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FILMS 1936 - 50

TC 17: 15 boxes


Files 17/1/A-C have been re-organised by person rather than by date. All reports have been written by "part-timers" - probably unpaid and selected from the M-O panel of volunteers by Len England. They come from various towns

17/1/A: Letters From Volunteers And Film Reports

Letters from volunteers for the film panel & initial film reports 1939 - 40

17/1/B: Film Reports 1939 - 40

Film reports sent in by volunteers

17/1/C: Film Reports 1941 - 42

Film reports sent in by volunteers

17/1/D: Press Cuttings

Press cuttings sent in by members of the film panel - film reviews & news

BOX 2: FILMS 1936 - 42

17/2/A: The Bernstein Report

Copy of the Bernstein questionnaire 1936 - 37

The Bernstein Report (2 copies) 1937

17/2/B: Departmental Committee on Cinematograph Films 1937

Board of Trade, Minutes of Evidence taken before the Departmental Committee on Cinematograph Films. Moyne Report, Bolton 1937 (TH)

Material formerly in 17/2/C on Cinema Attendances and 17/2/D "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" has been relocated to the Worktown Collection, boxes 35-36

17/2/E: Press Extracts and Cuttings

Picturegoer and Film Weekly - typed extracts

"Movie Morals in Wartime" Malcolm Phillips 2.12.39

"Cinema Manager's Viewpoint: Wartime Handicaps" letter to the Editor 2.12.39

"The Lion Has Wings" Reader's Review 16.12.39

"Anti - British Films" letter to the Editor 23.12.39

"War Film Heroines" letter to the Editor 30.12.39

"No Thank You Mr Edwards" letter to the Editor 30.12.39

"Thank You Mr Edwards" letter to the Editor 30.12.39

Sight and Sound

"Art Suspended" Alan Page Autumn Issue

"Let The Screen Help" Andrew Buchanan Autumn 1939

Press cutting Daily Express

Radio, Entertainment, General News page 13.6.38

Films And The Board Of Trade Oct 1939

Press cutting The Star

Films And The Board Of Trade Oct 1939

Press cutting The Sunday Times

"Britain is failing in film propaganda" 10.12.39

Press cutting Daily Telegraph

"Cinema Quota Decision" 23.11.??

Extracts unidentified

"The Bishop and Sunday Cinemas"

"Ipswich to lose its oldest cinema"

17/2/F: Film Correspondence and Memos 1939 - 42

Copy of letter Bernard Shaw sent to The Times

Copy of Parliamentary question & answer re MoI Film Department 22.11.39

Letter to G Manders re the above 30.11.39

The Association of Cine-Technicians to LE 1.12.39

Letter to LE 1.12.39

The Academy Cinema to LE 4.12.39

British Film Production Association to LE 8.12.39

The Granada Theatres Ltd to LE 18.12.39

C Brunel to LE newsreel fakes 30.12.39

Picturegoer Weekly to LE 02.1.40

Ealing Studios to LE 30.1.40

The Boy Scouts Association to TH 28.2.40

J H Whitehouse to B Wilcox 7.3.40

The Boy Scouts Association to LE 9.3.40

Bjarne Braatoy to LE 16.3.40

The Association of Cine-Technicians to LE 19.3.40

Film Centre Ltd to LE 21.3.40

C Brunel to LE

J Danveski to LE 27.3.40

British Pictorial Productions Ltd to LE 29.3.40

J H Whitehouse to B Wilcox 31.3.40

LE memo to TH concerning letter R Speer to TH 1.4.40

Letter to R Speer 12.4.40

D Low to LE 12.4.40

British Movietone to LE 16.4.40

Picturegoer Weekly to LE 29.4.40

Penny-A-Week Fund to LE 30.4.40

The Academy Cinema to LE 1.5.40

Roy Speer to LE 2.5.40

Roy Speer to LE 7.5.40

C Madge to subscribers (general card) 31.5.40

The Granada Theatres Ltd to LE 14.6.40

Film Centre Ltd to TH 16.7.40

N Lee to TH 29.7.40

Association of Talking Pictures to LE 10.9.40

Film Centre Ltd to TH 17.9.40

Letter to B Wright 18.9.40

Film Centre Ltd to TH 25.9.40

The March of Time Ltd to TH 26.9.40

Ealing Studios to TH 30.10.40

LE memo to TH 30.11.40

Letter to TH 31.12.40

Lord Chamberlain's Office to LE 2.1.41

2 letters, no date

Address of Arthur Mertz

London Scientific Society - introductory letter, programme 28.1.40, application form

The London Film Institute - programme 4.2.40 & ad, application acknowledgement for LE 2.12.39, letter of acceptance 9.1.40, membership card, letter 22.1.40

17/2/G: Film Reports 1939 - 40

Memo on meeting with GPO Film Unit, Oct 1939 (CM)

Memo, 30.12.39 (TH)

The Cinema in the First Three Months of the War - report note on method, 30.1.40 (LE)

Film Report - propaganda, pre-war films, wartime films, short films, newsreels, publicity, general conclusions, 4.3.40 (LE)

Draft scheme for "marking films" 26.4.40 (LE)

Fan Clubs 26.4.40 (LE)

Analysis 26.4.40 (LE)

Memo on Film Trade (2 copies) 24.7.40 (LE)

Memo on Graham Wallace 30.7.40 (LE)


Note for Miss Lejeune on audience response to German personalities 13.8.40 (LE)

Note of film trade 14.8.40 (LE)

Note on air raids in cinemas 27.8.40 (GW)

Interviews re the cinema and air raids 13 & 14.9.40 (DH & LE)

Note on film trade & air raids 30.8.40 (LE)

Analysis of the contents of 50 films concerning the War 1.9.40 (GW)

Interviews - cinema openings 24 - 27.9.40 (GW)

Social research & the film 8.10.40

Film stars and the services 14.10.40 (LE)

"Battle For Britain" second treatment 23.11.40

Memo on the impression of Nazi Germany given by various films 29.10.40 (LE)

Entertainment in Oxford 2.11.40 (GW)

"Battle For Britain" 3.11.40 (LE)

Air raids in films 8.11.40 (LE)

Film stars in America 13.11.40 (GW)

Cinema statistics (2 copies) 15.11.40 (LE)

Note on statistics 15.11.40 (LE)

Film report "10 Best Films Of The Year" 3.1.41 (GW)

Film and music hall contacts 9.1.41 (LE)

Notes on the effect of the war, Jan - Sept 1941, in the film industry, 15.9.41 (LE)

General film notes, 26.2.42 (LE)

Alphabetical classification code

Analysis unidentified & undated

Detailed analysis of contents of 25 films

List of films & dates

Instructions for film report

"3 factors in cinema"

Film Facts compiled from Leo's Encyclopaedia

2 pages with sub-titles spies: services & Germany

17/2/I: Postcards to Moore Raymond

Postcards to Moore Raymond of the Sunday Dispatch - three funniest things seen in films - 1940

BOX 3: FILM REPORTS 1939 - 44

17/3/A: Film Questionnaire 1939

Copy of questionnaire, 22.12.39 (LE)

Questionnaire responses, Streatham Dec 1939 (HH, LE, FW)

Report, 17 - 30.3.40 (LE)

17/3/B: "The Lion Has Wings"

Press Reports 31.10.39 - News Chronicle, The Times, The Manchester Guardian

Report The Lido Cinema, Bolton AH 16.12.39

Part of report, 13.1.40 (LE)

Report on questionnaire re "The Lion Has Wings", 10.1.40 - 16.1.40 (LE)

Report, 15.1.40 (LE)

Part report undated

17/3/C: Film Questionnaire 1940

Note on questionnaire by GW (LE)

Report Film Questionnaire Aug 1940

M-O Film Questionnaire Report 16.9.40

Copy of questionnaire

Questionnaire responses, Aug 1940 (GW, LE)

Film Questionnaire Report 8.10.40 (LE)

17/3/D: Cinema Queues

Results of counts made of people who look at stills outside cinemas April 1940

Report on cinema queue 24.5.40 (LE)

Cinema queues - West End, Kilburn, Finsbury Park PN 3.3.42

Reports on queues in the West End, 3.3.42 (RCC)

Observations of queues - Kilburn, Cricklewood, Leicester Square, St Albans, 3.3.42 (EG, LB)

Analysis of cinema queue & dance hall material, 4.3.42 (PN)

Cinema queues, 4.3.42 (PN)

Overheards Astoria Cinema queue, 14.3.42 (NW)

17/3/E: Cinemas In Bermondsey And Stepney 1940 - 41

Report The Cinema in Stepney, 4.7.40 (NM)

Cinemas in Bermondsey, 25.1.41 (KT)

17/3/F: The Plymouth Report 1941

The Plymouth Report 12.12.41

Bladon Peake to TH - covering letter for The Plymouth Report 1.1.42

17/3/G: Film Questionnaire 1941

Analysis sheets

Copy of questionnaire for women only 4.9.41

Questionnaire responses, Sept 1941 London (PG, JA, NN, DH, TH)

17/3/H: British Film Institute Report

Undated report based on three days work at the British Film Institute - pre-war film production

17/3/I: The Film and Family Life

Report Film & Family, Life 13.6.44 (LE)

Report The Film & Family Life undated (2 copies, 2nd copy has top page missing)

17/3/J: Miscellaneous Material

"The Woolmill", children's reactions

Note, 11.8.40 (LE)

List of films quoted in joke competition, 8.6.40 (LE)

Notes unidentified

Copy of a notice outside Scala Cinema Cafe, Worcester 20.7.40 (JA)

"Union Pacific" Ad

Application form for Tyneside Film Association & Tyneside Film Society 1940 - 41

Programme Carlton, Norwich Aug 1940

Time sheet Odeon, Watford July 1940

"Professor Mamlock" 2 ads Odeon, Watford

Programme Odeon, Watford Sept 1941

2 programmes Odeon, Watford Dec 1941

Programme Broadway & Palace Cinema Letchworth Oct 1941

Programme Royalty Cinema, Bourne End Sept 1941

17/3/K: Pencil Notes

Pencil notes for selected Cinemas


17/4/A: Film Interviews 1939 - 40

Part of interview with Peter Whale (British Movietone News) 15.11.39

Interview with the Manager, Classic Cinema, Tooting 16.11.39 (2 copies)

Report of interview with Sydney Cole (Associate Editor of The Cine-Technician) LE 22.11.39 (2 copies)

Interview with Humphrey Jennings, includes criticism of "The Cinema In The First Three Months Of The War" M-O Report LE 28.11.39 (2 copies)

Interview with the Manager, Gaumont Palace, Streatham, 29.11.39 (2 copies) (LE)

Interview with George H Elvin, 4.12.39 (2 copies) (LE)

Interview with Ewart Hodgson (Granada Cinemas), Judge & Analyst of the Bernstein Questionnaire (1 complete report & part of one) 28.12.39 (LE)

Interview with Basil Wright (Editor of Documentary News Letter & a member of the Film Centre) 17.1.40 (2 copies) (LE)

Interview with K Gordon (Editor of Cine Technician) 10.2.40 (2 copies) (LE)

17/4/B: Film Reports 1 - 9

1. "The Lion Has Wings", Gaumont British News, "The City" & "The Windward Islands" 30.10.39 (LE)

2. "The Battle Fleets of Britain", The Cameo News & cartoons, 1.11.39 (2 copies) (LE)

3. "The Mikado", "I Was A Spy" & British Gaumont News, 2.11.39 (2 copies) (LE)

4. "Poison Pen", "Nancy Drew", Pathe Gazette & "The First Days", 8.11.39 (2 copies) (LE)

5. "Shipyard Sally", "Double Daring", British Gaumont News & "The Battle Fleets of Britain", 9.11.39 (LE)

6. "Shipyard Sally", "The Spy In Black", British Movietone News, 11.11.39. Compilation of Reports 5 & 6, 9 - 11.11.39 (LE)

7. British Movietone News, "Screen Souvenirs", "West of Inverness", "Win, Place or Show", "Let's Celebrate", "Bob Crosby & His Orchestra", "Animals on Guard", 13.11.39 (LE)

8. Pathe Gazette, "Confessions of a Nazi Spy", "Trapped in the Air", 14.11.39 (LE)

9. "The Frozen Limits", "Charlie Chan In Reno" & Gaumont British News 18.11.39 (2 copies)

17/4/C: Film Reports 10 - 19

10. The Eros News, "Robin Hood Makes Good", Pathetone Weekly, Hockshop Blues", "Toradja Land", "Tax Troubles", 20.11.39 (2 copies) (LE)

11. "An Englishman's Home", "Blind Alley", British Paramount News, trailer for "The Lion Has Wings", 21.11.39 (2 copies) (LE)

12. "Nurse Edith Cavell", "Bulldog Drummond's Bride", British Paramount News & trailer for "The Lion Has Wings", 1.12.39 (2 copies) (LE)

13. "Jockeys Up", "Aladdin's Lantern", "Opening Day", "Queer Trades", The Cameo News, trailer for "I Was A Captive of Nazi Germany", 5.12.39 (2 copies) (LE)

14. "I Was A Captive of Nazi Germany", "Grand Jury Secrets", British Movietone News, 6.12.39 (2 copies) (LE)

15. "The Lion Has Wings", "Union Pacific" & Gaumont British News, 9.12.39 (2 copies) (LE)

16. "Double Crime On The Maginot Line", "Tarzan Finds A Son", British Paramount News, 12.12.39 (2 copies) (LE)

17. "Professor Mamlock", "This Man Is News", Gaumont British News 13.12.39 (2 copies) (LE)

18. "Hell's Angels", Gaumont British News, "Football Romeo" 20.12.39 (2 copies) (LE)

19. "Spies of the Air", "6,000 Enemies", "The First Days", Pathe Gazette 21.12.39 (2 copies) (LE)

17/4/D: Film Reports 20 - 32

20. "Idiot's Delight", "Lone Wolf's Daughter", The Stoll News LE 20.12.39 (2 copies)

21. Cameo News, cartoons, 2.1.40 (2 copies) (LE)

22. "The Frozen Limits", "The Silent Battle", Gaumont British News 11.1.40 (2 copies) (LE)

23. "Come On George", "What A Life", British Paramount News 13.1.40 (LE)

24. "Professor Mamlock", "Where's That Fire", Gaumont British News, 18.1.40 (LE)

25. "Juarez", Pathe Gazette, 27.1.40 (2 copies) (LE)

26. "Thunder Afloat", "Old Mother Riley MP", Pathe Gazette, 6.2.40 (2 copies) (LE)

27. "An Englishman's Home", British Paramount News, 9.2.40 (LE)

28. "In Name Only", "All At Sea", Gaumont British News, 14.2.40 (LE)

29. "Laugh It Off", "Traitor Spy", British Paramount News, 21.2.40 (2 copies) (LE)

30. "The Stars Look Down", "Old Mother Riley Joins Up", Paramount News, 4.3.40 (2 copies) (LE)

31. "Tommy Atkins", British Paramount News, "The Gazette", "Screen Snapshots", "The Compleat Angler", "The Kangaroo Kid", "Song of Revolt", 12.3.40 (2 copies) (LE)

32. "Things To Come", "The Ghost Goes West", Gaumont British News

17/4/E: Film Reports 33 - 45

33. "Laugh It Off", "Escape To Yesterday", British Paramount News, 21.3.40 (2 copies) (LE)

34. "Contraband", "You Nazty Spy", Odeon News, 28.3.40 (2 copies) (LE)

35. "Ninotchka", "Sky Patrol", Pathe Gazette, 8.4.40 (2 copies) (LE)

36. "Mr Smith Goes To Washington", "Bad Little Angel", Pathe Gazette 9.4.40 (2 copies) (LE)

37. "For Freedom" 1.5.40 (2 copies) (LE)

38. "Hitler Beast of Berlin", "Hunchback of Notre Dame", Movietone News, 1.5.40 (2 copies) (LE)

39. "La Marseillaise", "The Children Are Safe", Gaumont British News, 6.5.40 (2 copies) (LE)

40. "Sons of the Sea", "I Stole A Million", Gaumont British News, 8.5.40 (2 copies) (LE)

41. "Spy For A Day", British Paramount News, "Band Wagon", 16.5.40 (2 copies) (LE)

42. "Now You're Talking", Pathe Gazette, "The Midshipmaid", "Nick Carter, Master Detective", 21.5.40 (2 copies) (LE)

43. "Contraband", "Drums Along The Mohawk", Movietone News 24.5.40 (2 copies) (LE)

44. "Pastor Hall", British Paramount News, 31.5.40 (2 copies) (LE)

45. "Hell's Cargo", "Judge Hardy And Son", "Dangerous Comment", Pathe Gazette, 3.6.40 (LE)

17/4/F: Film Reports 1938 - 46

"The Shining Hour", "Katia", "Sixty Glorious Years", "Pygmalion", "Abraham Lincoln", "The Great Waltz", "Many Tanks Mr Atkins", "A Night Alone", "Going Crazy", 15.12.38 (TH)

"The Young At Heart", 28.12.38 (TH)

"The Citadel", 29.12.38 (TH)

"The Mad Miss Mantor", 5.1.39 (TH)

"Idiot's Delight" 27.11.39

"Birth of a Baby", Gaumont British News", "Community Life", 20.2.40 (LE)

"First Love", "Uncle Sam - Farmer", "You're Telling Me", "Tropic Fury", Universal News" 5.3.40

"The Devil On Wheels", Pathe Gazette, "French Without Tears", "The Proud Valley", 12.4.40 (2 copies) (LE)

"Everything On Ice", Ninotchka", Gaumont British News" 12.4.40

"Balalaika", "Blondie Takes A Vacation", 12.4.40 (LE)

"Death Of A Champion", Paramount News, "Disputed Passage" 13.4.40

"The Proud Valley", Universal News, "Destry Rides Again' 15.4.40

"Of Mice And Men", "Temples of India", Odeon News, "You Nazty Spy" 19.4.40

"This Man Is News", Gaumont British News, "Desire" 19.4.40

"Nick Carter, Master Detective", "The Middle Watch", 24.5.40 (LE)

"20,000 Men A Year", "Spirit of the People", 29.5.40 (LE)

"Judge Hardly And Son", 3.6.40 (LE)

"Missing Evidence", Universal News , "My Little Chickadee" 1.7.40

"We're In The Army Now", "Behind The Guns", 3.7.40 (LE)

Gaumont British News, "Birth of a Baby", 23.7.40 (AH)

"Another Thin Man", "Crime Does Not Pay", 25.7.40 (2 copies) (RP)

"The Flying Duchess", "Branded", 30.7.40 (RP)

"Of Mice And Men", Paramount News, "Food For Thought", 30.7.40 (AH)

Movietone News, "Kangaroo Country", "They Came By Night", "City In Darkness", 30.7.40 (JA, DA)

"The Silent Battle", "His Girl Friday", "Donald Duck", 3.8.40 (2 copies) (DH)

"The Saint's Double Trouble", "Men Of The Lightship", Gaumont British News, "Convoy", 5.8.40 (GW)

"Seattle of Washington", Gaumont British News, "Night Train To Munich", "Hollywood Centre Of The World", "Miss Grant Goes To The Door", 8.8.40 (GW)

"The Seahawk", "Somewhere In Scotland", "Young Albert's Savings", Gaumont British News, 10.8.40 (GW)

"The Invisible Man Returns", "Beware Of Spooks", "Sea Fort", "Donald's Dog Laundry" 22.8.40 (BA)

"Sea Fort", "America's Youth", "Pack Up Your Troubles" Paramount News, "Birth of a Child" (Baby?), 22.8.40 (GW)

"Bulldog Sees It Through", 28.8.40 (GW)

"His Girl Friday", 31.8.40 (GW)

"Night Train To Munich", Aug 40 (LE)

"The Birth of a Baby", 6.9.40 (AH)

"Foreign Correspondent", 31.10.40 (2 copies) (LE)

"Convoy", 13.11.40 (LE)

"Britain's RAF", 15.11.40 (LE)

"Our Town" 2.12.40 (HP)

"Gasbags" (2 copies), Movietone News, 11.12.40 (LE)

"Time Marches On", Gaumont British News, "Neutral Port", 1.3.41

"Seahawk", 30.5.41 (LE)

"National Defence In The US", 27.5.41 (CD)

"Yellow Caesar", Paramount News, 12.6.41 (LE)

"The Big Blockade", 1.7.42 (LE)

"Popyeye", "George Cross Island", 31.7.42 (CM)

"Citzen Kane", 14.2.42 (CG)

Buster Keaton Film, Alaska Film, News, Donald Duck, 20.11.42 (CR)

"Bataan", 5.3.44 (LE)

"She Snoops To Conquer", 8.1.45 (LE)

"A Defeated People", "Hitler Lives", 4.4.46 (LE)

"Confessions of a Nazi Spy" undated

17/4/G: "The Great Dictator"

2 exercise books with notes

Preliminary Note On "The Dictator", 16.12.40 (LE)

Report Gaumont, Haymarket, Jan 1941 (KT)

Memo to TH, 2.2.41 (KT)

Memo to TH, 6.2.41 (KT)

Memo on work intended 19.2.41 - 16.3.41

"The Great Dictator" Questionnaires, 18.2.41 (KT)

Report The Red Hall Cinema, Fulham, 23.2.41 (KT)

Report Streatham Astoria, 7.3.41 (KT)

Memo, 1941 (KT)

Outline of "The Great Dictator"

"The Great Dictator" list of jokes

17/4/H: Memos 1940

Memo on "For Freedom", 3.6.40 (2 copies) (LE)

Memo on "La Marseillaise", 4.6.40 (3 copies) (LE)

Memo on "Gasbags", 11.12.40 (2 copies) (LE)

Note on "Sailors Three", 23.12.40 (LE)

17/4/I: 1939 Miscellaneous Material


Note on posters Fulham

Ad for "Ignace" (with Fernandel)

Copy of a notice outside the Embassy Cinema, Notting Hill Gate 7.9.39

Reports. Notes various 1939



Letters to Picturegoer Weekly Report, 13.1.41 (LE)


Letters to Picturegoer Weekly - British Films

17/5/C - E

Letters to Picturegoer Weekly - aspects of the cinema, reactions to films


17/6/A - D:

Letters to Picturegoer Weekly - aspects of the cinema, reactions to films

BOX 7: NEWSREELS 1939 - 45

17/7/A: General Newsreel Reports

Faking newsreels, 7.1.40 (LE)

Interview with H Jennings LE 9.1.40 (LE)

Newsreel Report, 31.1.40 (LE)

Memo on reaction of newsreels to the crisis, 24.5.40 (LE)

Memo on newsreels, 17.6.40 (LE)

Memo on Royal Family in newsreels, 27.6.40 (LE)

Newsreel tendencies (special note for TH) 28.7.40 (LE)

Memo on newsreels (2 copies) 29.7.40 (LE)

Newsreel Report 3, 7.10.40 (LE)

Attitude to General de Gaulle, 8.11.40 (LE)

Memo on newsreels, 11.12.40

Newsreels Oct - Dec 1940 GD 1.8.41 (3 copies) (GD)

Instructions to Observers undated

Brief note, undated (TH)

17/7/B: Super Sound Gazette

Newsreel releases 29.1.40-17.10.40 - subject of newsreels, length of film footage

17/7/C: British Movietone News

Newsreel releases 18.11.40-17.10.40 - subject of newsreels, reported by Leslie Mitchell

17/7/D: Newsreel Analysis

Analysis & newsreel reports 17.10.40-30.12.40

Analysis & newsreel reports 1.1.41 - 29.3.41

Analysis & newsreel reports March 1941

17/7/E: Newsreel Reports

Newsreel reports Nov 1939 - Feb 1940 & some film reports

17/7/F: Newsreel Reports 1939 - 40

Report, 26.8.39 (TH)

Report, 27.8.39 (HDW)

Report 28.8.39

News Theatre Report 28.8.39

Paramount News, Movietone 28.8.39

Report & "Confessions of a Nazi Spy", 30.8.39 (TH)

Movietone & Gaumont British, 15.9.39 (AH)

Gaumont British, 16.9.39 (AH)

Gaumont British, 16.9.39 (2 copies) (TH)

Report 83, 18.9.39 (WAL)

Paramount News, Pathetone Weekly, & "The Water Babies", 19.9.39 (JA)

Gaumont British, 19.9.39 (KB)

News Theatre summary, 20.9.39 (JA)

Gaumont British, 6.10.39 (AH)

Report 17.10.39 (TH)

Cameo News, 5.12.39 (LE)

News Theatre, 7.2.40 (HP)

Gaumont British 1.3.40

Paramount News 4.3.40

Paramount News 8.3.40

Universal News 13.3.40

Pathe Gazette, 27.4.40 (2 copies) (LE)

Pathe Gazette, 11.5.40 (2 copies) (LE)

British Movietone, 13.5.40 (2 copies) (LE)

Gaumont British, 29.5.40 (2 copies) (LE)

British Movietone 15.6.40 (2 copies)

Pathe Gazette, 21.6.40 (2 copies) (LE)

Pathe Gazette & a note on indirect propaganda value of "Enemy Agent", 28.6.40 (2 copies) (LE)

Gaumont British, 3.7.40 (LE)

Pathe Gazette, 5.7.40 (LE)

Note on newsreel Carlton Cinema, 6.7.40 (DH)

British Paramount, 11.7.40 (LE)

Pathe Gazette, 12.7.40 (LE)

Newsreel (Scala) 14.7.40 (JA)

Gaumont British & "Britain At Bay", 16.7.40 (LE)

Gaumont British, 18.7.40 (LE)

Pathe Gazette, 18.7.40 (LE)

British Paramount & "Law & Disorder" 19.7.40

Pathe Gazette (2 copies), "Call To Arms" & "Everything Happens At Night" July, 23.7.40 (LE)

Odeon News, 30.7.40 (LE)

British Movietone, 29.7.40 (AH)

Gaumont British & "Food For Thought", 31.7.40 (LE)

Gaumont British & "Miss Grant Goes To The Door", 6.8.40 (LE)

Newsreport & reactions to "Britain At Bay", 6.8.40 (JA)

Gaumont British, 7.8.40 (GW)

Pathe Gazette & "Miss Grant Goes To The Door", 8.8.40 (LE)

British Movietone, 10.8.40 (GW)

Gaumont British, "The Postman Always Rings Twice" & "Florian", 10.8.40 (GW)

Pathe Gazette, "Albert's Savings" & a note on "Just William", 13.8.40 (LE)

Paramount News, 13.8.40 (JA)

Movietone News, 14.8.40 (LE)

Paramount News & "Florian", 17.8.40 (LE)

Gaumont British & "Sea Fort", 19.8.40 (LE)

17/7/G: Newsreel Reports 1940 - 45

British Movietone, 19.8.40 (GW)

Gaumont British & "Men of the Lightship", 20.8.40 (LE)

Universal News, 20.8.40 (GW)

Gaumont British, 21.8.40 (GW)

Movietone, 21.8.40 (JA)

Gaumont British, 24.8.40 (LE)

British Paramount, 24.8.40 (GW)

Gaumont British, 26.8.40 (GW)

Movietone, 27.8.40 (JA)

Gaumont British & "Salvage With A Smile", 27.8.40 (LE)

Gaumont British, 29.8.40 (LE)

Pathe Gazette, 31.8.40 (GW)

Gaumont British Review of the Year & Air Raid Report, 3.9.40 (GW)

British Paramount & "Mr Borland Thinks Again", 3.9.40 (LE)

Paramount News & "Sea Fort", 10.9.40 (JA, DA)

Pathe Gazette & "Yesterday Over My Shoulder", 14.9.40 (GW)

Gaumont British & Air Raid Note, 14.9.40 (GH)

Newsreel Report, 19.9.40 (TH)

Pathe Gazette, "Ashley Green Goes To School" & "Elizabeth and Essex", 17.10.40 (LE)

Gaumont British, 22.10.40 (JA)

Pathe Gazette & "The Mortal Storm", 22.10.40 (LE)

Gaumont British, "Britain Can Take It", "Turnabout" & "Donald & Goofy" 31.10.40

British Paramount & "The Briggs Family", 6.11.40 (LE)

Gaumont British - & "Britain's RAF", 15.11.40 (LE)

Gaumont British, "Story of an Air Communiqué", "Four Legged Lightning" & "When The Daltons Rode" 27.11.40

Pathe Gazette, & "Neighbours Under Fire", 7.12.40 (LE)

Pathe Gazette, "Fighter Pilot" & "Waterloo Bridge", 7.12.40 (LE)

Gaumount British & "Now We've Got Rid Of The Rats", 10.12.40 (LE)

Gaumont British & "Her Father's Daughter", 23.12.40 (LE)

Gaumont British, "Goofer Trouble" & "Sailors Three", 30.12.40 (LE)

Gaumont British, 29.1.41 (KT)

Pathe Gazette, 15.2.41 (KT)

Gaumont British, 6.3.41 (KT)

British Paramount, 13.5.41 (LE)

Paramount News, Pathe Gazette & "Are We Downhearted?", 23.5.41 (GD)

Gaumont British & "War Weapons Week Film", 23.5.41 (GD)

Pathe Gazette, 24.5.41 (GD)

News Theatre 26.5.41

British Movietone, 27.5.41 (GD)

Pathe Gazette, 29.5.41 (GD)

Paramount News, 7.6.41 (GD)

News Theatre, 7.6.41 (GD)

British Paramount 09.6.41

Gaumont British, 13.6.41 (GD)

British Movietone 18.6.41

Gaumont British, 19.6.41 (GD)

Pathe Gazette, 20.6.41 (GD)

Newsreel unidentified, 20.6.41 (GD)

Gaumont British, 28.6.41 (GD)

Paramount, 3.1.42 (TH)

Pathe Gazette, 7.1.42 (LE)

Gaumont British 10.3.42 (VW)

British Paramount & "New Fire Bomb", 17.9.42 (DH)

Monseigneur News Theatre - newsreel reactions, 30.9.42 (CM)

Paramount News, 30.9.42 (CG)

Pathe Gazette, 29.11.42 (CM)

Gaumont British, 5.12.42 (CM)

Studio II newsreel, 9.12.42 (DH)

Movietone 19.5.43

Monseigneur News Theatre, 4.9.44 (LB)

Monsigneur News Theatre 26.12.44

Monseigneur News Theatre, 8.4.45 (LB)

17/7/H: Newsreel Reports from Observers

P Mills 1940 - 41

J Ausden (dates unclear)

Unidentified Observer March - May 1940

Unidentified Observer May - July 1940

Report from Birmingham - Pathe News

SGB, Spitalfields

17/7/I: German Newsreels

Captured German War Films - Home Intelligence to all RIOs 5.9.41

2 brief undated reports on captured German War Films

Indirects on German newsreels, Euston, 5.9.41 (NN)

Reactions, Eros News Theatre, 8.10.41 (CM)

Reactions, Hendon, 8.9.41 (DS)

Reactions, Baker Street News Cinema, 8.9.41 (MS)

Report, Cricklewood, 8.9.41 (PG)

Report, Cricklewood, 11.9.41 (PG)

Interviews, Regent Street, Cameo Cinema, 11.9.41 (MS)

3 interviews, 16.9.41 (MS)

Report Goebbel's Propaganda Film, 11.9.41 (DH)

Report & interviews, 11.9.41 (DH)

Report & interviews Nazi Propaganda Film, 11.9.41 (NN)

Report & interviews, 11.10.41 (CM)

17/7/J: Miscellaneous

Pencil notes

Letter to LE from P Elliott 27.5.40

Page from a report, 24.2.40 (LE)

Sunday Dispatch "Stop Film Order" 5.5.40


17/8/A: Film Reports And Memos

"Squadron 992", 5.7.40 (LE)

"Westward Ho", 11.7.40 (LE)

"Men of the Lightship" (part report) 30.7.40 (LE)

"Miss Grant Goes To The Door", Gaumont British News & "A Window In London", 6.8.40 (BA)

"Miss Grant Goes To The Door" (2 copies) 7.8.40 (LE)

Memo on "Miss Grant Goes To The Door" 13.8.40 (LE)

"Men of the Lightship" GW 14.8.40 (GW)

"Sea Fort" 9.8.40

"Salvage With A Smile" & Pathe Gazette GW 24.8.40 (GW)

"A Call For Arms" 26.8.40 (GW)

"Ashley Green Goes To School" & "Elizabeth & Essex" 17.10.40 (LE)

"Britain Can Take It", 23.10.40 (LE)

"London Can Take It", 25.10.40 (LE)

"The Owner Comes Aboard" report & contents of film 18.11.40 (LE)

"Story Of An Air Communiqué" (2 copies), Gaumont British News & "Foreign Correspondent", 30.11.40 (LE)

"Neighbours Under Fire", 7.12.40 (LE)

"We've Got To Get Rid Of The Rats", 10.12.40 (LE)

"Fighter Pilot", "Waterloo Bridge" & "The Spy In Black", 17.12.40 (LE)

"Goofer Trouble", 30.12.40 (LE)

"Christmas Under Fire", 9.1.41 (GW)

"Christmas Under Fire", 11.1.41 (KT)

"Gasbags" & Gaumont British News (2 copies) 12.1.41 (KT)

"Dawn Guard", 25.1.41 (KT)

"War & Order" (2 copies) & Paramount News, 3.2.41 (KT)

"The Heart Of Britain" (2 copies) & Paramount News, 11.2.41 (KT)

"Telefootlers" (2 copies) 17.2.41 (KT)

"Northern Outpost" (2 copies) & Paramount News, 20.2.41 (KT)

"A-Tish-oo" (2 copies) 23.2.41 (KT)

"India Marches" (2 copies) & Paramount News, 5.3.41 (KT)

"Dai Jones" (2 copies) & Gaumont News, 14.3.41 (KT)

"Mr Proudfoot Shows A Light", 1.4.41 (LE)

"A Visit From Canada" 23.5.41

"A Visit From Canada", 27.5.41 (GD)

"This England. ", 29.4.41 (GD)

"49th Parallel", 2.11.41 (LE)

"Hospital Nurse" 18.11.41

Exhibition of planning films - report & ad, 17.12.41 (RF)

"Tale Of Two Cities" (2 copies) 15.3.42 (EL)

"Builders" (2 copies) 16.3.42 (EL)

"We Want More Ships", 4.4.42 (EL)

"Land Girl" 18.4.42

MoI Film Show, 28.5.42 (EG)

"War Factory" 26.10.43

"The Pilot Is Safe" - undated

"Target for Tonight"

17/8/B: General Reports

Uses of Intelligence for the film, 9.10.40 (LE)

Report on audience reaction to MoI short films (2 copies) 11.10.40 (LE)

Films propaganda value to Regional Information Officers from Regional Administration Division 8.6.40

Note from LE on the above memo, 27.6.40 (LE)

MoI shorts - subjects treated, 8.10.40 (LE)

Note to TH, 20.10.40 (LE)

Films available from the Central Film Library

17/8/C: Distribution of MoI Films

Letter to TH from M Chandler 19.4.40

MoI Films Watford, note, 24.9.40 (GW)

Copy of programme at Shepherd's Bush, 19.1.41 (EA)

"The Unholy War" visit to distributors of MoI films, 19.2.41 (KT)

Memo on the distribution of MoI films, 22.2.41 (2 copies) (KT)

Distribution in the Letchworth Area

"War In The Pacific" (2 copies) 6.1.42 (BW)

"Japan At War", 8.1.42 (BW, MT)

Note distribution Hitchin, 10.1.42 (2 copies) (TH)

Note, 12.1.42 (BW)

Note, 13.1.42 (MT)

Responses to phone calls re MoI films 14 - .1.42

"War In The East" note, 16.1.42 (EG)

Report on visit to Letchworth, 17.1.42 (RCC)

Films showing at St.Albans 19.1.42

Films showing at Westbourne Grove, 19.1.42 (RCC)

Reports Letchworth area 19.1.45 - 5.3.42 (BW, MT)

MoI shorts, 9.1.42 (RL)

"Seaman Frank" note, 10.1.42 (CM)

Capitol, Mill Hill note, 12.1.42 (DS)

Studio II & Paramount note, 12.1.42 (CM)

Connaught (Edgware Road), Roxy (Westbourne Grove), Imperial (Notting Hill) note 12.1.42

Tables A - E cinemas & MoI shorts 13 - 31.1.42

Notes on distribution & showings in London Jan - March 1942

"Seaman Frank" Maidstone note, 26.1.42 (RC)

MoI short feature showings, 26.1.42 (EG)

MoI short feature showings, 29.1.42 (EG)

Royalty Cinema, Bourne End note 31.1.42

MoI short features, 2.2.42 (EG)

Reports on MoI showings, 18 - 25.2.42 (EG)

MoI showings, 2.3.42 (EG)

MoI showings, 9.3.42 (EG)

Report on MoI showings, 10.3.42 (EG)

Tables cinemas in London & Letchworth & MoI films, March 1942

MoI shorts report, 13.2.42 (RF)

Distribution of films report, 30.3.42 (EL)

Table cinemas/town & MoI films

17/8/D: Press Extracts Concerning MoI Films

The Sunday Express "How Those Five Minute Flashes Are Made" 2.2.41

Daily Herald "Ministry Films Make Good" date unknown

17/8/E: Observers Letters about MoI Films

Letters from members of the film panel - film reports and comments on distribution

17/8/F: MoI Film Questionnaires

Copies of 3 MoI film questionnaires sent to members of the film panel

17/8/G: Unidentified Questionnaire Responses 1942

Unidentified questionnaire responses - possibly "Seaman Frank" Jan 1942 (MC, JS, EG)

17/8/H: MoI Miscellaneous Material

Report on response to unidentified film 3.5.42

Note concerning instructions to Observers

Letter to TH concerning Observers

Note of Observers asked to report on "Japan At War" & "Seaman Frank"


17/9/A: MoI Scripts

Mary Adams to TH 1.4.40

DB to Mary Adams 30.11.40

Final versions of "Now You're Talking", "All Hands" & "Dangerous Comment"

17/9/B: "You're Telling Me"

Report Gaumont, Streatham, 19.3.41 (2 copies) (KT)

Paul Rotha to TH 20.3.41

Report Regal, Cowley 20.3.41

Interview with the Manager, Gaumont, Charing Cross Road, 27.3.41 (KT)

Interview with the Manager & Staff, Monseigneur News Theatre, 27.3.41 (2 copies) (KT)

Report Astoria, Brixton - main sequences with responses (3 copies), interview with the Manager (2 copies) 28.3.41 (KT)

Report Astoria Charing Cross Road, 28.3.41 (2 copies) (KT)

Indirects, 28.3.41 (KT)

Questionnaire responses, 30.3.41 (KT)

News Quota, 24.3.41, 27.3.41 (KT)

Response to sequences from the film

Interviews March 1941

Analysis sheets

Report J Ausden March 1941

17/9/C: "A Few Ounces A Day"

Showings of "A Few Ounces A Day" 13.10.41

"A Few Ounces A Day" A Five Minute MoI Film, produced by Paul Rotha Productions 13.10.41 (2 copies)

3 copies of the analysis of question 6, 27.10.41 (EL)

Notes of all the diagram salvage film "A Few Ounces A Day", 4.11.41 (RL)

Report on Short Diagrammatic Film 25.11.41

Written report undated

5 copies instructions to investigators

Questionnaire responses Oct/Nov 1941 (DH, BW, PG, VT, MS)

Report Letchworth, subjective opinion, 1.11.41 (BW)

2 copies of commentary

Reports from volunteer observers - E Ausden 25.10.41, M Beresford 27.10.41

1 page interview responses undated (3 copies)

17/9/D: "The Next of Kin"

Copy of questionnaire 19.5.42 (2 copies)

Questionnaire responses May/June 1942 (MS, EG, LB)

Important note, 25.4.42 (LE)

Synopsis of film, audience reactions Carlton, Haymarket, 15.4.42 (EG)

Audience reaction London Pavilion, 19.5.42 (MS)

Report from Dalton Cinema, London 19.5.42 (MS)

Response from a Member of Military Security 21.5.42 (MS)

Initial report on interviews 29.5.42 (2 copies) (PN)

Report Coronet, Notting Hill Gate, 2.6.42 (PN)

Analysis sheets

17/9/E: "Arms For Scrap"

Notes on MoI Shorts "Arms For Scrap" & note on "Knights of St John", 11.2.42 (RF)

Copy of questionnaire

Observations & questionnaire responses, Feb 1942, London (RCC, EG, JS, LB, PJ, DS)

Personal opinion, 15.3.42 (EL)

Analysis sheets

17/9/F: "100,000,000 Women" and "We Want More Ships"

"100,000,000 Women"

Notes on MoI Shorts, 11.2.42 (RF)

Report Coronet Cinema, Notting Hill Gate, 20.2.42 (RCC)

Questionnaire responses 20 - 21.2.42 (RCC)

Copy of questionnaire

1 page analysis

"We Want More Ships"

Interview with the Manager of the Clifton Cinema, 10.3.42 (RCC)

Reactions of the audience, 10.3.42 (RCC)

Copy of questionnaire, 10.3.42 (RCC)

Questionnaire responses, 10.3.42 (RCC)

17/9/G: "Seaman Frank" Reports 1942

5 copies of questionnaire 9.1.42

Report, 27.1.42 (EA)

Report on Film "Seaman Frank" 28.2.42 (2 copies)

Report on "Seaman Frank" London cinemas, 3.3.42 (2 copies)

"Seaman Frank" Total London Interviews at selected cinemas 14.3.42

"Seaman Frank." Luton & St Albans 14.3.42 (2 copies)

Report "Seaman Frank" EL 21.3.42

Written report undated

17/9/H: "Seaman Frank" Maidstone

Copy of questionnaire, 26.1.42 (JS)

Questionnaire responses Jan/Feb 1942 (RCC, MC, EA, JS)

Analysis sheets

17/9/I: "Seaman Frank" Questionnaire Responses and Analysis

Cinemas showing "Seaman Frank" w/e 10.1.42

Copy of questionnaire, 6.1.42 (JS)

Proposed categories for analysis

Questionnaire responses & observations Jan/Feb 1942, London (EG, VT, JS, MC)

Analysis sheets

3 pages rough draft undated


17/10/A: "Newspaper Train" Reports

3 copies of "Newspaper Train" questionnaire

Report unidentified and undated

Notes on MoI Short "Newspaper Train", 2.1.42 (2 copies) (RF)

Report on "Newspaper Train" 28.2.42 (2 copies)

Report on "Newspaper Train" London Cinemas, 11.3.42 (2 copies)

Report "Newspaper Train" Total London Sample 14.3.42 (2 copies)

Report "Newspaper Train" Luton & Baldock 14.3.42 (2 copies)

Report "Newspaper Train", 21.3.42 (EL)

2 pages rough draft

17/10/B: "Newspaper Train" (Post A Cinemas)

Report on observation at the Connaught Cinema, 29.1.42 (RCC)

List of Cinemas

Copy of questionnaire & responses Jan/Feb 1942 (RCC & MC)

Analysis Sheets

17/10/C: "Newspaper Train" Questionnaire

3 copies of "Newspaper Train" questionnaire

Questionnaire responses Jan 1942, London (EA, JS, NT, EG, CM, RCC)

Report Golders Green, 19.1.42 (JS)

General note on conclusions drawn from survey, 22.1.42 (RA)

Report impressions from Hendon, 24.1.42 (JS)

Note Notting Hill Gate, 24.1.42 (DH)

General Comment 19.1.42 (CM)

Note Rayners Lane, 19.1.42 (MS)

17/10/D: "Ships With Wings" Reports

Press opinion on "Ships With Wings" 15.11.41

"Ships With Wings" Gaumont, Haymarket, 15.11.41 (2 copies) (CF)

"Ships With Wings" London Film Investigation 12.4.42

"Ships With Wings" Ports Area (Chatham & Portsmouth) 20.4.42 (2 copies)

"Ships With Wings" Merchant Ports ( Glasgow & Cardiff) 20.4.42

"Ships With Wings" Inland Area (Birmingham & Cheltenham) 20.4.42 (2 copies)

Final Figures (four places investigated combined)

"Ships With Wings" written report, 4.6.42 (LE)

17/10/E: "Ships With Wings" London Survey 1941 - 42

Instructions to investigators 14.11.41

Questionnaire responses Jan 1942 (RCC, JS, EA, MC, MT)

London percentages (2 pages)

Analysis of questionnaire material, 26-27.1.42 (RF)

Analysis sheets

Observations, 20 - 24.1.42 (RCC)

Interim Report on "Ships With Wings" 28.1.42

"Ships With Wings" tables for all areas, 17.2.42 (JSF)

17/10/F: "Ships With Wings" Haymarket November 1941

Instructions to investigator 14.11.41

Questionnaire responses 14.11.41 (CF, DH)

17/10/G: "Ships With Wings" Chatham, Rochester, Portsmouth

Questionnaire responses Feb/April 1942 (CM, RCC, MS)

Analysis sheets

2 pages rough notes/analysis

17/10/H: "Ships With Wings" Glasgow and Cardiff

Copy of questionnaire

Questionnaire responses Feb 1942 (DH, NT, MS, MT)

Percentages for Glasgow & Cardiff

Analysis sheets

"Ships With Wings" (Glasgow) analysis favourable/unfavourable replies, 16.2.42 (JSF)

Report New Savoy, Glasgow, 4.2.42 (MS)

Report Picture Palace, Glasgow, 4.2.42 (DH)

Observations New Savoy & Picture Palace, 7.2.42 (MS)

17/10/I: "Ships With Wings" Cheltenham

Questionnaire responses, 6 - 7.2.42 (RCC)

Analysis Sheets

Report Gaumont, Cheltenham, 6.2.42 (RCC)

Observations Gaumont, Cheltenham, 7.2.42 (RCC)

4 sheets analysis, 16 - 17.2.42 (JSF)

17/10/J: "Ships With Wings" Birmingham

Questionnaire responses 19 - 20.2.42 (MT, MS, DH)

Analysis sheets

Percentages for Cheltenham & Birmingham


17/11/A: "Rush Hour" Reports

"Rush Hour" questionnaire 12.3.42

Shopping questionnaire

Notes on MoI "Rush Hour", 2.1.42 (2 copies) (RF)

Report on "Rush Hour" 30.1.42 (3 copies)

"Rush Hour" (B & C cinemas London) 3.3.42 (2 copies)

"Rush Hour" Total London Figures 14.3.42 (2 copies)

1 page analysis

Report Watford & St Albans "Rush Hour" & "Ships With Wings", 13.1.42 (EG)

17/11/B: "Rush Hour" Survey London

8 copies of questionnaire

Observations and questionnaire responses, Jan/Feb 1942 (MC, JS, RCC, VT, EG, CM)

List of 'A' cinemas

Analysis sheets/notes

17/11/C: "Rush Hour" Maidstone And High Wycombe

Observations & questionnaire responses Maidstone & High Wycombe, Feb 1942 (RCC, JS, LB)

Report Maidstone, 6.2.42 (EG)

Report Granada, Maidstone, 6.2.42 (JS)

Analysis sheets

17/11/D: "Rush Hour" Shopping Data

Retail Trade Report, 13.1.40 (JA)

Memo on Retail Trade, 7.2.40 (JA)

Questionnaire response Smith's, Kingsway, 14.9.40 (LE)

Letter 1940 re Trade organisations

TH to The London Research Bureau 24.8.40

Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society to TH 12.3.40

Watford Co-op Society invitation to Mannequin Parade

Newcastle Co-Operative Society Hairdressing price list

Bolton Co-Operative Society losing times for Christmas

Exercise book - questionnaire analysis - drawbacks in home and everyday life, what would you do with an extra £100?

17/11/E: "Rush Hour" Markets and Purchase Tax

Report Church Street Market, 6 & 8.11.40 (SS)

Report Portobello Market 8.11.40

Observations of Purchase Tax 21.10.40 - 30.11.40

The Times 28.10.40 "Stocks before Purchase Tax"

Purchase Tax General Impression, 30.10.40 (PW)

Austin Reed card with prices on it

17/11/F: "Rush Hour" Food and Retailers

Retailers Survey London, Feb 1941 (CF, VS, DS)

Press cutting 16.2.41 "1,000,000 Wives Want A Change"

17/11/G: Communal Feeding Centres

Report Hampstead & Highgate Communal Feeding Centre, 12.2.41 (CF)

General Impression Community Feeding Centre, Wandsworth 12.2.41 (KT)

Memo on communal feeding centres, 12.2.41 (VS)

Price of carrots, 1.2.41 (HP)

Retailers on supply 13.1.41

Customers on supplies E R Rymer

Menus Feb & March 1941

17/11/H: Shop Frontage Survey 1941

General impression - Oxford Street, Kensington High Street, Hammersmith Broadway, North End Road, 12.2.41 (DS)

17/11/I: "Rush Hour" Retailers February - April 1941

Indirects, interviews, 28.3.41 (CF, DH, DS, KT)

Notes on shops in Eastcote and Rayners Lane, 29.3.41 (MS)

Shoe Shops, Feb 1941 (KT)

Indirects, interviews, 9.4.41 - 15.3.41 (VS, CF, GH, DS)

17/11/J: Shop Survey Edinburgh

Shops survey, Edinburgh 15.12.41

17/11/K: "Rush Hour" Prices

Price comparisons department stores/ordinary shops - Hammersmith, Bayswater, Holloway Dec 1941

January 1942 Christmas Sale Survey, Kensington, Oxford High Street, Marble Arch, Queensway

Shops/spending Luton, Jan 1942 (CM)

Copy of an ad in a greengrocer's window London, 28.4.41 (VW)

17/11/L: "Rush Hour" Indirects And Transport

Shopper indirects, Feb 1942 Luton (EG)

Shopping questionnaire - tradesmen - Maidstone Feb 1942 (EG)

Note on transport (PJ)

Interviews Tottenham Court Road Trolley Department

Indirects, March 1942 (PJ)

Interviews Cricklewood - Travel & "Rush Hour" indirect

Indirects, March 1942 (RCC)

Note Willesden Garage March 1942 (LB)

Note Kentish Town March 1942 (EG)

Shopping indirects High Wycombe RCC March 1942

Note on shopping hours EL 26.3.42

17/11/M: "Rush Hour" Shopping Questionnaire

2 copies of questionnaire

Questionnaire responses, observations - Maidstone, Luton, High Wycombe - Feb 1942 (EG, JS, LB, RCC)

Analysis sheets

Shopping count, 6.2.42 (EG)

Report High Wycombe, 28.2.42 (LB)

Bus queues reports & counts High Wycombe & Maidstone Feb/March 1942

Shopping count Luton, 17.2.42 (EG)

17/11/N: Shopping Questionnaire - Home Counties Report

Home Counties Report 25.3.42 (2 copies)

17/11/O: Shopping Counts Ealing

Shopping counts Ealing Aug 1942 - counts taken outside various shops

17/11/P: Shopping Counts Chester

Shopping counts Sept - Nov 1942, Chester, taken outside various shops

17/11/Q: International Tea Committee Bulletin

International Tea Committee, Monthly Bulletin of Statistics, Dec 1939


17/12/A: "Let George Do It" Script

Script dated 07.11.39

17/12/B: "Let George Do It" Notes, Reports and Press Cuttings

Outline of the story, 15.7.40 (2 copies) (LE)

Note to Observers on "Let George Do It", 15.7.40 (2 copies) (LE)

Scheme for M-O Survey of "Let George Do It", 20.8.40 (LE)

Report on trailer for "Let George Do It" undated

Cinema Reports and Questionnaire Responses

Ritz cinema 30.7.40

Dominion Cinema 13.8.40

New Victoria Cinema, 14 & 15.8.40 (LE)

Dominion Cinema 16 & 17.8.40

Red Hall Cinema, 19.8.40 (LE)

Gaumont, Watford, J Ausden 19.8.40

New Victoria Cinema 17.8.40

Rex Cinema 19 & 21 & 23.8.40

Stoll Cinema 23.8.40

Interview responses, 25.8.40 (LE)

Palladium, Southport 26.8.40

Gaumont 27.8.40

Elephant & Castle, 28.8.40 (LE)

Granada, 29.8.40 (LE)

Brixton Astoria 3.9.40

Regent, P Mills 7.9.40

Worcester, 1.10.40 (JA)

Empire, Leicester Square undated

Questionnaire responses Aug/Sept 1940 (GW & LE)

Press Cuttings

Streatham News 23.8.40

West Herts Post & Watford Newsletter 8.8.40

Middlesex Advertiser and County Gazette

Bookings for "Let George Do It" 5.4.40-24.9.40 & covering letters

"Let George Do It" Report 3.10.40

17/12/C: "Pastor Hall"

Memo on "Pastor Hall", 2.5.40 (LE)

Letter about reactions to "Pastor Hall"

Preliminary analysis of "Pastor Hall", 2.6.40 (LE)

Ad for "Pastor Hall" Cosmo Cinema, Glasgow

"Pastor Hall" questionnaire

Completed questionnaire forms & covering letter, Mary Adams to LE 15.5.40

17/12/D: "War In The East" Reports

Rough copy of questionnaire 2.1.42

Written analysis, 2.1.42 (EL)

Report Astonia, Stevenage, 10.1.42 (MT)

Report Astonia, Baldock, 11.1.42 (MT)

Personal opinion, 12.1.42 (MT, BW)

Report on "War In The East" 27.1.42 (3 copies)

Report on "War In The East" B & C cinemas London 3.3.42 (2 copies)

"War In The East", Total London Sample (A, B & C cinemas) 14.3.42 (2 copies)

"War In The East" Luton 14.3.42 (2 copies)

Personal opinion, 15.3.42 (EL)

Extract from Schuil Diary (M-O) 15.1.42 - impressions of the film & comment on girls in the ATS

Draft report - Preliminary Note on "War In The East" 28.1.42

3 pages analysis undated

17/12/E: "War In The East" Questionnaire Responses and Notes

A cinemas showing "War In The East" w/e 3.1.42

A cinemas showing "War In The East" w/e 31.1.42

"War In The East" London 'AAs' directs

"War In The East" London 'AAs' indirects

"War In The East" London 'AAs' notes & comments

3 copies of questionnaire

questionnaire responses (RCC, LB, CJ, JS, CF, VT)

Analysis sheets


17/13/A: Questionnaire Responses and Analysis Sheets Letchworth Area 1942

"War In The East" questionnaire responses, 21 - 23.1.42 (EG)

Analysis sheets

"Newspaper Train" questionnaire responses, Feb 1942 (EG, RCC, JS)

Observations Union Cinema, Luton, 11.2.42 (JS)

Report Savoy Cinema, Luton, 11.2.42 (EG)

Analysis Sheets

"Seaman Frank" copy of questionnaire, 28.1.42 (EG)

Questionnaire responses 25 - 28.2.42 (EG)

Analysis sheets

"Rush Hour" 2 copies of questionnaire

Questionnaire responses Jan - March 1942 (EG, EA, MT, JS, BW)

Report Capitol Cinema, St Albans, 2.3.42 (EG)

Analysis sheets

Rough Note - where the films seen & by whom

17/13/B: Provincial Questionnaire Luton 1942

Copy of Provincial MoI Films Questionnaire

Questionnaire responses Feb 1942 (JS, EG)

Analysis sheets

17/13/C: Provincial Questionnaire Bristol 1942

Questionnaire responses 11 - 12.2.42 (DH, MS)

Impression, 14.2.42 (DH)

Notes on questionnaire 17.2.42 (MS)

Analysis sheets

17/13/D: Provincial Questionnaire Glasgow 1942

Questionnaire Responses 5 & 7.2.42 (MS, DH)

Impression, 7.2.42 (DH)

Notes on questionnaire 9.2.42 (MS)

Analysis sheets

17/13/E: Provincial Questionnaire Rochester/Chatham 1942

Report on a visit to Rochester, 17.2.42 (RCC)

Questionnaire responses 17 - 18.2.42

Analysis sheets

17/13/F: Provincial Questionnaire High Wycombe 1942

Report on a visit to High Wycombe, 2.2.42 (RCC)

Report on visit to cinemas, 9.2.42 (RCC)

Reports on MoI Provincial Questionnaire 26 - 28.2.42

Questionnaire responses 26 - 28.2.42 (RCC, LB)

Analysis sheets

17/13/G: Provincial Questionnaire Maidstone 1942

Questionnaire responses 6 - 7 & 27.2.42 (EG, JS)

Analysis sheets

17/13/H: Provincial Questionnaire Cheltenham 1942

Questionnaire responses 6 & 7.2.42 (RCC)

Analysis sheets

17/13/I: Questionnaire London 1942

Questionnaire responses Feb - March 1942 (LB, MS, PJ, EG, RCC, VT, JS)

Analysis sheets

London totals for all 4 films and MoI films in general

2 rough copies of questionnaire

4 typed copies of questionnaire

17/13/J: London/Provincial Survey Reports

London Total Figures - "War In The East", "Rush Hour", "Seaman Frank" and "Newspaper Train" (2 copies) 14.3.42

MoI Films Provincial QQ 21.3.42

MoI Films Report 31.3.42 (EL)

17/13/K: Unidentified Questionnaire Responses

Responses to Provincial Questionnaire but not identifiable by town


17/14/A: Correspondence between Mass-Observation and the Conservative Films Association

ML to Col Roper, draft of proposed survey 19.4.48

Col Roper to ML 20.4.48

Col Roper to ML 21.4.48

Invoice and payment 21.4.48

ML to Col Roper, confirmation of survey 22.4.48

Letter to Col Roper 3.6.48

B Moir to ML 8.6.48

B Moir to ML 8.6.48

Letter to Col Roper 25.6.48

ML to Col Roper 28.6.48

Invoice 2.7.48

Letter to ML 6.7.48

ML to B Moir 12.11.48

ML to Col Roper 7.12.48

Col Roper to ML 15.2.49

17/14/B: Daylight Film Campaign, Hull 1948

Draft of proposed survey on the Mobile Cinema Van Campaign - survey, method, aims 19.4.48

Summary of meeting with Col Roper 30.4.48

Instructions for Survey 48D 1.5.48

Questionnaire for Survey 48D/1, May 1948

Questionnaire for Survey 48D/2 (2 copies), May 1948

First draft of proposed survey (2 copies, part of 48D/3) (ML, LE)

17/14/C: Pamphlets and Leaflets

Films In Politics (3 copies) Conservative Film Association

Howdenshire Review Issue No 2 March 1948, marked Welton 5.5.48

What can I do about it ? Asks Mrs Briton (2 copies) marked DH 6.48

The Weekly News Letter (2 copies) week ending 3.4.48

Where is our next meal to come from? (2 copies) 1 marked Hull 48D, FL 10.5.48

Thinking of the future (2 copies)

Conservatism is common sense (2 copies) I marked 48D, 10.4.48 (FL)

50 things the Tories have done

Programme for Daylight Cinema Van

17/14/D: The Local Press

The Daily Mail - front pages for 28 & 30.4.48 & 4 - 7.5.48

17/14/E: Survey 48D

Impressions of Conservative & Unionist Film Campaign, Hull, May 1948, 10.5.48 (FL)

Films shown at British Movietone House on Wednesday, 12.5.48

Reports on meeting at the Parish Hall & Salvation Army Hostel May 1948

3 pages interviews & notes

Programme for Daylight Cinema Van (2 copies)

Analysis sheets & graphs re attendances

17/14/F: Survey 48D

Analysis sheets & rough notes

17/14/G: Survey 48D/1

Questionnaire May 1948

2nd version of questionnaire (2 copies) 1.5.48

Code list for Survey 48D/1

Copy of questionnaire and responses

Analysis sheets

17/14/H: Survey 48D/2

Instructions to BS & IPG 11.5.48

Copy of questionnaire

Questionnaire responses divided up into categories;
M+B 11 - 13 May (DH)
M-B 10 - 13 May (DH)
M-C 10 - 17 May (DH)
M+C 12 - 17 May (DH)
M/C 10 - 12 May (DH)
M-D 11 - 17 May (DH, BS, IPS)
M/D 10 May (DH)
F+B 10 - 13 May (DH)
F+C 10 - 17 May (DH, BS, IPS)
F-C 10 - 12 May (DH)
F+D 10 - 14 May (DH, BS)
F-D 10 - 14 May (DH, IPS)

4 pages interviews

Analysis sheets - means of hearing about the show

Analysis sheets categorised as above

Ineffectives Men & Women (BS)

1 sheet analysis 10 - 12 May (DH)

17/14/I: Draft Report Daylight Film Campaign

Part of "Quickie" Code List

Programme for Daylight Cinema Van

Draft report Daylight Cinema Van

17/14/J: Unidentified Analysis Sheets and Miscellaneous

Quotes from meetings, political and film quotes

Interviews Waterworks site undated


Analysis sheets


17/15/A: "London Town" - Questionnaire 1, Sept 1946

Questionnaire responses - London, Ruislip, Havant & Manchester Sept 1946, (LB, PH, NT, FC)

Analysis sheets

17/15/B: "London Town" - Questionnaire 2, Sept 1946

Questionnaire responses - Battersea Park, Waterloo Road area, 17.10.46 (BW)

Analysis sheets

17/15/C: "London Town" - Questionnaire 3, Sept 1946

Questionnaire responses - London, 25 & 28 & 29.9.46 (DS)

Analysis sheets

17/15/D: "London Town" Report and Miscellaneous

4 questionnaires

Intentions of survey

Note on "London Town", 4.9.46 (LE)

Newspaper criticism of "London Town"

Preliminary report on first "London Town" questionnaire 5 - 9.9.46

Overheards, Sept & Oct 1946 (LE)

Analysis notes, questionnaire responses Sept 1946 (TT, LB)

Newspaper cuttings - 3 reviews 1.9.46, one from The Observer, other 2 unidentified

17/15/E: "Chance of A Lifetime" Correspondence

B Miles to LE 31.3.50

Letter to B Miles 30.3.50

Letter to B Miles 2.6.50

B Miles to LE 5.6.50

Letter to V G Churchill 27.7.50 (British Lion Film Corporation)

Letter to B Miles 27.7.50

B Miles card to LE 24.8.50

Letter to B Miles 22.8.50

Letter to the Assistant Editor Sight and Sound 30.8.50

H C Timewell to LE 9.11.50

Letter to H C Timewell 15.11.50

Letter from B Miles 5.2.51

Letter to B Miles 30.2.51

R G Stansfield to LE 12.3.51

17/15/F: "Chance of a Lifetime" Questionnaire Responses 1950

Questionnaire responses - London June 1950, (IPS, LB, DM)

17/15/G: "Chance of a Lifetime" Material and Tables

Analysis sheets - Survey 46, July 1950

17/15/H: Cinema Going 1946 - 50

Rough report cinema going, 11.1.46 (LE)

3 tables: Do you go to the cinema at all?, When did you last go?, How often do you usually go to the cinema? undated

Cinema count - Forum, Kentish Town, 3.10.47 (BS)

Report from the City of Coventry Training College Film Society - Survey of children's cinema going with special reference to children's clubs - July 1947

Letter to City of Coventry Training College 8.8.47

Letter to City of Coventry Training College 15.8.47 interviews re cinema going 1950, (LB, MC)

17/15/I: Film and Theatre Reports 1946-48

Theatre reports 1946 - 48

Theatre & cinema reports 1947 - 48

Cinema reports (newsreels) 1947 - 48

Mass-Observation Studies 1937-55

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