1947, pp 1-81/180-283, typ/hw)

Covering note: MT to LE

Report: section VII (pp 1-8/12-20 hw, MT)

20/11/B: Penguin World: 2nd draft

Report: Penguin World (Dec 1947, 302pp, typ)

20/11/C: Penguin Subscribers

List: subscribers to Penguin magazines/Reviews (nd/early 1947?, approx 100pp, typ)

20/11/D: Booksellers/Retailers QQ

QQ/Observations: 6 questions (Dec 1946-Feb 1947, 40pp)

QQ/Interviews: 12 questions (Apr 1947, 4 ints, hw/typ)

Observations: various (Nov/Dec 1946)

QQ: Foyles Bookshop: 3 questions (May 1947)

Observations: Penguins bought (2.6.47, 5pp, hw, MM)

20/11/E: Penguins at Home

Observations: Study of books kept in 42 households (Feb/Mar 1947, hw)

Report: Home Libraries (nd, 9pp, hw/typ) + dupl

Directive replies: 3 book questions (November 1946)

Panel questionnaires: 37 printed forms on books in household and correspondence (Feb 1947, hw)

Report: Book buying habits (nd, 11/13pp, hw/typ)

Analysis: 100 Panel Home Libraries (nd, 100pp, hw)

20/11/F: Penguin Survey Analysis

Analysis: Penguin QQ: 16 questions (nd, approx 70pp, hw)

Analysis: Panel QQ: 10 questions (nd, 16pp, hw)

Analysis: Book containing analysis of Penguin QQ (nd, approx 90pp, hw)


20/12/A: Penguin Catalogues

Ten Years of Penguins: reprinted from The Bookseller, 23.8.45/6.9.45/13.9.45 (Penguin, 24pp, 1945)

Complete List of Penguins.... (64pp, 1946)

Penguins Progress (Christmas 1946)

20/12/B: Penguin Fan Mail

Letters to Penguin (early 1947, approx 50, typ)

Notes on Penguin mail/analysis (nd, 10pp, typ/hw)

Correspondence on specific Penguin Specials/Pelicans

Unser Kampf: Richard Acland to MT (22.4.47)

Anatomy of Peace: Emery Reves to MT (3.5.47)

Note on telephone int with Reves (5.5.47, lp, hw, MT)

Watching Birds: James Fisher/TH/Humphrey Pease/BW (19.3.47-24.5.47 + British Trust for Ornithology form)

Fruit Growing: Raymond Bush/MT (14-16.4.47) correspondence: to Bush from his readers (1943-46, 86pp)

Note on correspondence to Raymond Bush (10.6.47, 5pp, BS)

20/12/C: Penguin QQ: Analysis

Analysis: 16 questions (nd, approx 50pp, typ)

Correlations: 16 questions (Feb 1947, approx 250pp, hw)

20/12/D: Penguin QQ: Responses

General Public QQ: 10 questions Pilot (30.12.46, 6pp, MM)

Penguin QQ: 16 questions (Jan/Feb 47, 40pp, MM/BS/BW/BL)


20/13/A: Reports

Draft for Tottenham Library (April 1947, 40pp, hw)

Draft for Tottenham Library (April 1947, 26pp, hw)

Report: Tottenham Libraries (10.4.47, 28pp, typ)

Report: on ticket possession (nd, 6pp, typ) x 2

Letter and note on book usage (17.9.47, 2pp, hw/typ)

20/13/B: Instructions/Coding

Portion of a street map for Tottenham (+ grid-lines)

Note on coding (23.8.46, lp typ)

Correspondence: LW to Chief Librarian (30.5.46 + draft questionnaire (30.5.46, 3pp, typ, LW)

Correspondence: LW to Chief Librarian (28.7.46)

Printed Pilot QQ (nd, 6pp + hw) x 4

Instructions/notes for investigators (nd, 5pp, typ)

Responses to Pilot QQ (31.5.46, 15pp, typ/hw, NP/MD)

Further correlations for Tottenham (nd, 6pp, typ)

Coding for interviews (July 46, 9pp/9pp, typ/hw)

Coding: Tottenham Library Survey (nd, 40pp, typ)

20/13/C: Notes

General impressions on QQ (nd, 4pp, hw, ML)

Notes on Tottenham Library QQ (nd, 7pp, hw, LB)

Notes on Tottenham Inquiry (16.7.46, 3pp, hw, GST)

Random Sampling on Tottenham Survey (16.7.46, 4pp, TT)

Notes on Library Survey (16.7.46, 4pp, hw, NP)

20/13/D: Correlations: Newspaper readers

Newspaper readership correlations (nd, 30pp)

Newspapers: raw analysis data (nd, 20pp)

20/13/E: Twin Category Correlations (nd, 100pp)

20/13/F: Completed Correlations (nd, 100pp)



Analysis: Categories 14/17-34 (nd, approx 150pp)


Analysis: Categories 35-49 (nd, approx 150pp)


Analysis: Categories 50-64 (nd, approx 100pp)

20/14/D: Correlations/Analysis

Single category correlation/analysis (nd, 200pp)

Mass-Observation Studies 1937-55

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