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TC 10: 1 box only

'Ask Your Dad' was a political slogan first used by Morgan Phillips, Secretary of the Labour Party, Peckham, on 9.10.48, to remind people what Toryism really means. 'Ask Your Dad' refers to the Labour Party allegation that the Conservatives were to blame for the bad conditions and unemployment between the wars

10/1/A: 'Ask Your Dad' Survey 1948

Survey instructions for investigators

Responses to survey questionnaire asking people where they came across the expression 'Ask Your Dad', what it means, who first said it and why, asking about slogans in general and which political party they support at present. London November-December 1948 (LB, DH, BS, IPS)

Tabulations of survey results on newspaper response to the slogan, October 1948

10/1/B: Use of the slogan at Edmonton By-Election 1948

(Further material on Edmonton By-Election can be found in TC 46: By-Elections)

Handwritten report on the by-election including observations of the use of the slogan on posters, interviews with candidates about the slogan (LB) 11.11.48

Responses to survey questionnaire three days before the by-election, Edmonton 11.11.48 (EP)

Press cuttings with reference to by-election and slogan

Typed list of various government slogans

10/1/C: 'Ask Your Dad' Survey 1949

Responses to survey questionnaire, London January 1949 (JPS, BS, LB, DH)

Tabulations of survey results on 'Ask Your Dad' slogan, January 1949

Report on survey results 29.1.49 (MLY)

10/1/D & E: Press cuttings

Miscellaneous press cuttings with reference to the 'Ask Your Dad' slogan

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