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TC 11: 2 boxes


The majority of this material was collected for a Report on Juvenile Delinquency which was published in 1949 by Falcon Press. Additional material on young people can be found in TC 51: Youth

BOX 1: A Borstal Diary and Report on Juvenile Delinquency


"A Borstal Diary", Rev DB Kittermaster, 13.2.45-14.08.46. Typed ms


Typed ms, "A Borstal Diary" (2 copies)


Typed ms, extracts from "A Borstal Diary" (2 copies)


Typed ms, autobiographies of Borstal inmates, (13)

Typed extracts on cards from The Phoenix (Borstal magazine)

Extract from Hansard, 1947 "Enlisted Boys". Typed copy of a letter from an old boy (no date)


Typed ms, "Report on Juvenile Delinquency", incomplete and uncorrected, M-O April 1947

BOX 2 : Material relating to Report on Juvenile Delinquency

11/2/A: Correspondence of Social Research Publications

Typed draft II, "Juvenile Delinquency" by M-O, article to appear in Convoy, 27.1.47 (BW)

Correspondence with Rev DB Kittermaster re Critical Survey for Juvenile Delinquency book

4 copies of "The Treatment of Juvenile Delinquency"

"A Critical Survey" by Rev DB Kittermaster, 1 copy written & 3 typed

Correspondence with Dr L Radvanyi of The Institute of Studies in Social Psychology & Public Opinion, Mexico

Typed minutes of meetings 21.5.47

Notes re Social Research Publications 3.6.47 (BW)

Agenda and minutes of meeting 24.6.47

Typed draft of agreement between TH trading as Mass-Observation and Social Research Publications Ltd

Typed memo to Social Research Publications 27.6.47

Suggested letter from Social Research Publications to selected list of publishers 23.7.47 (FL)

Agenda & minutes of meeting 6.12.47

Draft of Social Research Publications Information Service, correspondence with H Lytton

Correspondence of R Fitter on subject of delinquency and high wages, January 1942


Case histories of families:
the Hayes 5.1.47 (1 typed, 1 handwritten) (MH)
the Gibbons family
the case of Tommy 20.11.46 (1 typed, 1 handwritten) (FM)
the Villaret family 8.12.46 (1 typed, 1 handwritten) (MH)
the Brown family (1 handwritten) (Rev Kittermaster)
interview with Inspector H (1 handwritten) (BL)

Sketch of solitary confinement cell in Borstal


Juvenile delinquency, street observations London, Dec-Jan 1946-47, IP


Extracts from books, typed & handwritten, Dec-Jan 1946-47, IP :
August Aichborn, Wayward Youth (1936), 1 typed & 1 handwritten
H Blumer & PM Hauser, Motion Pictures and Youth (1933), 1 typed & 1 handwritten
C Burt, The Young Delinquent (1942), 1 typed & 1 handwritten
AM Corr-Saunders, Young offenders (1942) 1 typed & 1 hand written
W Clarke Hall, Childrens Courts (1926), 1 typed & 1 handwritten
FF Giles, The Juvenile Courts (1946) 1 typed & 1 handwritten
AE Jones, Juvenile Delinquency and the Law (1945), 1 typed & 1 handwritten
Lilian Le Mesurier, Boys in Trouble (1931) 1 typed & 1 handwritten
AE Morgan, The Needs of Youth (1939) 1 typed & 1 handwritten
C Mullins, Crime and Psychology (1945) 1 typed & 1 handwritten
Quotations used by C Mullins in Why Crime? (1945)
D Russell, In Defence of Children (1932) 1 typed & 1 handwritten
BV Young, Social Treatment in Probation and Delinquency (1937) 1 typed & 1 handwritten

11/2/E: Interviews and Observations at Feltham Prison Dec-Jan 1946-47, all handwritten (IP)

Feltham prison: general observations, biographies of inmates, 'objective' report

Dr Boulby, child psychiatrist, Institute of Human Relations, Jan 1947 (BW)
Col Eaton, County Hall, Feb 1947 (BW)
Dr Dennis Carroll, psychatrist, Institute for the Scientific Treatment of Delinquency, Jan 1947 (IP)
WG Miller, Secretary and Warden, Southwark Diocesan Boys' Shelter Home. (Approved Probation Hostel)
Dr Saul, psychiatrist, Harrow Child Guidance Clinic, Jan 1947 (IP)
Rev AG Gamble, Presbyterian minister, Captain of Boys' Brigade, Jan 1947 (IP)
Mrs Sidley, Chairwoman of Paddingdon Youth Committee and Head of Paddington Evening Institute
Mr RV Bradley Director of Borstals, Prison Commission

Lists of stolen articles, taken from bookshops and restaurants, Jan 1947 (IP)

11/2/F: Published material relating to Juvenile Delinquency

Copy of Borstal Institutions Rules & Orders (1936 HMSO)

Report of Education Officer on Juvenile Delinquency (1937 London) (CC)

The Borstal Association Report (1938)

Report of the Committee on the Juvenile Employment Service (1945 HMSO)

Dr.Dennis Carroll, "Observations on the Psychiatric Handling of Delinquents" (1939) extract from Medico-Legal Review

E Glover, MD, The Diagnosis and Treatment of Delinquency, 1934-46, (Institute for the Scientific Treatment of Delinquency)

Juvenile Offenders and other children and young persons brought before Juvenile Courts 1934-1946, (1946 London County Council) 3 copies

Juvenile Delinquency, (Jan 1942 Home Office)

11/2/G: Press-cuttings

Press cuttings, 1946-47 re Juvenile Delinquency

Extract from the New Statesman

11/2/H: Miscellaneous

"The Young Offender and the War" DB, 17.11.39

Extract from The Times "Fourteen to Eighteen" 6.1139

Extracts from Juvenile Offences (HMSO 1941)

"Fun-fairs and Delinquency" a survey by the Churches Committee on Gambling & The London Church of England Temperance Society, Feb. 1942

The Birched Boy Case: Indirects collected by GB, LB, GST

Special Report by 21 year old member of M-O's National Panel on young people's feelings towards the war, breakfasts and the Great Baddow Youth Centre, Feb 1945 (ESA)

Mass-Observation Studies 1937-55

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