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TC 14: 1box only

14/1/A: Neville CHAMBERLAIN

An account, typewritten photocopy, of one month during air-raids on civilian populations and Chamberlain's association with the determent of same, and reactions to his illness and subsequent death; plus an Account of Armistice Day. (BW)

Informal interviews, handwritten, on "The Crisis" and opinions during and after "The Crisis", and the role of Chamberlain; inc. Informals concerning the effect of "The Crisis" on Business - with a house painter, actor, advertising agency worker, china painter, cement worker, film cutter, estate agent and fortune teller, 17.10.38 (DMH)

Report, handwritten, on developing responses to questions, relating to self-respect, employment, talents, political parties and Chamberlain

14/1/B: Winston CHURCHILL

Part of a questionnaire, typewritten, about attitudes to Churchill and favourite items in contents of newspapers; Analysis sheets, June 1942

14/1/C: Rudolf HESS

Account, typewritten, of a London cinema newsreel about Hess, 20.5.41 (VW)

Copy of Memorandum, typewritten, from (Dr Mack), MoI Scotland, to Home Intelligence, Public Relations Branch, Edinburgh, 14.5.41

Newsletter, typewritten, from "The K-H News-Letter Service", Hants, sent to Tom Harrisson, about an enclosed paper on Hess, 21.5.41 (RJ)

7 page Report, typewritten, and marked "confidential" on Hess

1 page coded Analysis, handwritten, on Hess

14/1/D: Adolf HITLER

The attempt on his life/bomb incident in Munich: reactions to it, his speech and death

4 Informal interviews, typewritten, inc. 1 with a Jewish furrier, 9.11.39 (VMD); others, 10.11.39 and 13.11.39 HJN)

Overheard conversations, handwritten, 9.11.39 (CP)

Overheards, handwritten, 9.-11.11.39 (NGCH)

Direct and Indirect interviews, handwritten and typewritten, on reactions to Hitler's speech (on Peace) 20.7.40 (NM, DH, JS, LE)

Newspaper cutting from Sunday Express, 21.7.40, on Hitler's speech

Indirects, Overheards and Observations, handwritten and typewritten, on reactions to Hitler's death, 2-3.5.45, London areas (NA, GST, LB)

Account, typewritten, of general impression of reactions up to two days after news of Hitler's death was announced (CG)

2 coded analysis sheets, handwritten

14/1/E: Heinrich HIMMLER-his suicide

Indirect interviews, typewritten and handwritten, on reactions to Himmler's suicide, 25.5.45 (GST, LB)

14/1/F: HG WELLS-his views on the King's speech

Indirect interviews with HG Wells, typewritten and handwritten, on reactions to the King's speech and feelings towards the role of the monarchy in general, 4.12.44 (GST, RL)

Indirect interviews, handwritten, on reactions to the King's speech and feelings towards the role of monarchy in general, 5.12.44 (LB)

Account, typewritten, of an informal interview with HG Wells on the current state of Britain's morale and some imminent predictions, 3.6.40 (TH)

14/1/G: Gracie FIELDS-the press campaign against her

Indirect interviews, typewritten and handwritten, on reactions towards the news of Gracie Fields' leaving and taking money out of the country, 8.8.40 (CF, JS)

Indirect and informal interviews, typewritten and handwritten, on feelings towards Gracie Fields' activities-sense of loyalty, marrying a foreigner, leaving and taking money out of the country-and the effect of the press campaign against her, carried out mostly in London areas, 9.8.40 (DH, LE)

Conclusions, typewritten, on findings from informal questionnaire on Gracie Fields, 9.8.40 (LE)

14/1/H: Famous Persons Questionnaire and Replies-October 1946, London areas

Questionnaire, typewritten, of 6 questions, (prompting short answers) on famous people, 4.10.46 (TT, IPG, PSH)

18 responses, handwritten, to Famous Persons questionnaire, 8.10.47 (AS)

18 responses, handwritten, to questionnaire, 4.10.46-8.10.46 (IPS)

28 responses, handwritten, to questionnaire, 4.10.46-7.10.46 (TT)

Possible responses, handwritten by investigator, to questionnaire

Notes of responses and tabulated results, handwritten, of questionnaire

Coded analysis sheet, handwritten, comparing men's and women's responses to questionnaire

Tabulated chart, handwritten, probably in connection with questionnaire

14/1/I: Franklin ROOSEVELT-his death/the film "The Great Day"

4-page Report, handwritten, on "Distant Relations" about British feeling towards Roosevelt and USA generally

Notes, handwritten, on the film "The Great Day"; internal and international USA policies and Truman

Indirect interviews on reactions to Roosevelt's death, 13.4.45

  • 13 handwritten (LB), 16 handwritten (NA),
  • 16 typewritten, inc. 1 Overheard conversation (GST),
  • 8 typewritten, Hampstead, London (CG),
  • 6 handwritten, inc. 2 Overheards (MS)

2-page Report on (numbered) Quotes connected with Roosevelt's death

14/1/J: Tom DRIBERG-his newspaper column

Extract from Reynold News, typewritten, 3 pages, "Tom Driberg's Column", 29.12.46, about M-O's study of private opinions among Londoners on foreign affairs, especially with USA and USSR

M-O Leaflet-in connection with social survey questionnaires, prompted by controversy over the American elections issue

14/1/K: HEATH-notorious murderer (hanged October 1946)

Indirect interviews on the Heath affair, London areas;

  • 7 handwritten, 29.9.46-3.10.46 (AS),
  • 3 handwritten, 30.9.46-1.10.46 (LB),
  • 5 handwritten, 3 typewritten, 2.10.46 (IPG),
  • 8 handwritten, 30.9.46 (TT)

Overheard conversations, typewritten, on 3 separate occasions in one afternoon, about the Heath case, 25.9.46 (LE)

Notes, handwritten, probably from Indirects on the Heath case

14/1/L: King GEORGE VI-his speech, death and funeral

Indirect interviews, typewritten, about attitudes towards the King's speech, 4.12.44 (GST)

Overheard conversations, handwritten, outside drapers shop in Kingston, Surrey, about the King's death, Feb 1952

Overheards, typewritten, in Haslemere, Surrey, at Haslemere waiting room, on the King's funeral, 12.2.52 (MT)

General Observation, typewritten, on funeral day, 18.2.52 (MT)

General Observations and Overheards, handwritten, on funeral day at Edgeware Road, London, 9.40 am, 15.2.52 (LB)

Observation, inc. Indirects, handwritten, in Regent Street, London, on reactions to the King's death

Interviews, typed, in Hammersmith, immediately after King's death announced. February 1952

Indirects, handwritten, in Hammersmith, London, on reactions to the King's death, 6.2.52

Indirects, handwritten, on how people heard the news of the King's death and their reactions to it (place, date)

Report, inc. Overheards, handwritten, on reactions to the King's death, Feb 1952 (DM)

Account, handwritten, of a schoolboy's impression of how he first heard of the King's death, 6.2.52 (LB)

Overheards, handwritten, during the week of lying-in-state, 6.2.52 (LB)

Copy of letter, typewritten, from M-O Fieldwork Supervisor to prospective part-time Interviewer/Investigator

General questionnaire, typewritten cc, covering politics, religion, personal aspirations...

Part of Instructions to investigators, typewritten

Notes, handwritten, on shop window displays during the King's funeral


Typed sheet of 'In The News' surveys, 1954-60

Mass-Observation Studies 1937-55

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