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TC 2: 3 boxes


2/1/A: Survey on reconstruction-September 1941

Questionnaire on reconstruction, planning regionalism, New Deal, social security

Interviews held in Cricklewood, Hendon, Bloomsbury and Euston

2/1/B: Survey on reconstruction-September 1941

Report of results. Additional reports. Indirect comments

2/1/C: Results of M-O directive, September 1941

Report on response of Panel to questions on where they would like to live, 21.12.41. Tabulations of results

2/1/D: University of Manchester: Planning 1941

Two reports from the School of Architecture, Division of Town and County Planning (Research Group on Rural Planning). Letter 8.5.41

2/1/E: National Council of Social Service

Interview with Secretary, Major E Sandford Carter, 22.10.41. (Observer report)

Report paper (2) Community Centres and Associations Survey Group, 15.9.41. Consideration of new towns v housing estates and development of communities

2/1/F: West Midlands Group on Post War Reconstruction and Planning

Progress reports: April 1941; July 1941


2/1/G: Political and Economic Planning (PEP)

Papers, reports and correspondence 1941

2/1/H: A National Atlas for Britain 1939-40

Papers and reprints

2/1/I: Assorted extracts from books and newspapers on plannning 1941-42

(Includes Hansard)

2/1/J: Nuffield College Reconstruction Survey 1941

Memoranda Nos 1-17, excluding 3, 13, 16

Confidential papers on demographic, economic, historical and political aspects of reconstruction

2/1/K: Nuffield College Reconstruction Survey 1941

Progress reports Nos 1-6


2/1/L: British Association

Conference: 'Science and World Order', 26-28.9.41

Report from Observer 30.9.41

Letter from Solly Zuckerman to TH 3.10.41

2/1/M: Garden Cities and Town Planning Association

Conference at Oxford, 28.3.41-31.3.41

Programmes and revised programmes

List of delegates

Correspondence and booking arrangements

News cuttings

Papers for discussion


2/1/N: 1941 Committee


Report on Bedales Conference on reconstruction 25.9.41

2/1/O: Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) 1941-42


Report, Reconstruction Committee

2/1/P: 1940 Council (a council to promote the planning of the social environment)


Material relating to 'Living in Cities' exhibition

Reports on research



"Inquest on the Planners"

Article by Richard Fitter (RF) (no date)

"Note on some current reconstruction surveys"

Article by Richard Fitter 7.4.41

"Present Position of Social and Economic Research"

Article by Richard Fitter (no date)

2/2/B: The Housing Centre

Invitation to meeting

Handout on the Centre

Report of lunch time meeting 14.10.41

2/2/C: Conference Reports/Policy Papers

Federal Union Conference 27.9.41

'Europe after the War': observer report

Bath Reconstruction Conference 9.9.41

Observer report

Association for Planning and Regional Reconstruction

"What makes a community ?" (paper)

National Parks Association of Great Britain

Policy statement 1941

2/2/D: M-O on Reconstruction


  • "Planning-for what?" 17.10.41
  • "Field Work on Reconstruction" 13.10.41
  • "M-O work on Reconstruction" (no date)
  • "M-O's Housing Survey" 29.11.41
  • "Ideas about jobs after the war"
  • "Attitudes to Housing and Reconstruction" 4.9.41

2/2/E: Miscellaneous Correspondence 1941-42

2/2/F: M-O Questionnaires and Directives 1941

Drafts and final versions of reconstruction survey questions

2/2/G: British Association for the Advancement of Science

Conference: 'Scientific Problems in Post War Reconstruction', 20-21.3.42

Programme and discussion papers

2/2/H: Extracts from M-O Diaries 1942

Comments on reconstruction, Cripps, MOI films, Service pay

2/2/I: Maryport Post War Reconstruction Group

Report from local observer, February 1943

2/2/J: Special Questionnaire 1942

M-O study in London: What people hope for in the post war world

2/2/K: M-O Report on Reconstruction

Jobs, money, hopes, fears and expectations; Basis of political trends in the Army; Religion and the future

2/2/L: Reconstruction Survey 1942

Tabulation of results. (M-O)


2/3/A: Reconstruction questionnaire 1942 File missing-February 1991

2/3/B: People's Homes 1942

Typed draft

2/3/C: Post War Questionnaire 1942

How people see London after the war (6 qs); Tabulations; Interviews

2/3/D: Reconstruction Survey 1942

Interviews in Bolton and Glasgow

File E: Reconstruction Survey 1942

Interviews in Chester, Somerset and Cardiff

File F: Reconstruction Survey 1942

Interviews in Fulham, Putney, Aylesbury, Surbiton, Holborn, Paddington, Islington

File G: Reconstruction Survey 1942

Interviews in St Pancras, Camden Town, Kilburn, Marylebone, Kings Cross, Hyde Park, Notting Hill

Mass-Observation Studies 1937-55

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